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Zara’s Nikah Monday 29th March 2021 Update on zee world: On Zara’s Nikah Monday 29 March 2021 Update, Kabir says inspector please trust us. Zara says we have all the proofs. He says okay tell me. She says the proofs are in the car. There’s nothing in the car. She says where did it go? Shahbaz says she’s just wasting your time. Zara finds it under the seat. She says everything is inside it. Zara says I will open it inside in front of Kabir. She comes inside and opens the case. A snake is inside it.

Zara screams. Kabir is shocked. Zara says please, it had proofs. Shahbaz says now you know my son it totally crazy? He was roaming around with a snake. Zara says please listen to me once. Let us speak. The inspector says you are being investigated yourself. Your statement doesn’t matter to us. You’re being affiliated with a terrorist. Shahbaz accused you of defaming your family. Kabir says please, let us show you who is wrong. Shahbaz says we loved you so much that we couldn’t see you’re not okay.

You have to live in an asylum till you’re okay. Zara says are you crazy? You’re sending your own son to the asylum? Kabir says leave me. I am not crazy. A doctor is about to give Kabir a tranquilizer. Shahbaz says stop. He’s my son. Don’t give him any pain. Kabir says I am not your son. He says I can’t be your son because you’re a murderer. After 30 days I will be standing in front of you and prove that you are a murderer. Kabir says start counting down your days of freedom. Zara comes to him and cries. Kabir says you don’t have to be scared. We have to be strong. God is with us. I will be out and I will get him the punishment for his deeds. Zara runs after his truck and we will be successful. Take care. He says take care.

Shahbaz says to Rukhsaar you hid the proofs from Zara’s car. Well done. How did you know she hid them in the car? She says I saw Zara going to the car and taking the case there. To save myself I had to send Kabir to the mental asylum. But he is my husband. I loved him. I wanted to make him mine. First, he was going away from me because of Zara and now circumstances. Shahbaz says don’t blame it on circumstances. You’re responsible for this. If you gave this proof to me, this won’t have happened. I am worried about what would Zara do now?

Zara’s Nikah Monday 29th March 2021 Update: Zara walks in with Qazi and says don’t worry about me. Shahbaz says to Qazi won’t you ask why I did what I did? He says no. Shahbaz shows them the proof and says I was going to burn this proof. It would have been boring. I am glad you’re here. Zara shoves it. Shahbaz throws the proofs in the fire. Zara screams. She looks at it and cries. He says was it fun Qazi Sahab? I burned your last hope too. Qazi says my God is my hope. The man who burned the love of his son, this proof is nothing for him.

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The hellfire is waiting for you. Shahbaz says I really loved my son. But I hated when he spoke your language. All this hell and conscience. Now he will in hell while he’s alive. Zara says he gave you a challenge that he will get you behind the bars. Start counting down. Shahbaz says in a mental asylum normal people lose their minds as well. Kabir would forget everything there. Do you want to go there as well? Allah Hafiz. Qazi says you better not take Allah’s name.

Kabir is being dragged to the ground. He says leave me. The wardens cut the net around him. They grasp Kabir. Kabir takes the knife from them and says stay back. No one would come near me. Someone shoots towards Kabir. Kabir is shocked. A policeman walks towards him.

Kabir is in a mental asylum surrounded by mentally ill people. They start hitting him with a ball and say let’s play. Zara peeks in. She sees Kabir in trouble. She says to the in-charge stop all this, please. Kabir looks at Zara. She’s in tears. she says please stop it. He says this is how they’re entertained. Imagine if this is entertainment, how would the punishment be. Kabir takes the ball. They all have their balls and they copy Kabir. Kabir asks them all to sleep. They imitate him and sleep. Kabir sings a lullaby. Kabir says to the doctor, these are innocent people. Stop using them. You will tell everyone I am fine. Imagine if they all go in my control and work for me rather than you. But I am not like you. Neither am I weak.


Zara’s Nikah Monday 29th March 2021 Update: Qazi says to the DG Kabir isn’t any man. He’s the ex-deputy qazi of the city. I am still the Qazi of this city. This injustice against him is an insult to the Shariah court. Get the investigation done and get him out. He says we will start a medical investigation soon. Don’t worry. Qazi says come with me to the doctor. He says we would have to take permissions. Qazi says this would take too long. DG says yes we have to wait. Qazi says oh God please help Kabir.

Kabir is praying. The patients there try to hit him. They hit each other too. They start following Kabir. Kabir says oh God, please help them all. They’re innocent and helpless. The way you accepted our prayers, please help me complete my mission too. Please do mercy on us.
Zara says this letter shows his medical application for Kabir’s tests tomorrow. We will get him out and collect proof against Shahbaz. Qazi says but he burned all the proofs. Zara says but not our hope. I know two witnesses who are ready to help me. Seema says I hope that happens. Qazi says you both should go home now.

Kabir says God, you’re the only hope. A man walks towards him. Kabir says get us out of this trap. You will get us justice. The man is coming towards him with an injection. It’s the doctor. He gives Kabir the injection and says this injection would shoot your blood pressure. No test would be able to prove you normal after that. Kabir says God, you won’t let us lose. He faints.

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The next morning, the patients dance around Kabir and wake him up. Kabir’s head hurts. He says please stop. What is wrong with you? I had to pray. Today is the second day. I couldn’t wake up. His head hurts. He says it’s all because of you all. I.. He faints. The patient says he slept again. They laugh. The doctor calls the medical board and says you can do Kabir’s tests. He would be proved crazy.

Zara and Qazi are outside Sarpanj’s house. Qazi says where is he? It’s taking too long. I have to be there at Kabir’s tests. His phone is off. Sarpong comes there. Zara says we came to you last time and you promised to help us in Zara’s murder case. He says who Zara? I have never seen you. Shahbaz sees the video and laughs. He says who are you? Zara says what are you saying? I saved your grandson. You gave me the reports and said you will help us with your statement. Rukhsaar says to Shahbaz, can a man die from a dog bite? Shahbaz says it gets worse than death. The person barks like an animal. Rukhsaar says get Zara bitten by those dogs. I would love to see her bark. Zeenat says have some shame Rukhsaar. Shahbaz says no one needs your suggestions here. Zara says have some shame. Keep your word. Sarpanj says to Zara go from here or we will get our dogs after you. Qazi takes Zara from there.

Zara says to the warden I want to know about doctor Kishor. He says doctor Kishor is aborad. Zara says how much are you sold for? He says to talk to with respect. Qazi says it’s useless to talk to him, Zara.
Rukhsaar says to Zeenat why are you scared? She says I read a hadith, your kids pay for your sins. I want to make Aman a good man. Shahbaz says if you don’t want to help us that’s fine. But if you’re planning to go to the enemy’s side, I will be worse.

Kabir is being taken for medical. Zara says are there no good people in the world? There’s one way. Please let’s go. He says go where? I have to go to Kabir’s tests. I have to get him out of that hell. A guy comes to him and says your phone.. He says my phone? Zara shoves the phone and says it could be a conspiracy. A video plays on the phone. Kabir is taken for the tests. Shahbaz is always watching. The shove flashlight in his face. Kabir shouts turn off this light. He screams. The doctor says he is screaming and shouting because he’s mentally unstable.



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