Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 30 September 2020 Update

Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 30 September 2020 Update
Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 30th September 2020 Update

 Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 30th September 2020 Update: On Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 30 September 2020 Update, Kabir comes to Farhan and says I will reopen Ruksaar’s case and will prove that you were involved in murder then you might get the death penalty if not then you will be jailed for at least 30 years and your business will be gone and are you married? Farhan looks away. Kabir says oh you are married, your wife will not wait for you for 30 years?

Farhan says please save me for my son, I accept that I didn’t let Ruksaar getaway, Hamdan and Ruksaar were against each other, if Ruksaar didn’t kill Hamdan then he would have killed her, it’s my fault that I didn’t let Ruksaar get her passport and did case to get Hamdan’s business. Kabir shouts that because of you I had to come here and marry Ruksaar to save her, she is going to be hanged, if you want to save yourself then tell truth to court and I will take my case back against you. Farhan says okay, I will tell truth.

Zeenat says to Ayesha that Zara said that she saw Ruksaar coming back here, she will come back soon. Zara prays that Kabir saves Ruksaar.

Court proceeding starts, Kabir requests to lead it, he calls Ruksaar in the witness box, Ruksaar says Hamdan used to beat me, he used to assault me and didn’t let me meet anyone then he took me to desert to kill me so I had to kill him. Another lawyer asks whats the prove that Hamdan used to beat her? Kabir calls Farhan and says you know your statement can save a life? tell truth, what was your relation with Hamdan? Farhan says he was my business partner and was a friend too. Kabir says then you would know about their relation too? Farhan says yes, it was very bad, Kabir says too bad to even let a murder happen? Farhan says yes. Kabir says tell me that Ruksaar was tortured and assaulted? Farhan says torture and cruelty did happen but not from Farhan, it was from Ruksaar. Kabir is stunned and says you were saying something else.

Farhan says it was Ruksaar’s fault, she never took Hamdan as her husband, she wanted to take all wealth of Hamdan and run to India. Kabir says dont lie. Farhan thinks that I won’t let get Ruksaar to be freed at any cost and I will get out of case Kabir has filed on me. Kabir says to judge that he is lying. Judge says the defence was unable to prove that it was a self-defence killing so it’s proven that Ruksaar killed Hamdan because of her grudges so our decision of hanging her remains the same. Kabir and Ruksaar are devasted.

Kabir comes out of court and is angry, he recalls promise to Zeenat and Zara.
Zeenat is waiting for Ruksaar’s return. Kabir calls Zara and asks her to go to the room, I have to talk to you. Kabir tells Zara that court didn’t take their decision back, we have only one way.. that is after the decision of hanging is finalized then the only way to save a killer is to give blood money if the family of the person who was killed accepts apology with money and let a killer go then she won’t be hanged. Zara says it means if Hamdan’s family forgives Ruksaar then she can be freed? I can talk to Hamdan’s family. Kabir says I know it’s difficult but please try to convince them to take the money and forgive Ruksaar, dont worry about money, Shahbaz will handle it. Zara says I will try my best.

Zara comes to Zeenat and says the court didn’t listen to Kabir.. tomorrow Ruksaar will be hanged. Zeenat is stunned and says what are you saying? you saw a dream. Zara says there is a way, we can talk to Hamdan’s family for blood money if Hamdan’s family asks for any amount and we give it then we can save Ruksaar. Zeenat says yes, we will give money as much as they want, she brings her jewellery and money and says take everything, ask them how much money they want. Shahbaz comes there and says dont worry, we have enough money, we can give them money as much as they want as Ruksaar is like our daughter. Zeenat begs Zara to save Ruksaar.

The episode continued on  Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 30 September 2020 Update as Zara comes to Hamdan’s family. Father asks if she is here to bring the message of Ruksaar’s sister, we are going to see Ruksaar’s death. Zara says I am here to talk about life, it’s very important, someone is going to lose life so we can save her if you take blood money. Mother says you are asking to make a deal over our son’s death? you didn’t lose anyone that’s why you are saying all this? Zara says this is just a request to save Ruksaar’s life, how much money you want? Father says we dont want a single penny, get lost from here. Sister asks her to leave before she throws her out, Zara sadly leaves.

Ruksaar recalls the judge’s words that she will be hanged as it was not a self-defence case. She lies down in the cell and says no one can save me now.
Kabir calls Zara, Zara says I tried a lot but they didn’t listen to me. Kabir says I tried everything to save that girl but I didn’t do enough. Zara says you did everything you could, I am proud of you. Kabir says I am proud of you, that girl didn’t let you live in peace and you did everything to save her. Kabir says I feel like I am responsible for not saving her. Zara says you tried everything but she did kill him and if we couldn’t save her even after all this then we should let God decide and accept it as his will. Kabir asks her to pray for Ruksaar, it’s going to be a difficult night for him.

Kabir comes to Ruksaar’s cell. She is elated to see him. He looks at her sadly. Ruksaar says keep looking at me, I will have a life back. Ruksaar says what can I do? I always wanted you to look at me like this, have you come to meet me one last time? can you do me a favour as last wish? will you fulfil it? Kabir nods.

This is the end of  Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 30 September 2020 Update.

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