Zara’s Nikah Friday 11 December 2020 Update Zee World

Zara’s Nikah Friday 11 December 2020 Update
Zara’s Nikah Friday 11 December 2020 Update

Zara’s Nikah Friday 11th December 2020 Update: On Zara’s Nikah Friday 11 December 2020 Update, The episode starts with Zara smiling while thinking about Kabir. Nusu goes to Azra and whispers that she seems too happy hearing about the guy. Zara asks Azra to come inside as she wants to speak to her.

Zara’s Ammi was making arrangements as her daughter will be back home after long. Ayesha and Alina come there. Ayesha cries that everything has changed, how Zara and Kabir will live without each other after tomorrow. Alina asks why this Khula was provided in the religion. Ayesha says it’s a woman’s right to take divorce from husband if she is unhappy. Alina tells Ayesha Kabir is in Mumbai and wants to meet Zara.

There, Azra speaks to Zara she seems extremely happy. Zara says she heard Kabir tell the nurse he has a relation with her, this brought a new ray of hope into her life and it seems all her one year long injuries are finally healing.
Zara’s mother asks Ayesha if it’s reasonable to remind the children of a one-year-old problem. Alina convinces her that they are spouses. Her mother says if Kabir wants to meet Zara, then she must first ask her Mami and Zara. The matter needs to be handled sensibly, she must take Zara’s consent if she wishes to meet Kabir or not. Alina asks her to call Zara and find out.

Zara tells Azra Kabir would never come to meet her. But she is happy that he at least cares for her. Azra was excited and tells Zara to go to Kabir herself, she must tell him how much she loves him. Zara replies she can’t even go and do that. Azra says they must speak to Dr Amina Rizvi, her mother about a consent. Zara didn’t want to tell her, Amina did a lot of counselling for her and took great care to bring her out of that depression, she can’t hurt her anymore. She now pulls her ears forbidding to reveal her secret.

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Zeenat asks the driver where he had taken Ayesha and Alina. Shahbaz was planning that tomorrow the Khula will be finalized. Zeenat says it won’t happen, they can’t part Kabir and Zara so easily. She says Ayesha and Alina have gone to Qazi’s house to save Zara and Kabir’s relationship.


Amina tells Zara that her mother, Salma called. Kabir is in Mumbai and wants to meet her. Azra gives a thumbs up. Amina tells her to think well then take a decision. She takes Nusu downstairs. Azra hugs Zara cheerfully. Zara was in disbelief that Kabir wants to meet her.

The episode continued on Zara’s Nikah Friday 11 December 2020 Update as Kabir comes out of the bath and gets a call from Alina. Alina says Zara is also in Mumbai, and wish to meet him. Kabir thinks for a while if Zara wants to meet him, then hurries. Kabir daydreams in the washroom when they enjoyed Pani Poori, while Zara stuffed one in Kabir’s mouth. She complained of his bushy beard. He turns his trimmer on, then daydreams about Zara snatching the trimmer.

There at home, Shahbaz questions Ayesha why he had gone to Qazi’s house. Ayesha says she wanted to tell Kabir that Zara was in Mumbai and wished to meet him; she sent the news to Zara that Kabir also wants to meet him.
Zara makes preparations for her meeting. She daydreams about Kabir snatching dresses off her hands, then selecting one for her.

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Shahbaz comes to meet Qazi Sahib in his cabin. He reminds Qazi, he is a member of Shariah Board and can meet him anytime. Qazi Sahib was annoyed at him. Shahbaz says he only came over to meet Irfan Siddiqui. Their attempts to keep Kabir and Zara away from each other have gone in vain. Kabir went to Mumbai and Zara and Kabir are about to meet there.
Zara comes outside the restaurant where Kabir was waiting. She knocks over the glass window. Kabir comes outside. Both looked away from each other, then Kabir forces her into a hug. Zara asks why he was late. Kabir says at least he is here. He then mentions she applied for Khula, he wonders if she can withdraw… Zara asks if he loves her. Kabir replies, a lot. He kisses her forehead while she hugs him.

Zara hugged the dress in the room and says their Khula won’t finalize. Azra teases if she is really going to meet Kabir. She dances around that the Khula has cancelled. Zara says she is, by the way, going only because Kabir invited. Azra teases she is wearing the favourite colour of Kabir. Zara shies away. Azra asks if she doesn’t feel butterflies in her stomach at her mention that Khula is cancelled.

This is the end of Zara’s Nikah Friday 11 December 2020 Update on zee world.

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