Young Dreams: Zee world movies (sapne suhane ladakpan ke )

Young dreams

A heads-up that Zee World started a re-run of Young Dreams Zee world (Saturday, 9th January 2021). It airs Mondays to Fridays (not Sundays!) at 17h00 for the full 109-episode season.

This series is a family drama based around two cousins: Gunjan, a vibrant 17-year-old child, who lives in Mumbai and Rachna, a conservative cousin.

The following is a series description, followed by a link to the teaser published during the series’ first run on Zee World:

The tragedy attacked the family when Mrs Gunjan Sneha died of cancer and Gunjan had to live with Rachna and its conservative family.

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Both Gunjan and Rachna have to adapt to lifestyle and Gunjan to each other, who always enjoy their freedom, find it difficult to adjust to this new restricted environment.


This is a love story, eternal friendship and new beginning and what starts when the tragedy ends with a strong friendship and family.

Young dreams are about celebrating adolescence because the two girls navigate their teenagers together, helping to face the pain that grows. And we soon found that each had something great for other teachings.

Gunjan helps Rachna realize the value and increase its belief. While he learned lessons about patience and solidarity from Rachna.

Rachna’s father, Dayal, is a tight family head that makes it difficult for these two young women to openly handle ordinary teenagers’ challenges.

This makes it difficult when love comes to knock both of these young women. Shail, Mrs Rachna, helped calm Dayal and maintain a peaceful family atmosphere.




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