Zara’s Nikah Saturday 13 March 2021 Update Zee World

Zara’s Nikah Saturday 13 March 2021 Update

Zara’s Nikah Saturday 13th March 2021 Update Zee World: On Zara’s Nikah Saturday 13 March 2021 Update Zara is working at the house. The guests are there. A guest asks another if she is Kabir’s wife? They welcome her and make her sit down. A guest gives her a gift too. Zeenat brings Ruksaar there. Ruksaar says she is not Kabir’s bride. She is the caretaker of the kids. The guest says sorry to her. Kabir comes there. A woman tells Kabir to move in life with Ruksaar. Kabir says we are doing this for the kids. We will give them the life they want that’s why we are together. Zara smiles at him.

Zara decorates the room with the kids for Kabir. She says it’s Kabir’s wife’s birthday. They put old Zara’s photos there too. The kids leave from there. Kabir comes there and is shocked to see his room decorated. He looks at Zara’s photo and smiles. He says, Zara. Zara says yes? Kabir sees her in the room. Zara says I am sorry, I thought you were calling me. She moves and falls over Kabir. They both share an eye lock. Zara moves away from him. Kabir looks at the flowers that fell over them. Zara leaves from there. Kabir sighs.

Kabir washes his hands.
Azra, Irfan, and Salma celebrate old Zara’s birthday. Salma says let’s call Kabir. Irfan says no, he is moving on in his life so don’t remind him of the pain. Zara calls them and Azra talks to her. Zara says I want to make Kabir happy, what to do? Azra asks to cook kheer. Zara makes it. Ruksaar comes there and asks whom are you cooking for? Zara says for Zara’s birthday. It’s to make Kabir happy. Ruksaar says good thinking.

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The guests give gifts to Amaan. Zeenat says you don’t have to give gifts to other kids. She says I don’t have to listen to you. She gives the gifts to Firdous, Alisha, and Zaid. The kids are happy. Amaan asks Firdous and Zaid to take his gifts. They take it. Ruksaar comes there and shouts at them. Amaan says I gave them this. Ruksaar says stop giving them things, she leaves. Amaan says we will teach her a lesson.

Zara’s Nikah Saturday 13 March 2021 Update Zee World: Ruksaar gets ready and thinks I will mix the medicine in Kabir’s drink and then he will be mine. She tries to come out of her room but it’s locked. She says who locked me? The kids have locked her inside. Ruksaar thinks Zara must have done this.

Zara is beating the guy who tried to harass the kids. Kabir stops Zara and beats the guy. All look on.

Some time back, Kabir is looking at his Zara’s photo. Zara brings the sweets for him and says it’s your Zara’s birthday so have it. Kabir eats it and says it’s very good, you know my wife used to like this a lot. He talks about his wife to Zara. He tells about their antics, their romance, and then her death. Kabir says when God took her, I died with her. Zara says you have to move on in life as it will heal your wound. She turns to leave but Kabir thanks her.

In the morning, Ruksaar shouts at the kids for locking her in the room. They say sorry to the kids. Zara asks Ruksaar to talk to them with love. Kabir comes there so Ruksaar becomes soft with the kids. She cries and says they locked me in the room, Zara should take care of the kids. Zara says I know the kids did wrong. Kabir asks Ruksaar to calm down and asks Zara to handle the kids as they are their caretakers, you have to give them time. He leaves. Ruksaar says the kids will get punished. Zara says no I should be punished, it’s my mistake. Ruksaar says you are right, you will get punished. Zara looks on.

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Shahbaz talks to Kabir about the city conference. Kabir looks on.

Kabir comes to the kids but angrily looks at them. Suddenly he gives them aboard. Kabir starts playing on the board with them. Zara smiles at them. Kabir says if you lock someone inside a room then they can be scared. The kids say sorry to him. Zara thanks, Kabir. Kabir says this is your work so handle it.

Zara is in the kitchen. Ruksaar says we have a guest so go and serve him. Zara says that’s not my work. Ruksaar says do as I say.

Zara’s Nikah Saturday 13 March 2021 Update Zee World: Kabir and Shahbaz meet Javed, he is an investor. Zara brings the tea and gives it to Javed. He ogles at her and offers her some money. All look on. He says take it. He holds her hand and says I like to praise the people. Kabir is about to stop him but Shahbaz asks Zara to keep it. Zara angrily leaves. Zara comes back and gives him the envelope. Kabir goes with Shahbaz. Javed is alone with Zara and asks for more tea. He grabs her from behind and Zara is shocked. She shouts at him and beats him. All come there. Kabir asks Zara to move away. Zara says he tried to touch me inappropriately. Kabir grabs Javed and says how dare you to touch her? Shahbaz asks him to control himself. Kabir can’t and punches him, he says you should always respect the girl.

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