Zara’s Nikah Thursday 19 November 2020 Update Zee World

Zara’s Nikah Thursday 19 November 2020 Update
Zara’s Nikah Thursday 19 November 2020 Update

Zara’s Nikah Thursday 19 November 2020 Update: On Zara’s Nikah Thursday 19 November 2020 Update, Kabir brings Alina home. Ayesha asks where were you? you didnt have any shame? Kabir stops her. Zeenat asks where is Zara? Zara comes there with Irfan and Salma. Kabir says today I know Zara’s truth. He holds Zara’s hand and says when my own person did wrong then how can I blame someone else? you believe in love marriages so much that you are provoking Alina to runaway? when your parents know of your deed then their trust will break like mine. Ayesha says Zara crossed all limits. Kabir says Amir called you and told you where he was with Alina. Zara says I didnt do anything. Kabir says I can’t raise hand on Zara and Alina, he starts breaking bricks.

Zara runs and puts a hand under his, he stops before hurting her. Alina rushes to Kabir and says listen to me, forgive me, I did a mistake, I will never do it again. Kabir says you cheated us. Alina says nobody was listening to me, I dont want to marry Anas. Kabir shouts enough, love marriages are a sin, you proved it, ask Amir to never come in front of me. Alina says it was not Zara’s fault, I got a message from an unknown number asking me to come to the bus stand. Kabir checks the message. Zeenat says Zara must have messaged her to put Kabir down. Zara says we all know what you did last days, we will know soon who messaged Alina. Zara says to family that you know me and blaming me like this? I just said that girls can marry with their choice. Ayesha asks Irfan to take their daughter away. Kabir says no, we dont know who sent that message, he asks Zara to stay away from Alina.

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Alina sits in her room and cries. She says Zara had to bear so much insult.

Alina comes to Kabir. Kabir sits with her. Kabir says I am not your enemy, I love you a lot, I can’t let you do this marriage, its a sin, I have to stop you from doing this sin. Alina says Zara is not at fault, I dont want anything. Zara comes there. Alina says I want your and Zara’s relation to mending, I can accept anything, Zara helped me, she told me to not run, she always did the right thing for this house but you dont understand that. Alina says I will marry where you want for your and Zara’s happiness. Alina tears her nikah papers. Zara hugs Alina. Alina leaves. Kabir says she is on the right path. Zara says forcing her is not her choice. Kabir says this is God’s will, dont teach me otherwise. Kabir calls Anas’s father and says we will do this marriage in two days. He ends the call and tells Zara that we will never do love marriages.

Zeenat comes to card store and orders Alina and Amir’s card. She calls Kashan and says I will send these cards to people, there will be two grooms for Alina and people will know that Irfan lied about nikah.

Zara prays for Alina.

Zara is searching for who messaged Alina. Zeenat is putting mehndi in Alina’s hands for the wedding. Ayesha brings jewellery for her. Zeenat asks her to apply mehndi. Ayesha says I wanted a big function on her wedding and this is happening like this. Zeenat says we can’t have a grand wedding because then Irfan’s lie will come out. Ayesha says if he doesnt think about us then why should we? Kabir comes there and says no, he did this to save Alina’s life, Irfan’s life cant be in danger. Ayesha says a daughter can destroy our lives for her father. Zara gets a call and says okay. Zara says soon I will find out who messaged Alina. Kabir says that’s not your issue.


The episode continued to unfold on Zara’s Nikah Thursday 19 November 2020 Update as Zara is worried and says Alina loves Amir so why Kabir is forcing her? I have to find out if Amir and Alina really love each other or are just emotional.

Zara meets Amir and says I am sorry for what Kabir did, he was just worried for Alina. Amir says its okay, if he didnt beat me then I wouldn’t realize that I love Alina. Zara says does she love you? Amir says she does, she was ready to run away with me for one message, this is love, I want to marry her, will you take my side?

Irfan comes to Shahbaz’s house. Shahbaz thanks Irfan for saving Alina’s life. Shahbaz says we are doing this wedding silently so Irfan will not be in danger.

Zara asks Amir if he loves her because she is from a rich family? Amir says my sister was forced to marry someone, loving someone is not about money for me, he shows her uniform and says I can swear on this that my love is pure. Zara smiles and says now I am sure, dont worry.

Ayesha says to Salma that Zara is always against Kabir, if Anas and Alina’s marriage breaks then Kabir and Zara’s relation will be in danger too.

Zeenat says to Kashan that soon we will bring out Irfan’s truth out and then he will leave his head priest position and we will appoint someone from our people. Kashan says we will not distribute cards in the city as anyone can tell Shahbaz, we will invite people on call for Amir and Alina’s wedding and when they see Anas, Irfan’s truth will come out.

Zara comes to her room. Kabir asks where did she go? Zara says I went to meet Amir, it’s his goodness that he didnt raise voice against you beating him. Kabir says so? he tried to provoke my sister, if I find out that he messaged Alina then I won’t spare him. Zara looks on. Kabir says you worry about Amir too much? Alina is getting married and nobody can stop this wedding. Zara says you are too egoistic, she is sacrificing for her family like all others, give Alina a chance. Kabir says Amir cant take care of Alina. Zara says why? he doesnt have one arm? Kabir says no. Zara says money is not everything. Kabir says she is a good family. Zara says this is 2019, girl doesnt have to sacrifice her whole life for her family’s happiness. Alina hears all that. Zara says to Kabir that if Alina tells me that she wants to marry Amir then I won’t let injustice happen with her. Kabir says you will go against me? Zara says forcing a girl to marry someone is a sin and I want to save my husband from doing this sin. She leaves. Alina looks on.

Alina comes to her room and recalls Zara’s words. She says why can’t I tell them that I dont want to marry Anas? She breaks things. Zara comes there and says what are you doing? Alina says I dont know what to do. Zara asks her to do shikhara, pray to God and he will give you a hint.

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