Zee World Mehek Full story,Plot Summary, casts

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Zee World Mehek Full story,Plot Summary, casts

The Zee World series show titled “Mehek” is all about a a girl with simple lifestyle.
She is an excellent cook.
She is known for pleasing people with her endowed culinary skills.
The show x-rays her life experience on how she faces challenges of all the of all kinds while she still retains her good quality as sweetest to everyone around her and beyond.
A guy entered his life about a twist, the whole equation changed.
The story mehek, concerns a girl with an upright character.
She possess magical culinary abilities.

The taste of her food makes people asking for more.
She has the believe that good food is vital for the required human developments and functionality.
The zee world show, ” mehek” x-rays the skills of this girl and her kind hearted gestures.
There comes a time when Meheks family was held hostage by Armaan, requesting mehek to help him plant a bomb at a wedding ceremony.
Mehek in accomplice with shaurya
Followed his order, because they have no other option.

But they managed to save save the sharma family by averting the bomb blast at ybe wedding venue.
Karuna had an illegitimate daughter who watches them on the television, wearing a furious look over Karina her mother for her condition of growing up as an orphan.
Anjali plans how to spoil Karuna’s family.
She tried everything possible to make karuna hate her Son shaurya.
She has a boyfriend named suraj, who was helping her achieve all these things.

She made Karuna to send Mehek and Shaurya of the house.
Karuna pronounced Anjalito inherit all the property.
There and then, Mehek and Shaurya left the house to live a normal life, but it never stopped Anjali from trying to hurt them.

She tries all she could to hurt them most.she developed so much hatred for them.
She tried to sale mehek but shaurya came to her rescue and noticed that mehek was pregnant there and then.
They were welcomed back into the family by Karuna, when she heard that mehek was pregnant for her husband shaurya.
Mehek prepared a meal for karuna, but Anjali went and poisoned the dish, and finally convinced karuna to transfer the property to her name again.
Karuna tranfered the document to Anjali, she showed her real self and threw everybody out of the house.
Mehek and shaurya trapped Anjali in a skillfully way.
They showed that she was dying from an unknown sickness.
Anjali seeked her mother’s help, but she refuses.

Anjali tried to forcefully take her away, mehek called the police for her.
She was sent to jail, and she met Svetlana over there.
They came out and re-unioned to attack shaurya and mehek.
Then, Anjali was trapped by Svetlana and was killed.
Svetlana killed her so that she could be free.

Plot / Full story

The story about the ” Mehek zee world” show was set in Delhi.
It depicted the journey of a homemaker known as Mehek.
It also x-rayed her passion for cooking.


Mehek meets top a chef called Shaurya.
Their cooking styles clashed, and they fell in love.
Then, Mehek met Saurabh and started working with him.
However, Saurabh fell in love with Mehek which created further misunderstanding.

Also, Shaurya Khanna is a rich and restaurateur in Delhi while Mehek Sharma is more or less middle or low class girl.
Her hobby is cooking.
She is very passionate about it.
She inherited the cooking from her dead mother.
Mehek and Shaurya gets involved in a cooking competition where Shaurya is the judge.

From her magical cooking abilities, Mehek attained attention and pertinence that greatly pleases her t husband to-be Ajay with his entire family.
Although, Shaurya insulted mehek from the beginning to the end of the show.
Mehek was frustrated from the humiliation received from Shaurya.
It reached a point where she could no longer bear it, she slapped Shaurya.
Mean while, Shaurya later realized his mistakes and apologizes to mehek.
Mehek accepted his apology by forgiving him.
Soon, mehek and saurabh agreed to get married, meanwhile meheks cousin known as Nehal has secret affair with Ajay.
But, Ajay rejected Nehal and threatened her, Ajay also forced her to commit suicide but she was saved by Shaurya.
Then, Shaurya found a way to trick Ajay to reveal the affair himself.
Shaurya’s plan worked as he planned it and the wedding was finally cancelled.
There and then, Shaurya and mehek developed more and more feelings for each other.
Their marriage was fixed my Shaurya’s mother Karuna, but Shaurya has to prove himself to the family members of mehek, and which he did.
On the long awaited wedding day, mehek was perplexed to find out that Shaurya traveled abroad to promote his newly opened restaurant outlet.
He to mehek recipes and patents with him.
It was later discovered that Shaurya has long been planning a revenge on mehek.

Mehek was now living on the khanna family house, she wants to make Shaurya to realize the love he has for her.
Then, Shaurya helped meheks best friend known as Sonal to run away from home with mehek’s brother Mohit in order to get married.

There in, Mohit’s father suffered cardiac arrest, and Shaurya was blamed by Sharmas .
In annoyance, Shaurya’s restaurant was vandalized by mehek’s father and also in revenge, Shaurya bulldozed their shops.

Mehek finally gave up on Shaurya.
Mehek was abducted by his ex-fiance Ajay and also Sonal’s ex-fiance known as Rohit, they tried to rape her.
She was saved by Shaurya, but she sustained so many injuries.
Mehek’s family blamed Shaurya, and took mehek away.
Shaurya was later accepted by the Sharmas.

Her family blames Shaurya and take Mehek away. Finally, the Sharmas accept Shaurya.


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