Zara’s Nikah Sunday 13 September 2020 Update

Zara’s Nikah Sunday 13 September 2020 Update
Zara’s Nikah Sunday 13th September 2020 Update

Zara’s Nikah Sunday 13 September 2020 Update: On Zara’s Nikah Sunday 13 September 2020 Update, Zara comes home. Salma says I was worried. Zara says sorry, my phone broke so I couldn’t call. Salma asks how? Zara recalls how she was about to be trapped. She cries and says if I could prove myself innocent then Kabir and I would be together. Irfan says dont worry, God is with you, you can cry to make your heart light. Zara says I need your prayers, please pray. Irfan prays that God takes away all tension from my daughter.

Kabir comes home. Ayesha is telling a story to Amaan. Kabir sits in her feet. Ayesha says you look tensed, Kabir says everything is bad. Ayesha says you are on the right path, dont worry, you will reach the destination. Amaan asks Ayesha to tell a story. Ayesha says once Akbar wanted to catch a thief, he gave three people sticks and says whoever is thief, that magical stick will increase 2 inches. The thief got scared and cut his stick so next day it will increase to original size but it was not magical and the thief got caught. Kabir gets an idea and says God showed me a path, thank you. Shahbaz comes to Kabir and asks where were you? you should divorce Zara and send her away.

Kabir says no, we have 4 days and I will prove her innocent and this divorce matter. Shahbaz says enough, Irfan called me and blamed for your condition, you have insulted me too much, think about your future and dreams, I have thought to get you married again. All are stunned. Shahbaz says then you can be a nice husband. Kabir says never, I can’t do it, he leaves.

In the morning, Miraj comes to Hashmi. Hashmi says why are you here? we need to kill Zara. Miraj says I have to finish for myself too. Zafar asks him to talk with respect. Miraj says he is just a Hashmi for me. Zafar points a gun at him, Miraj points knife at him. Hashmi calms them down and says I am just asking you to remain calm, nobody should know we are behind this. Miraj says I wanted to inform you that Kabir knows there is an informer in his team, he will find out soon, he leaves. Hashmi says we need Miraj for somedays and when work is finished then we will finish him too.

The episode continued on Zara’s Nikah Sunday 13 September 2020 Update as Kabir says to Imran and Reema that I heard a story and called my team. A flashback shows Kabir calling his team in a different voice and said that he knows they are informer against Kabir. Flashback ends. Kabir says who is informer will get tensed after that call and goes to our enemies and all others will come to us.

Soon, the team starts gathering and tells Kabir about the phone call. Imran says only Ali and Sakina are remaining. They see Sakina coming too. Kabir says its Ali then. Kabir calls Ali but he cuts call.

Ali is in the car with Zara, Zara says why Kabir sent you to pick me? why are you tensed? She asks him to stop the car, he does. Ali says Sorry Zara, I wouldnt have done this but my mother is ill and I need money, Zara says who asked you to do all this? Ali runs away. Zara calls Kabir but Miraj comes there and grabs Zara. Zara is stunned to see him, the call gets disconnected. Kabir calls her again but Miraj grabs her, ties her and puts her in the car. Miraj takes KAbir’s call and says your wife is in the backseat of my car, Kabir says I will kill you, Miraj says I am the mastermind behind all this game and your wife’s life is in my hands, I have kept a bomb in Zara’s car, it will blast in 10 minutes, meet me in the park behind Abdullah colony. Zara cries. Kabir says I won’t spare you, he ends call and leaves.

Miraj locks Zara in car and leaves. Zara calls Kabir, Kabir says I am reaching, Zara says listen to me, I had dreams but they won’t be fulfilled, I wanted to feel your fingers in my hair, Kabir says I am reaching. Zara says just tell me. Kabir says I want to run my hand through your hair. Zara cries and says life is very short, we had dreams but now life is ending, I thought to star gaze with you, you tease me, we have kids.. but time is gone. Kabir says dont worry, I am reaching, dont worry. Zara says you dont have time, she looks at the bomb and says please take care of your family and my family too, dont sleep in AC, I love you and will always do, dont remember our fights, I love you. She smiles and cuts the call.


Kabir reaches the place. He sees Zara’s car and runs towards her. A bomb is about to explode. Zara closes her eyes and smiles. Kabir is running towards the car but suddenly bomb blasts in the car. Kabir tries to run to her but Imran and others stop him. Kabir cries and screams Zara! he is in shock.

Ayesha gets a call and is shocked? She recalls her moments with Zara and breakdowns. She screams. All come to her. Shahbaz comes there too and asks what happened to Zara? Ayesha says she is no more, she has left this world, this is a lie. Imran brings Kabir there. Kabir is a dishevelled state. He falls down. Ayesha is looking for Zara and asks where is Zara? tell me? she is fine right? Hamdan asks him to tell what happened? Kabir is stoned. Ayesha asks where is our Zara? Kabir leaves from there in shock.

Kabir locks himself in room and cries. Ayesha bangs on the door and asks him to tell her about Zara. She cries too. Kabir recalls Zara’s last words, her small dreams.

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