Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 19 August 2020 Update

Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 19 August 2020 Update
Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 19th August 2020 Update

Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 19th August 2020 Update: On Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 19 August 2020 Update, Zeenat asks Nilofar when is her family coming to meet Imran? Nilofar says my mother is ill so I was thinking if I and Imran goes to Meerat to meet her? Shahbaz says you are right, parents should meet him but the wedding will happen here only. Nilofar nods. Zeenat says wish Ruksaar was here, Ayesha asks where is she? zeenat says I talk to her on messages but today I feel bad, I haven’t talked to her, I want to hear her voice and want to go meet her but I have to see Amaan school daily but Kashan can go to Dubai and bring Ruksaar here for the wedding. Shahbaz says Kashan have a trip there so he can meet her but how can Ruksaar come here, she has complaint filed here. Zeenat says I have talked to Zara, she is ready to drop the charges. Ayesha is surprised. Nilofar thinks that Zara is calling Ruksaar here to defeat Miraj, I should runaway

Kabir and Zara come home. Kabir says to Shahbaz that. Shahbaz says enough, when I start believing that you are ready to take decisions, you disappoint me and even today, Zara defeated you in sharia board. Zara tries to answer but Kabir holds her hand and stops her. Shahbaz says to Kabir that you have to find the solution of this, you have made your life very complicated, make it simple otherwise it will be very difficult for you. Ayesha says everything will be fine. Ayesha asks Zara how are her parents? Zara says the father is ill, by the way, father has suggested that Kabir might lead Eid prayers as a head priest this Bakra Eid, all are surprised. Shahbaz gets happy and asks Kabir if this is true? Kabir says she is right.

Shahbaz says this is the best news, God gives you more power and success. Kabir is surprised to see his change of behaviour, Shahbaz hugs Kabir and asks Ayesha to prepare for celebrations. Miraj comes there and congrats Kabir. Kabir thanks him. Miraj glares at Zara. Zara says to Kabir that I need your suggestion with some files, Kabir says okay let’s go. Miraj asks Kabir if he is free so he should come to the site. Zara says I will go with Kabir. Miraj says what will you do there? you are not a part of the project anymore and I have to talk alone with Kabir, let’s go, Kabir? Kabir goes with him. Zara is tensed.

Miraj and Kabir come to a road. Kabir says why are we here? Miraj says to calm my anger. Kabir says I know you are miffed but trust me whatever happened, happened in your favour. Miraj says what happened was wrong, truth is that you are sold at the hands of Zara and that priest. Kabir says control your tongue. Miraj says I didnt recognize you, I designed this project with you, I invested so much money but when it was time to execute it, you turned away, I took you as a friend but now you took your wife and father in law’s side and fooled me, you have disappointed me, truly you should leave all this project and prepare to lead Eid prayers. Kabir asks him to be in limits. Miraj says you have fooled me and I dont want this project anymore, I want my money back, also give me that 1 crore which you took to divorce your wife, I am taking Imran and Nilofar to Meerat tomorrow and when I come back, I want my money back otherwise you know that I know how to take my money back, he glares at Kabir. Kabir glares back at him.

The episode continued on Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 19 August 2020 Update as Zara is tensed and waiting for Kabir. Kabir comes there, Zara asks if everything is fine? He says I need rest. She asks him to eat something. He says I am not hungry. She says eat some. She sets food for him and asks if everything is alright? he doesn’t answer her and eats food. Zara asked if Miraj said anything? Kabir gets angry and leaves food. Zara asked if something happened regarding the project? your silence is saying that something wrong happened. Kabir says can you be silent? your words are hurting my brain, nothing happened. Zara says you are hiding something, what is it? Kabir says I dont have to tell you everything. Zara says then tell me which you can. Kabir looks away. Zara said you think that I am sensible? he says yes. Zara says then you must have heard that when you are tensed, you should take suggestion from a sensible person, they can find the solution. Kabir says I dont want to hear all this. Zara says we still have a relation, if we think together then we will find a solution. Kabir says there is no trouble, my headaches. Zara says is Miraj your friend or enemy? Kabir says he is not my enemy but not a friend like I thought he is, gives me some time, he leaves from there.

Reema is looking for jobs. Zara comes to her. Reema asks what happened? what’s the news? Zara says there is news but dont know it’s good or bad, I have taken a step in sharia board that can backfire, she tells her how she made Kabir make Miraj stay away for 30 days, she says I have called Ruksaar too but I dont know when she will come, Kabir and Miraj had a fight, I dont know what happened but something happened. Reema says what must have happened? Zara asks where is Imran? Reema says he is going to Meerat to meet Nilofar’s parents. Zara says but they are not siblings. Reema says but Imran went to Meerat before too when Kabir sent him and he met Miraj’s family there, Zara says there is something fishy in all this.

Kabir is working out and recalls Miraj’s words that he wants his money back. Zara comes there and says you are working out at this time? Kabir says it’s a good way of releasing steam. He stops. Zara says this is a way of releasing steam for people who are not married, I mean those who are married can fight, shout and break things in front of their wife. Kabir glares at her. Zara says after one divorce, am I not your wife? as I am looking at you without a shirt. He says you are still my wife. Zara says its good I am looking at my husband and I won’t do any sin, she wipes his body with the towel and says its good angels won’t file me for this. She turns to leave but Kabir stops her. Kabir leans in and says towel? Zara is mesmerized and gives it to him in daze. Kabir moves closer, maula mere maula plays. Kabir caresses her face, Zara touches her face with him and close her eyes.

Kabir lifts Zara in his arms and twirls her around, she eyes him lustfully. Kabir puts her down and leans him, he is about to kiss her but she stops him and says dont you think you are too near? do you want to end the divorce now or want to wait 20 days? what is your decision? have you decided? Kabir looks on. Kabir says whatever will happen will happen after 20 days, he moves away from her and leaves from there. Zara shakes her head and says I shouldn’t have talked about divorce, till this divorce sword is hanging over our heads, you won’t trust me completely and I need his complete trust to protect him from devil Miraj. Kabir goes to take a shower, he recalls his moment with Zara.

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