Zara’s Nikah Friday 11 September 2020 Update

Zara’s Nikah Friday 11 September 2020 Update
Zara’s Nikah Friday 11th September 2020 Update

Zara’s Nikah Friday 11th September 2020 Update: On Zara’s Nikah Friday 11 September 2020 Update, Zara recalls Mishra murder and how Kabir said that she shouldn’t have gone there. Salma calls her. Zara comes down and sees police there. Inspector says we are arresting for killing ward boy. Zara says I didn’t do anything, Irfan tries to stop them but they take her away. it all turns out to be Zara’s dream, she gets scared.

Inspector finds ward boy’s body in the hospital. Imran and Ali are there. Imran says I am not scared, we have to do it. Inspector says toward boys that we have to see CCTV footage.
Imran and Ali come to footage room, they try to delete Zara’s footage. Imran sees inspector coming and hides. Inspector checks CCTV footage, he finds a girl in a burqa in footage and says this girl killed Nilofar and ward boy, it must be Zara, there is no one else in the footage, seems like the footage was tempered.

Imran says to Kabir that inspector Pande found footage, only Zara is in the footage, Kabir says its a trap for her.
Inspector comes to Zara’s house, he tells Irfan that ward boy who gave statement against Zara was killed last night, where was Zara last night? Zara was seen in CCTV footage. Kabir and Imran come there.

Kabir says that video is changed, only one woman is seen in the footage, the inspector says why you know that? did you temper with it? Kabir says I would have hidden Zara in the footage, this is a trap, there was no one else in the video, inspector says what about fingerprints? Kabir says someone put her fingerprints on poison bottle, you need to investigate. Inspector says we have started that and we will find proofs, he leaves.

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Salma asks Zara if she went to the hospital last night? Zara says yes to find proofs, Irfan asks why Kabir is helping her suddenly? Kabir says I care for her and I know she is innocent, Salma says if you care so much then why did you divorce her? Kabir says I dont have an answer right now for that, Salma says I dont know what you want. Irfan says you really think that someone is trapping Zara? Kabir says yes. Irfan says you might have to face powerful people like Hashmi, Kabir says I can fight anyone for Zara, he says to Zara that we have to remain separated, goodbye, he leaves. Salma says who is trapping our daughter? Irfan asks Zara to be careful, you can fall in the trap, she nods and leaves. Salma says why dont you scold her? Irfan says she needs our support now, she has to fight for herself now, God will make everything right.

The episode continued Zara’s Nikah Friday 11 September 2020 Update as Kabir says to Reema and Zara that criminals leave some proof behind, there might be some proof but we are unable to find, what happened that night? Zara says we were running behind ward boy, then we saw his dead body falling on us, some woman in burqa threw him at us and left. Kabir says we have to find that woman in a burqa, think how she looked? Zara recalls and says yes it was a man’s hand, Kabir says you mean that a man was in a burqa and killed Nilofar? it might be someone who wants to separate us. Zara says, Hashmi? Kabir says yes. Imran says he was taunting against Hashmi in eid function. Kabir takes out Hashmi’s picture, Zara looks at his right-hand man and says this man attacked us too. Kabir says it’s his right-hand man Zafar, he might have killed Nilofar, we have to catch and prove that Zara is innocent. Zara says we will prove that truth wins in 7 days. Kabir smiles, he holds her hand and hugs her.

Reema and Imran hide behind a tree. They are clicking photos of Zafar. Imran falls down. Reema takes the camera and takes his photos.

Kabir says to Zara and others that Hashmi exploits people using Islam. Kabir says I am sure Zafar came to the hospital in a burqa and killed Nilofar and ward boy. Zara says they are dangerous, they can kill anyone. Reema says how we will prove that Zafar did it? Imran says we have to make him wear burqa again, Zara says we have to create a situation where he will have wear burqa again, Kabir says yes and trap him when he is doing a crime, you are right Zara. Reema and Imran smile seeing them on one page and says love is happening.

Inspector checks CCTV footage of Nilofar’s murder and ward boys murder, he checks both and says they both have different walking style, Zara was present in the hospital when ward boy was murdered but she was not present when Nilofar was murdered if she was not present then how come poison bottle have Zara’s fingerprints? this footage has been tempered and I am sure Kabir did it as he wants to save Zara.

Zara says to Kabir that you cant do this, Kabir says someone has to take the risk, listen to my plan. He tells them some plan which is muted. Kabir says then we will catch Zafar red-handed, all look on.

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