Zara’s Nikah Thursday 10 September 2020 Update

Zara’s Nikah Thursday 10 September 2020 Update
Zara’s Nikah Thursday 10th September 2020 Update

Zara’s Nikah Thursday 10th September 2020 Update: On Zara’s Nikah Thursday 10 September 2020 Update, Kabir meets some students. Kabir says what do you people mean by jihad? Imran says what do you mean? One guy Ali says it means war for our religion. Kabir says no it means that you help another person, helping one person is like helping the whole nation.

Zara says to Reema that I have to help Kabir prove me innocent, its a Jihad and I will help him. She says three girls that I need your help, will you people be with me? they all say we are with you.

Kabir says to his partners that we need to save Zara because she is innocent, will you help me? Imran and others say that we are with you. Kabir says today is the first day of investigation, Kabir says Zara was with me but CCTV shows some girl in burqa coming to the wardroom.

Zara says to her girls that they saw my fingerprints on poison bottle, it means I held something which had my fingerprints and was put on poison bottle and that ward boy was given money to give a false statement.

Kabir says to hie men that ward boy lied so if we find him then we can find the mastermind.

Zara and other women come to the hospital, Reema puts fake blood on her hand and says let’s call ward boy.

Kabir and his partners come to the hospital, Ali says that his name is Mishra. Kabir finds ward boy, he asks him to come with them.

Rema lies on stature and all women shout that her hand is injured, call a ward boy. Reema murmurs to her girls that go and find the ward boy who is most rich, they leave. Reema hears two ward boys talking that Mishra’s phone is new and very good. Reema asks where will be Mishra? they say on the first floor. Reema comes to Zara and says let’s go, he is on the first floor. They come on the first floor and sees a ward boy running, they run behind me. Kabir and his partners are searching for him too.

Reema and Zara look around in hospital but doesnt find Mishra. Zara covers her face from CCTV. Kabir and his men are searching for him too. They hear someone’s scream. Zara goes in the storeroom. They get scared to see Mishra standing idly. Zara says tell us who made you do all this? Suddenly his body falls down and he was stabbed from behind. Kabir and his men come there, they are stunned too. Kabir sees Zara. Kabir says we have to leave, he hides Mishra’s body and they all leave.

At a food stall, they all sit down. Imran says let’s eat. Reema says you want food at this time? you should be ashamed. Imran says I get hungry in anxiety. Kabir says to Zara that you shouldn’t have gone there, Zara says you want me to sit silently? Kabir says I am trying to find proofs. Zara says if we fight together then we can word nicely. Kabir says to try and understand that a murder happened and you and I were there, people will point fingers at you and me.

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The episode continued on Zara’s Nikah Thursday 10 September 2020 Update as Hashmi’s girl sends hospital’s CCTV footage to Hashmi. Hashmi calls her and says you did great, only leak Zara’s footage, we have to keep Kabir safe as I have a lot of work from him, now Zara will be destroyed.

Zara says to Kabir that an innocent Nilofar died and I am blamed for that, I am very tensed. Kabir says what happened today shouldn’t have happened, I am with you, Zara says ward boy died because of me, you can get hurt too. Kabir says we have to try and find proofs. Imran says Zara didn’t do wrong. Kabir asks Zara to have dinner, she gets angry and says I dont want to, she leaves. Imran says you shouldn’t have talked to her like that. Kabir says I worry for her.. he thinks and says what about CCTV footage of hospital? how will we take out Zara from it?

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