Zara’s Nikah Thursday 11 March 2021 Update Zee World

Zara’s Nikah Thursday 11 March 2021 Update

Zara’s Nikah Thursday 11th March 2021 Update on zee world: On Zara’s Nikah Thursday 11 March 2021 Update, Kabir stops Zara and says I am sorry for saying all that. I want you to stay here for the kids, they need you. Zara says I can’t do it. I mean I am ready to be with them. Thanks a lot. She hugs him but then moves away. She leaves from there.

Zara shows the gifts to Irfan and Salma for the kids. Salma says I will miss you a lot. She gives her a gift. Zara says I am sorry, I didn’t bring anything for you. Salma says you are very nice. Zara says you people have loved me so much. Salma says this is your house and will remain yours. Irfan says to Zara that you are helping the kids and God will help you. He blesses her.

Zara comes to Kabir’s house with her luggage. He tells her that it’s not easy to handle my kids, what’s your qualification? What will you charge? Zara says I just need your support and understanding. Kabir is surprised. Zara says and also food. Kabir smiles.

The kids hug Kabir for bringing Zara to them. The kids start playing with Zara.

Kabir comes to the kids’ room and sees Zara telling them a horror story. Kabir asks them to sleep as they have to wake up for prayers. He thanks Zara for taking for them, he leaves. The kids start playing with Zara again.

Kabir comes to Ruksaar and asks if she is fine now? Ruksaar says my feet are hurting. Can you please wash my feet for me? Kabir looks on. Ruksaar says I am your wife. Kabir washes her feet.

In the morning, Kabir and Ruksaar come to the kids’ room to see it all messed up and the kids sleeping when it’s time for prayer. Kabir is angry. Ruksaar tells Kabir that Zara is not teaching the kids about discipline. Zara comes there and says I am sorry, kids were sleepy so they couldn’t wake up early. The kids come there and say we will get ready for the prayers. Ruksaar says you have to wake up on time. She leaves. Kabir asks the kids to wake up for the prayers. Kabir asks Zara to look after their needs. She nods and says you look sad? He says nothing and leaves. Zara says he must be sad because of me.

Ruksaar looks at old Zara’s photo and says it’s your birthday but I don’t miss you at all. Tonight I will be with Kabir.

Kabir comes to his Zara’s grave and puts the flowers there. He smiles and says I miss you a lot, I have brought your favorite flowers. I will pray for your happiness.

Zara is working in the kitchen. The chef comes there and says nobody is eating today as it’s Kabir’s dead wife’s birthday, he is sad. Zara gets worried and thinks he was not sad because of me but because of his Zara. Irfan and Salma must be sad too. This day is special and I will not let him be sad when he brings smiles for everyone.

Zara tells the stories to the kids. Kabir continues her stories. Ruksaar sees them and thinks Kabir is not giving me attention because of these kids. Kabir sleeps too. Zara puts the shawl on him and leaves.
Ruksaar comes to Zara and says stay away from my Kabir and house. I will take care of the kids. Zara says if you try anything then you know I won’t spare you. Ruksaar says I want to take care of those kids, that time also I sent the kids with the driver to get some fresh air, I am taking care of them so you can leave. Zara leaves.

Zara’s Nikah Thursday 11 March 2021 Update: In the morning, Zara tells Salma that Kabir loves the kids. Salma says he is a good person. Zara gets Kabir’s call and says I was talking about you. Kabir says I slept with the kids only, they are still sleeping. Kabir ends the call. Azra smiles at Zara and says I didn’t see you talk to Kabir nicely before. Zara says my vision about him is changing as he is taking care of the kids but I miss them a lot. Salma says don’t worry, I pray that you get a good husband too. Zara says I don’t need that, I just want to love those kids. Salma says kids are safe with Kabir.

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Kabir talks to Shahbaz. Shahbaz asks him to come with them to work. Kabir says no, I can’t do that, I got a call from the head chef, he is offering me to work and become the chef, I am responsible for the kids so I have to do it, he leaves. Kashan tells Shahbaz that I will help you with business and politics so let Kabir do what he wants. Shahbaz says what Kabir can do, you can never do it.

Kids are hungry. The house chef comes there. Firdous says we are hungry. He says I am hungry too, I will make the food.

Ruksaar talks to her friends and says Kabir proposed to me. The kids come there and say we are hungry. Ruksaar says they are my cousins and pull them aside, she scolds them and says don’t call me again.

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The kids come to the kitchen and look around for food. They find the cake in the fridge but don’t take it. They get some eggs out. Firdous try to pull the flour container but it falls down. They start the egg fight. Ruksaar comes there and shouts to stop the mess. She says, what is all this? She slips and falls down, kids throw flour on her. Ruksaar screams at them.

Imran and Kabir come home. Ruksaar is running behind the kids. Kabir glares at Ruksaar.

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