Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 26 August 2020 Update

Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 26 August 2020 Update
Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 26th August 2020 Update

Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 26 August 2020 Update: On Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 26 August 2020 Update, Kabir is exercising and recalls how Irfan asked what he decided about divorce. Zara comes there and recalls how Kabir said that she has made his life joyous, she asks what he said in the party was true? Kabir says everyone asked about divorce but you, I want to know why you didn’t ask? Zara says you said that you will decide about divorce and I just have the last chance to change your mind about this divorce, you didn’t complain to me, you didn’t give me a chance, you just gave the divorce, every day I keep trying to change your mind, I would have never let this divorce happen if you complained, I respect you that you didn’t cheat me or didn’t give me Mahar or anything but you could have talked to me, I took your property only because you could give money back to Mahar.

Kabir hugs her from behind tightly and kisses her head. He turns to leave but Zara stops him and wipes sweat from his face, he thanks her. He says what did you think about accepting vice head’s position in sharia board? Zara says I am thinking its better to become vice head of the board than to become divorced. Kabir looks on.

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Zara’s Nikah Monday 24 August 2020 Update

Miraj meets Khalid and asks what happened after I left the party? Khalid says Shahbaz was insulted. Miraj says I dont care about him, Khalid says Irfan suggested to make Zara as vice head, he has decided to do it. Miraj laughs and says Kabir and Zara as vice priests? He asks to call Nilofar, yesterday was just trailer, the movie is remaining.

In the morning, Zara says to Kabir that I need your suggestion for a decision, should I continue to think about resigning from sharia board? Kabir says you were thinking about becoming vice head and now this? Zara says I know you are sad that I will become vice head and I am a girl and can’t be with me on that position. Kabir says this decision is going to make problems for us, I dont know what we will do. Zara looks on and says you should get dressed. Kabir says what we will do today? Zara says we will give one hour to Alina, she is growing up. Kabir says when Alina was born, she became my life, take care of her. Zara holds Kabir’s hand and says I want to take decision if I should resign from the board or not, please help me, he smiles and leaves.

In the kitchen, Zeenat says to Ayesha that a family in the party liked Alina, their son studies in London, we should talk to them about marriage. Ayesha says no Alina is still a girl. Zeenat says we dont have to do marriage, we can just meet them. Ayesha says we have to take Kabir’s thought on this, he won’t agree easily. Zeenat says in the end, girls have to cook in a kitchen like this, dont waste her time on studies, talk to Shahbaz. Ayesha says okay.

Alina and Zara come to Salma’s house on Zara’s scooty. Zara takes Alina to her room.

Khalid comes to Shahbaz house with a woman in a veil. He asks zeenat to call Shahbaz, Zeenat says he is out of the house. Khalid thinks this is the chance to take Nilofar from here. He says we will wait for him, a woman with Khalid goes to washroom. Nilofar comes out in veil and starts leaving with Khalid. Zeenat brings tea and says you have to drink it. Khalid drinks it and leaves with Nilofar without Zeenat knowing.

Nilofar is on a bike with Khalid, she says I have to return in one hour only.

The episode continued on Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 26 August 2020 Update as Nilofar comes to meet Miraj. Miraj says wow fragrance has a comeback. Khalid says you have one hour to talk to her, I will wait outside, he leaves. Nilofar takes off her veil and smirks at Miraj, she says good to know that you were waiting for me. Miraj says you have to do my work, Nilofar says princesses dont work, I am living at Kabir’s house as queen and you are making me work? Miraj says I can give you to police. she says dont forget what I will tell police about you, keep your threats to you, she turns to leave. Miraj stops her and says do my work and I will rain money on you, I can’t let Kabir win. Nilofar says what do you want to do? Miraj says you have to befriend Zara, when Kabir is about to give divorce to Zara then you have to kill her. Nilofar is stunned. He gives her diamonds and says these will be yours in return. She smirks, takes them and says goodbye, she leaves.

Alina says to Zara that I want to become Zara, I know what is happening with you in house, you are my idol and all my friends follow you on social media, I want to be inspiring like you, what’s my lesson today? Zara says changing thought is important, we girls are taught that we are worthless and we shouldn’t do this or that and they have to hide but we have to show the world our worthwhile remain hidden, we have the power to change the world, it starts from your street and goes to the whole world. Alina says I will post your thoughts on social media. Zara says will your brother allow all this?

Alina and Zara sit with Irfan and Salma. Alina says my parents dont allow me to drink tea, can I drink? Salma gives her tea. Alina asks Zara when she will become vice head? Zara says I haven’t thought about it. Alina says I and my friends will be so happy. Irfan says there are many people looking up to you Zara, the one who can listen to their hearts. Zara asks Salma what should we do? Salma says if Kabir is on your side then I dont have a problem. Zara thinks that Kabir is not happy. Alina says what if you do something that will make Kabir be on your side. Zara smiles and gets an idea.

This is the end of Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 26 August 2020 Update.

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