Zara’s Nikah Saturday 12 September 2020 Update

Zara’s Nikah Saturday 12 September 2020 Update

Zara’s Nikah Saturday 12th September 2020 Update: On Zara’s Nikah Saturday 12 September 2020 Update, Kabir says to Zara that Imran will call me when I am with Hashmi and he will tell me that he has found a witness that can prove that you are innocent then Hashmi will get tensed and send Zafar to finish that witness and then we will catch Zafar, Zara says they are dangerous. Kabir says we are walking on right and God is with us, dont you trust my love? Zara says I do. Kabir says your love won’t let anything to me, till you are with me then I can fight Hashmis. Zara says promise to not let anything happen to my Kabir. Kabir holds her hand and says I promise to not let anything happen to your Kabir and kisses her hand. Imran coughs.

Reema smirks. Kabir says I will keep Ismail with me when I meet Hashmi and you stay here Imran. Imran says who can be a witness? Reema says I can’t be a witness. Zara says no it’s dangerous, I will go as a witness. Kabir says no you will stay here, Zafar will be there. Zara says I will keep your Zara protected. Kabir says I got you after so much difficulty, its too dangerous, I can’t let you go there. Zara says I live in your heart, when you feel something then listen to your heartbeats, you could hear me. Kabir says promise to not let anything happen to you, Zara says I am your debt, I promise to protect myself, be safe, goodbye. She turns to leave but Kabir holds her hand, tu mera humdard hai plays, they sadly look at each other. Zara kisses his hand with tender and love. She leaves his hand and goes from there.

Kabir and his men come to Hashmi’s house. Kabir asks his men to keep an eye when Zafar leaves.
Kabir comes to meet Hashmi, Hashmi says how come you are here to teach me about religion? Kabir says I didn’t intend to hurt you that day, I was just protecting my wife, I hurt your heart so I am sorry. Hashmi says you did a mistake by arguing with me, I heard that you sent your wife away, you did great by deciding to divorce her. Kabir gets a call and goes away. Zafar goes behind him. Imran says how is it going? Kabir says what? some man was in abaya in the hospital? what a woman saw him? she is a witness? okay, I will come. Zafar hears it and leaves. Kabir calls Imran and whispers that Zafar heard everything.
Kabir comes back to Hashmi, Hashmi asks how is your education center? Kabir says it’s going good.

In the market, Zara sees a man in a burqa. She says to Reema that he has the same mark on hand which was on the person in the hospital, he must be Zafar, you leave.

Kabir gets a call from Imran, Imran says Zafar is in the market behind Zara. Kabir says what? I asked my man to call me when Zafar leaves, Zara might be in trouble. He ends the call and turns to see Hashmi there, Hashmi asks if everything is fine? Kabir nods. Kabir sees Zafar there too, he thinks if Zafar is here then who is in the market? Kabir says I have to leave, he leaves. Zafar says to Hashmi that till Kabir goes to market, Zara will be gone.

Zara is in the market and sees people having a rally against the government. She tries to follow the person in a burqa. Kabir calls her and says do not follow any person, Zara cant hear him in chaos and loses her phone.
Kabir and Imran come in the market, Reema says I can’t find her. Kabir says lets spread and search for her.
Zara is following a person in a burqa. She runs behind him and loses her slippers and bracelet. Her feet bleed too. She sees man going to the parking lot and follows him.
Kabir finds Zara’s phone in the market and searches around.

Zara is searching for Hashmi’s man in the parking lot. The man behind burqa is Miraj, Miraj hides and waits with a knife to attack Zara. Zara is about to go in his trap when Kabir comes there. Kabir says to Zara that Zafar was in the house with me, this person is someone else, its a trap for you. Let’s go. He takes Kabir from there.

Kabir says to Zara that someone informed about our plan to Hashmi, one person is giving information to Hashmi from our team.

Reema asks her group-mate Sakina why she is tensed? Sakina says I have to leave and leaves.

Salma says to Irfan that how will Zara prove herself innocent? Irfan says my daughter has guts to fight, she fought for a lot of people and she is a clean hearted person, she has guts to prove herself innocent, she knows how to write her future, I can say proudly that my daughter can give her life for her nation, dont worry, God is with her.

Hashmi calls Shahbaz and says are you sleeping? your son is trying to prove Zara innocent, stop him, people will start talking if some disrespect happens then Kabir’s future will be destroyed.

Kabir and Zara come to Imran and Reema. Kabir says Hashmi knew about our plan beforehand, someone from our team is giving information to Hashmi. Reema says we only have 5 days left to prove Zara innocent.

The episode continued to unfold on Zara’s Nikah Saturday 12 September 2020 Update as Shahbaz asks Ayesha where is Kabir? Ayesha says he is fighting for his duty, he has only 5 days left to prove Zara innocent. Shahbaz gets a call from Irfan, Irfan says we have to stop politics from destroying our kids, you know some powerful people are trying to destroy our kids and you know those people. Shahbaz says you are blaming me that I am working against my son? Irfan says you can do anything to fulfil the dream of making Kabir head priest, we have to save our kids. Shahbaz says announce Kabir as the head priest and make this situation easier, why are you silent now? I want to clarify that I am not doing any politics against my son or your daughter.

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Kabir brings Zara to Irfan’s house. Zara says I want to go with you, Kabir says only 5 days then we will stay together in our room, smile now. He says if you get time then call me. Zara says why? my phone is broken. Kabir gives her phone and says I thought you might call me but you dont want to. Zara takes his pictures and says I will get good sleep after seeing your photo. Zara turns to leave but Kabir stops her, Zara says I am scared about these days, Kabir says dont be scared, Zara says this matter is about whole nation now, Kabir says we will win, we are fighting for justice. Zara hugs him, Kabir kisses her forehead and hand. Zara says to Kabir that even I dont want to go away from you. Kabir kisses her hand, di diyan gallan plays. Someone takes pictures.

This is the end of Zara’s Nikah Saturday 12 September 2020 Update.

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