Zara’s Nikah Saturday 12 December 2020 Update Zee World

Zara’s Nikah Saturday 12 December 2020 Update
Zara’s Nikah Saturday 12 December 2020 Update

Zara’s Nikah Saturday 12th December 2020 Update: On Zara’s Nikah Saturday 12 December 2020 Update, Meena says you have a health checkup. Don’t miss it. Zara says don’t worry about it. Shanzay says he is coming anyway. Mena says Kabir is still your husband. He wanted to meet you if you still want to meet him then it’s up to you. Zara says if you want, I can meet him. Meena says okay then I will speak to salma and fix a meeting.

Shahbaz says to Qazi why are you thinking so much? This is time to implement what peer sahab said. Shahbaz and Qazi met peer sahab. Shahbaz said Kabir tries meeting Zara. I try stopping him but who will stop Zara? Qazi says I wont hear a word about my daughter. Shahbaz says I wont say anything because its your upbringing that made her this way. Qazi says that’s why you chose her for your son. Peer sahab said we have to part Kabir and Zara. They shouldn’t’ come close to each other.
Shahbaz says do you remember this? Qazi says Ayesha and Aleena are responsible for this. Shahbaz says you control your daughter. Qazi says talk to your son. My daughter isn’t wrong.

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Shanzay says to Meena Zara is your favorite now. Meena says you have to win hearts for it. Aman says to Kabir you are going to meet Zara? She was very loving. Kabir says yes she loved everyone. Meena calls Salma and says what.. HOw to cancel it? Okay if you say so. Zara says what happened? Kabir said no right. Meena says he didn’t want to meet. Aleena did all this. she wanted you two to meet. Zara leaves.

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Zeenat says to Kabir Aleena did all this. Why would Zara want to meet you? Kabir says she said yes or no to meet me? Zeenat says she said no.
Zara stands in the balcony and watches the sky. Meena says please don’t’ take the stress. I can’t see you upset. Zara says you have done more for me than a mother. DOn’t worry I will take care of myself. I will handle everything. Kabir and Zara both are upset. Shanzay says this all is happening because of Aleena. Zara says Kabir doesn’t want to meet me. It’s not her fault. shanzay hugs her.

The episode continued on Zara’s Nikah Saturday 12 December 2020 Update as Ayesha calls Kabir. She says are you okay? Kabir says I am fine. Don’t worry. Ayesha says I know you haven’t slept. I don’t know how to share your pain. Kabir says this will all be over when Zara takes the khula. We are all in pain.

Zara and Shanzay are going out. Zara sees Kabir’s photo on a book. Zara checks the books. Shanzay says he is a writer too.
Kabir sits with people. The seller says the writer of this book is here too. Zara goes running where Kabir is. He is walking out. He gives his speech. Zara recalls the accident. Shanzay says let’s go inside. Zara says we will need a veil. They take it from the tailor. A guy asks Kabir who inspired you to write this book? He says the affection between two people. An affection that doesn’t let them separate. You must wonder why would they part? Zara is in tears. They go in with faces covered. Kabir recalls Zara and Kabir fighting over having a job. He says arguments part them. Education is responsible. So I decided to write this for couples who are in similar trouble. Shanzay says Zara go and meet him.

This is the end of Zara’s Nikah Saturday 12 December 2020 Update on zee world.

Precap-Zara is going to meet Kabir. Kabir calls Aleena and says why did you send her a fake message that I want to meet her? This relationship has to end.

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