Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 25 November 2020 Update Zee World

Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 25 November 2020 Update
Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 25 November 2020 Update

Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 25th November 2020 Update: On Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 25 November 2020 Update, Kabir is worried about officers. Some officers come there and offer money to Kabir from their salary. Kabir says God will help us, dont worry.

Suraiya says to Salma that you didnt even come? you did bad so bad should happen to you. Rizwan says I am sorry on your behalf. Zara says to Rizwan that I can take your bags, he says no-no, he says why didnt you do the job? Zara says I got married and joined sharia board. Rizwan asks where is Kabir? Zara says he will come later.

Ayesha meets suraiya and consoles her. Suraiya scolds her that she is here to eat. Salma says sorry and leaves with her.

All sit down for food. Rizwan serves everyone.

Amir is practising shooting. Alina is tensed.

Rizwan tells Kabir about Zara’s childhood, he says she was a topper and wanted to become doctor, now you are just Zara. Kabir says she is set and we have everything, she is handling my house well and I am happy. Rizwan says that your thoughts? Kabir says I think husband’s duty is to earn for family and women can handle house, your and my mother never worked and raised us well. Rizwan says the time has changed. Kabir says God has made these rules for society. Rizwan asks Irfan why he didnt makes Zara anything? Irfan says she is happy. Rizwan asks if she is really happy? Kabir angrily leaves.

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Zara comes to Kabir and says Rizwan is nice, dont feel bad. Kabir says he says he is a priest and doesnt know anything. Rizwan comes there and says I have taken a degree in religion and worked on thoughts of the world too, dont you think that men wrote all those rules? Kabir says God made these rules, women are not allowed to make rules, they thought to stay at home, he leaves. Zara says is nice and hard working. Rizwan says but world is changing, he can’t be so rigid as head priest. Kabir hears it. Rizwan says Zara if you were a son then you would have made a much better head priest. Kabir gets angry.

Irfan comes to the board, Kabir offers him his seat. Irfan says no, I am still mourning, I am just here for the army. Kabir says I want to make a rule to support army kids. One man says we can’t support all states. Kabir says army protects us, they stand day and night for us, listen to their cries when their fathers die, help them, this is the biggest deed you can do. All clap and accept that law. Zara thinks that Rizwan was wrong, Kabir’s compassion will make him a best priest.

Zara says to Kabir that I am proud of you. Kabir says I never did anything to make anyone proud, I dont care what they think, even if that’s my wife or my wife’s brother, he said I dont deserve this seat, it’s not good to hear that.

Kabir is looking at the newspaper. Zara asks what is looking at? Kabir says I am searching for the pros that a girl should have for her wedding. Zara says let me know what good things I have? Show me. He hides the paper from her but Zara takes it away and runs away. Kabir runs behind her. Zara reads that we need a hard-working guy for an innocent and pretty girl. Zara says this looks like a job ad. Kabir asks her to stop it.


Shahbaz tells Ruksaar that I want a bad guy for Zara so he will make her life hell. Ruksaar says how will that happen? Azra comes there and says I will help you.

Kabir notes Zara’s height and says I need it for the ad. He checks her weight. Zara says you can write fake weight. Kabir says let me do my work. Zara says if they know my truth then they will run away. Salma comes there and says I will help you. She asks Kabir to take her picture and I will ask in my circle. Kabir says I don’t want her to be married in Lucknow. Salma says no, I want her to marry her only. Kabir tells her that I want her to be away from Jalali and Shahbaz, he leaves. Salma tells Zara that he is not listening to me. Zara says let’s see what my fate has.

The episode continued on Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 25 November 2020 Update as Kabir gets a call and says I will send you her photos, I can get her married in 3 days. Ruksaar and Azra hide to hear it.

Salma tells Zara that you shouldn’t have allowed Kabir to marry you off. Zara says then I wouldn’t know how much he cares for me. Salma says love has different forms, some people love after marriage and some people think they love but it’s fake like Ruksaar’s. She coughs, Zara gives her water. Salma says I don’t know if your love will be fulfilled or not. Zara says maybe this one month will make my love have it’s way. Kabir comes there and says to Zara that I need your photo. Zara brings her album. Kabir tries to choose a photo but it’s not good. He finds her photo with him and smiles. Kabir says this photo is good, he is about to cut it but Salma says you can’t cut it, it’s a good photo. You can take Zara’s photos from your phone. Kabir says okay and leaves.

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Kabir calls Imran and asks if he can help him take Zara’s photos? Imran says the photographer can come in the evening. Azra comes there and says I will capture Zara’s photos.

Zara gets ready for the photo. Azra says she can wear nicer clothes. Kabir says she looks good like this. Zara smiles. Salma says my Zara is so pretty that even Kabir is praising her. Kabir says Amir is coming to see Zara, if he likes her then she will be married soon. Zara is shocked.

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