Zara’s Nikah Saturday 21 November 2020 Update Zee World

Zara’s Nikah Saturday 21 November 2020 Update
Zara’s Nikah Saturday 21 November 2020 Update

Zara’s Nikah Saturday 21 November 2020 Update: On Zara’s Nikah Saturday 21 November 2020 Update, Zara is in the veil. Irfan distracts Kabir so Zara goes in. Kashan is worried about Samir.


Samir gets ready as the groom and says when the drama is done then I will take Alina away. Salamat says we need to achieve our objective then you can get the girl. Samir thinks no I will marry Alina.

Kabir thanks Irfan for coming. Irfan says Alina is like my daughter, it would be wrong if I didnt come.

Amir comes to Zara and asks if she found some proof against Zeenat? Zara says no, we have to do something fast. Zara goes in Zeenat’s room and says why would she do all this? I have to find something.

Alina comes in function dressed as a bride. Ayesha gets emotional and kisses her forehead. Alina prays for everything to become right. Irfan sits down to read nikah and thinks where is Zara? He asks for water. Kabir hints to Zeenat, she nods and leaves. Kabir gives water to Irfan. Zeenat says to Kashan that go outside and see people are here. Kabir says me and Asad will be witnesses.

Zara hears Zeenat’s phone ringing and sees its Samir’s call. He says baraat is coming? We are coming there, guests are going to come and then drama will start, Kabir and Irfan will remember it for life. Zara is stunned and ends call.

Irfan asks Alina if she accepts nikah? Ayesha asks her to say yes. Zeenat thinks to say yes, guests are coming. Zara comes there and says no. All look on. Alina smiles. Zara says we can’t force Alina for marriage. Zeenat says what are you doing here? Zara slaps her hard, all look on. She grabs Zeenat’s hand. Kabir pulls Zara back from here. Zara glares at her. Ayesha asks what she is doing? Zara says to family that Zeenat invited the whole city here to insult Kabir and Irfan, what if they see that it’s not Alina and Amir but Anas marrying her, then they will know that nikah papers were fake and then my husband and father will have to leave sharia board.

Ayesha says what if this is a lie? Zara says Salamat and Samir are waiting outside to do all that, all guests will come, we dont have time, I am doing all this for this house. She holds Kabir’s hand and says God is telling that Amir and Alina are made for each other, she has the right to choose. Kabir says we are saving our tradition, its a sin. Zara says she is asking to marry, its not wrong, the girl has to accept her marriage, she has the right to say yes to her choice, Islam doesnt allow us to force girls. Kabir says girls accept their parents’ choice because of respect, Amir will never marry Alina.

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Kabir says to Zara that Amir will never my sister, I dont care about my respect.

Amir is calling Zara but she doesnt pick up.

Salamat and Samir bring guests outside. Kashan welcomes them and says come inside. He turns but sees Zara and Kabir welcoming them. Shahbaz and Irfan come there and smiles as well. Kashan comes inside and sees Amir sitting as a groom on stage. Kashan thinks how this happened? One guest says to Shahbaz that you didnt invite us? Shahbaz says sorry for that. Samir says to Salamat that I will shoot Alina today. Salamat takes him from there

Zara sits with Alina and hugs her. Flashback shows that Salma says to Kabir that my husband’s respect is at stake too, he did all this for your sister. Shahbaz says its about respect too, he asks Asad if they can be with them? Asad says yes. Shahbaz says we will create valima setting and Anas have to give sherwani to Amir. Kabir says let me talk. Shahaz says it’s about house and Irfan’s respect, I dont have time. Zara calls Amir. Ayesha says you prepared all this? Kabir says they didnt marry so how can reception happen? Shahbaz says people know that Irfan made nikah papers for them so they are expecting valima. Kabir says I won’t lie to people.

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Zara says we dont have much time. Ayesha says Alina didnt marry Amir so they cant have valima. Alina says I am ready to marry Amir, she says to Irfan that I love him and want to do nikah with him, its not a sin. Amir says I want to marry her as well. Anas says I am ready to become witness to their nikah, Asad says I will become witness too.

The episode continued on Zara’s Nikah Saturday 21 November 2020 Update as Irfan asks Kabir if he agrees? Kabir says I am following my religion. Shahbaz says it’s about the respect of people and sharia board so let it happen. Ayesha says what about our daughter? Shahbaz says this storm can destroy everything, we have to take care of sharia board’s respect, this nikah has to happen. Kabir sees Alina sitting with Amir and is restless. He recalls them getting married and accepting each other. Alina hugs Ayesha but she looks away. Zara offers sweets to Kabir but he ignores her. Amir says to Ayesha that I won’t let Alina cry ever. Shahbaz hugs him. Zara pulls Kabir and changes setup to valima. Flashback ends. All guests enjoy valima. Anas takes selfies with the bride and groom. Shahbaz thanks Asad. Asad says we realized our mistake, we thought that partners dont love these days but I saw Kabir and Zara. Asad says Zara and Kabir fight because they know their relationship is strong and can overcome that. Irfan says they might argue but they can give life for each other.

Samir says this all happened because of Kabir. He shoots on Kabir’s
Alina asks everyone to pray that her and Amir’s relation become strong like Zara and Kabir.

This is the end of Zara’s Nikah Saturday 21 November 2020 Update on zee world.

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