Young Dreams Wednesday 24th March 2021 Update Zee World

Young Dreams Wednesday 24th March 2021 Update Zee World
Young Dreams Wednesday 24th March 2021 Update Zee World

Young Dreams Wednesday 24th March 2021 Update Zee World: On Young Dreams Wednesday 24 March 2021 Update, Rachna makes a sketch of KT and thinks about how KT saved her from the mob today as if she belongs to him.
KT thinks about Rachna.

Mayank puts medicine on Seema’s feet. He says Guru ji told him she will soon be alright. Gunjan comes with a bottle of hot water. Seema stammers saying she must go from here, Mayank will do it for her. Gunjan says she knows Seema is angry with her, Mayank has to prepare for his presentation she will take care of her.

Seema tells her to go into the kitchen. Mayank also says to Gunjan that cant she help seema by just going to the kitchen. Gunjan gets teary and leaves. Mayank gets an office call, it was his boss. He tells him that the company had to face some losses taking his performance for the last few months so they are terminating him. Mayank gets depressed and tells Seema he has been removed from his job.

Seema recalls Guru ji saying wherever this girl goes, will bring bad luck. And she is the one hindering his jobs. Seema says they will go to Guru ji tomorrow. Mayank says he will first go to the office as he has been irresponsible and will go to Guru ji after office. Seema tells him not to tell this to anyone even Gunjan.
Guru ji says Mayank’s job is in trouble. He was getting ready, a man comes to tell him that Mayank’s mother called and he told her they can’t meet them today. He asks why he called his followers along with the media today. He says listen to his speech today, you will get all your answers.

KT was studying a file when he hears Rajiv calling Rachna. Rajiv and Rachna are in the workshop when the light goes off. Rachna worries about her work. Rajiv’s watch gets stuck in her dupatta, in a struggle to get rid of it the box of shimmer and party bloopers come down at them. KT sees this from behind.
Gunjan says this is unbelievable, when the Guru ji comes into their home something is going wrong. She checks for it on the internet.

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Seema comes to Ashram but the guard doesn’t let her inside. She sees Guru ji on an LCD.
Gunjan sees videos about Guru ji on youtube. She thinks these videos show he is a simple man, maybe some of his followers might be exploiting him.
Guru ji says till now 9 Maha Devi’s came on the earth. Soon 10th Maha Devi is coming to the earth and will give her blessings to his followers in this Ashram. Seema gets worried at this and follows him hidden from the guards. She comes to his feet. She asks why he didn’t let her in. He makes her stand and tells her to come along.

KT and Rachna come across. She says I am sorry I got late due to work and Rajiv sir. I must go now. KT says if she doesn’t like work, she should tell him. He says look at the time, they should have reached to a photoshoot by now. He says he thought you will be different but I was wrong. He notices her worried. He sees Rajiv coming and says to Rachna if she has time to come she can. Rajiv asks what’s the matter that Rachna is crying. KT says you must not talk in between employee and boss; saying anything to him would be impolite. After he leaves Rajiv asks Rachna what the matter is. She says nothing.

Guru ji says to Seema that I know everything that Mayank lost his job and this will continue to happen as I said. This is the result of that bad’s image with him. She says today the 10th Devi is coming, how can we not be there to take her blessings. She says she will not leave following him; he should get her rid of that bad image. He rubs his hand and produces something, then jerks his hand and produces a paper. He says there are some instructions on this paper you should make your daughter-in-law do.

Young Dreams Wednesday 24th March 2021 Update Zee World: Gunjan is in her room thinking about what Mayank said that she should have apologized Guru ji. Seema comes to the room and is shocked to see Gunjan. She changes her tone and asks you here? Gunjan says yes, I am in my room. She says she thought you were in the kitchen with Sangeeta. She tells her she had a headache so shayl is helping with the cooking. She recalls she came here to ask her for the foot ointment from Mayank’s drawer. When Gunjan gives her the ointment she says she has no pain now, she has to talk to her. But first Gunjan might bring lemonade for her after which they will talk with patience. Gunjan goes to bring it.

Seema takes a black thread and ties it above the door. She then takes some black beads from paper and recalls Guru ji telling her these are steel beads which she should place under the pillow. As soon as the bad image comes into the room, the beads will turn to powder form. She places them there with shivering hands. Gunjan calls her from behind; Seema says you brought it so soon. She tells her to keep it she will have it later. Gunjan asks what she had to say. She says it was nothing important I will drink lemonade afterward.

Mayank comes calling Seema and says he brought sweet for her. She asks what it is. He says his job was saved; his boss gave him another chance. Gunjan is shocked to hear this. She says that’s great news Mayank but you didn’t tell me that your job was in danger. He begins to explain but Seema makes him go to the temple for blessings. Gunjan is worried and follows him but Seema stops her. She thinks she is always behind her son and goes to see the steel beads; she was shocked to see the beads had turned to powder.

Mayank and Gunjan come there playing, Mayank put sweet in Gunjan’s mouth and they both laughed. She thinks that Guru ji was right in saying this is Gunjan who is the black image in Mayank’s life. She says Guru ji you are great who saved my child’s job. She says she will now remove this image from Mayank’s side.
Guru Ji says it is straightforward, till our followers keep following us, we can earn. His follower asks had the bead crushed. He says the steel beads are made of chemicals that turn to powder upon little pressure and numbness. And Seema will then put all its blame on Gunjan. He asks how he is wasting time after Gunjan. Guru ji looks at him annoyingly, he says that girl insulted me in front of my followers, she will be taught a lesson.

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Rachna and Rajiv were going in the car. Rachna was upset as she recalls KT saying if she has the time and mood to come, she may come there. Rajiv says he doesn’t understand that the man who treats her merely like a worker, why she sheds her life for him. He says that in the job there is no relation to work. God knows what he thinks of you. She says and what she considers him doesn’t matter anything? She has for him… she stops. He asks what she has for him. She stammers while saying something then says after working for someone for so long, you become friends and respect the person. And I am a huge fan of his work, and what he thinks about her is not known to her. Rajiv says that I might not have come with you then, he might dislike it. Rachna asks why would he dislike it, you are going to help me and then you needed an outing.

Shayl tells Mayank to work whole-heartedly. Seema comes there and sees Gunjan standing with him. She comes to stand beside her. Gunjan says she was thinking to cook Mayank’s favourite food and asks if she has some special request; they hold each other’s hands. Seema takes Mayank’s hand in hers drags him to her side. They all get worried seeing this.
Shayl asks what happened, Seema says this all happened because of Guru ji. Mayank points Gunjan not to say anything.

She leaves to prepare for food. Seema stops her saying she must not enter the kitchen. They ask why she is saying this. Seema says she means she will cook for Mayank today. Gunjan smiles, Seema tell her to go rest but she says she will help her. Seema says we don’t need your help, so you mustn’t come inside. Seema tells Mayank to go and rest. Gunjan tells Shayl to see their blind trust. And Seema is crossing all its limits. Shayl tells her to give her some time, she will soon forget everything.

KT was preparing a model and keeps looking at the door. He points the cameraman to start the shoot. Gunjan arrives there; he keeps looking at her and is relieved. Rajiv also appears from behind which annoys him. Gunjan apologizes for being late. She goes to put her things and takes Rajiv’s bag and tells her to sit there.

KT watches Rachna running and preparing for work. She lights the candles and runs across the hall to match jewelry with each dress. Rajiv also looks at her. The fan makes her hair cover her face which KT removes with his hands. He realizes this all was his daydreaming. She turns to find something from the box; Rajiv sees this and comes to her. He takes her hand and says something to her. KT dislikes this. Rajiv gives her something from the box, Rachna is relieved while Rajiv caresses her. KT is in a bad mood.

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