Zara’s Nikah Saturday 20 March 2021 Update Zee World

Zara’s Nikah Saturday 20 March 2021 Update Zee World
Zara’s Nikah Saturday 20 March 2021 Update Zee World

Zara’s Nikah Saturday 20th March 2021 Update Zee World: On Zara’s Nikah Saturday 20 March 2021 Update, Kabir finds Zara on the porch and takes her inside. Ruksaar looks on.

All are waiting for Zara to wake up. She wakes up and hugs the kids. Firdous says we missed you a lot. Zara says sorry. Kabir smiles looking at them. Zara says I got in an accident. Irfan says we are glad that you came back. A kid tells Zara that Kabir promised to take care of us. Ruksaar tells Kabir that some people are here.

Kabir signs the adoption papers. The manager asks Ruksaar to sign the papers as Ruksaar Kabir Ahmed. Ruksaar signs the papers. Zara comes there and hears that they adopted the kids. Ruksaar smiles. Zara says no, they are my kids, I won’t let her take them. Ruksaar says I have married Kabir and the kids will stay with us. Kabir tells Zara that Ruksaar is right, we have adopted the kids. We are married now. The flashback shows how Kabir accepted the wedding proposal. Zara says no.

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Zara starts taking the kids from the house. Kabir tells her that you are not going anywhere, listen to me once. He sends everyone away. Zara says how could you decide for them? Kabir says you left them and they were taking the kids away. Kids were trying to run away and find you so I promised to take care of them, I even married Ruksaar for them. Tell me did I do wrong? Zara looks on. Kabir leaves. Ruksaar comes to Zara that kids are happy so why are you sad? Zara says you can’t be a good person to kids, Kabir married you only to be with the kids. I am here and will keep an eye on you. She leaves.

Zara’s Nikah Saturday 20 March 2021 Update Zee World: Salma tells Zara that Kabir will protect these kids. Irfan asks her to come with them. Kabir tells her that he will take care of them. Kids say we want to go with Zara, can’t he come with them? Zara asks the kids to stay with him, she will come to meet them. Zara leaves with Irfan and Salma. Kabir makes the kids smile.


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Kabir shows the kids their room. Amaan welcomes them and says we will enjoy here. They all start playing. Ruksaar comes there. Kabir thanks her for making them happy. Ruksaar says I can do anything for you, I am finally their mother.

Zara tells Salma that why people whom I love leave me? Irfan says don’t worry, he makes her eat and says we can keep the people that we love close to our hearts. Kabir comes there and greets them. Kabir tells Zara that don’t worry about the kids. He gives the medicines to Azra and says take care of this fighter.

Ruksaar offers food to the kids. She pulls the cheek of Firdous in anger but Zeenat tells her to keep kids happy if she wants to keep Kabir closer.

Zara tells Azra that Ruksaar can try anything with the kids so she has to do something.



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