Zara’s Nikah Sunday 14 March 2021 Update Zee World

Zara’s Nikah Sunday 14 March 2021 Update

Zara’s Nikah Sunday 14th March 2021 Update Zee World: On Zara’s Nikah Sunday 14 March 2021 Update, Zeenat says you beating that man his reduced all chances of a father winning the elections. Shahbaz says see your worth first. Zara says if something wrong happens to me I will speak against it. I thought you would be with me.
Kabir says Zara, how did you send Zara there with the tea? Zara is part of this house. She isn’t a servant. Zara hears it and is in tears. Kabir goes upstairs.

Zara sits outside in tears and recalls what happened. She sobs. Kabir comes to her. He gives her a napkin. Kabir says it’s my mistake. I couldn’t protect you. Please forgive me. Zara says only you helped me. No one else did. Rukhsar comes there and says please come there. She what is she doing. Zeenat burns Zara’s clothes. Kabir says what are you doing? She says the kind of clothes she wears provoked Javed to do this. His father called dad and he is joining a different party.

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Rukhsar says it was his mistake but this kind of clothes would provoke anyone. Zara says what? She says what is her problem with hijab? Zara says so he has the right to touch women without hijab? Shouldn’t men keep their gaze lowered? Kabir says Zara is right. Islam asks men to lower their gaze. You can’t blame Zara. He leaves.

Zara’s Nikah Sunday 14 March 2021 Update: Zeenat sees Zara and says Astaghfirullah. Zara is wearing sleeveless. Zara says you burned all my clothes so this is all I have to wear. Don’t try to put any pressure on me. I don’t live in cages.
Zara comes to the kids. They are talking to Seema, Azra, and Qazi. Seema says are you okay? Come to us. We miss you a lot. Zara says I will come to once the kids are done with reciting Quran.

Rukhsar gives lunch to Kabir. She says I am worried. Zara isn’t like our family. What if our kids learn from her? He says that would be my problem, not yours. He leaves. Rukhsar says I will make you mine only. I will send this Zara far away from your life.
Zara stops auto. Kabir stops his car and asks her to sit. She says where are you going? He says getting the school forms. Zara says that’s such a good thing. She says wait. Zara gives money to an old woman. Kabir says no. He takes the woman to a restaurant and says give her biryani. The woman says there are a lot of other hungry people. Should I call them? He says no. We will go to them. Kabir goes and serves Biryani to everyone himself. Zara looks at him and smiles. The woman says God keep your couple happy and blessed. She leaves.

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Zara comes home and meets everyone. She tells them what happened? Everyone is shocked. Zara says Kabir stood by me. Qazi says don’t worry. I know Kabir is with you. You did what is right. Kabir takes care of everyone. Seema says his mission to live is his kids. When Zara was alive, Kabir wasn’t like this. Let me tell you. This is Zara’s diary. She was a passionate poet. She turned Kabir into the poet too. She wanted to give this diary to Kabir but she couldn’t. Zara says can I read this? She says yes. Seema says but it shouldn’t come in front of Kabir. He would get upset.

Shahbaz prays and says give me win as your blessing God.
He lays and hears someone saying don’t beg. The sinners only get bad things. God doesn’t do injustice. You will be exposed in front of Kabir. God will never pardon you. Shahbaz says who’s here? Who is saying all this? He opens the door. He wakes up. It was a dream. Shahbaz is scared. Zara comes there. He says what are you doing here? She says I was studying here. Kabir says is everything okay? Shahbaz says wasn’t feeling well. Kabir says don’t take the stress. He gives Shahbaz his medicines.

Zara reads a couplet. Kabir hears it. He is shocked. He completes the poem. He says that couplet, how do you know it? She recalls what Seema said. Zara says this diary. Kabir says what? She says Zara wanted to give this to you. I brought it here to read it. Kabir takes the diary and reads it. Kabir cries. Zara says are you okay? I am sorry. He says no. Let me show you something. He says she wrote so well. She used to write flower-like drawing a flower. May I keep it? Zara says it is yours only. She says Zara was so lucky to have a life partner like you.

Kabir comes to the kids and says that you people are going to school. He gives the forms to Zara and asks them to get ready. Zara thanks, Kabir. Kabir says thank you for making me realize that.

Ruksaar shows new things to the kids. Firdous gives her a kiss and says it’s very pretty. Ruksaar gives them hijab and says ask Zara to make you wear that.
The kids come to Zara and show her the hijab. She says I am filling the form. The kids throw hijab away. Ruksaar and Kabir come there. Ruksaar sees the hijab on the floor and says this is important. Firdous says Zara said that form is more important. Kabir shouts at Zara that this is my teaching and you are saying this to them? Zara says they are young, they can’t handle it. Kabir says this is our tradition, girls feel protected with it. Zara says we shouldn’t force them to wear the hijab. Kabir says this is our house’s respect and you have to follow it, he leaves.

Zara’s Nikah Sunday 14 March 2021 Update Zee World: Shahbaz meets the head priest. Kabir comes there. Shahbaz tells Kabir that if you talk to Irfan and ask him to request his followers to vote for me then they will listen to him.

Zara gets a weird message from an unknown number. Zara ignores it and makes Alisha and Firdous wear the hijab. Firdous says you don’t wear hijab? Zara doesn’t answer her. Firdous can’t hold the hijab.

Zara comes to Kabir. He is talking to the head priest.

Ruksaar makes Firdous wear the hijab with a safety pin but it opens.

Zara comes to Irfan’s house with Kabir. She says that Firdous can’t handle the hijab. Irfan says hijab is not a must for Firdous but we should give them teaching about it. Zara nods and goes with Salma. Irfan asks Kabir that if he has some confusion then he should ask his heart. Kabir closes his eyes and thinks. He thanks Irfan. Zara comes there. Kabir tells Irfan that I am always with you. Zara thinks that he is so sweet as a person.

Zara puts the things in Kabir’s car. A man passes by and says the same message that she got earlier, he leaves before she can see his face. Zara is tensed. Kabir and Zara come home. They hear Firdous crying and come to her. Firdous has been nipped by the safety pin. Kabir is shocked.

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