Young Dreams Tuesday 9 March 2021 Update

Young Dreams Tuesday 9 March 2021 Update

Young Dreams Tuesday 9 March 2021 Update on zee world: On Young Dreams Tuesday 9 March 2021 Update, Dadi comes and asks Rachna how are you, the girl who was so busy designer till yesterday is free now. She asks her to come back to work as she wants to learn a lot about her work. Rachna says she loves her work but she cannot break the promise she did to her father and she had promised her father that she will leave the job after the show. Dadi asks is there any other reason behind it? She says she wants to tell her from her experience that if she is happy from the inside, she will make everyone happy. They hug each other.

KT was in the workshop. Dadi comes in, he sees her and asks has she returned. She asks why he was worried. He says he is just worried about his work. Dadi says she can understand, when your assistant leaves the job, n becomes helpless. KT denies her opinion saying it’s her loss; he will manage anyway. He sneezes. Dadi gets worried that now you will get the fever as well, how will she go to Kanpur? She tells him that she gave the cheque to Rachna, and tells him she had kept the fruits and vegetables in the fridge.

He asks did she say upon getting the cheque. She says nothing, but she will no more come to work. If he wants her to come back, he should call himself. He says he doesn’t care if she comes or not. Dadi whispers that you agree or not, it makes difference to both of you.
A rickshaw stops at the acting school, a veiled woman comes in. Pihu asks Vicky that they can be good friends, he breaks the strap of her purse with force and shouts that why is she announcing the label today. He says her husband came last night and told her things due to which she has become a fan of him. Pihu warns him not to say anything wrong about her husband, but he asks where he was until today if he is too good. The veiled woman comes in, lifts up the veil. It was Gunjan.

Pihu runs away, Vicky follows her. She gets in the rickshaw and leaves. Gunjan gives her foot in Vicky’s way and he falls on the floor. Gunjan’s veil flew from the air, Vicky tries to see her but she turns around and ties the veil again. Prabhu brings vegetables to the kitchen. He asks Sangeeta wasn’t anybody in the neighbors’ house. She tells him that Mosi g had gone to Kanpur. He hands her some letters for them.

Rachna was also in the kitchen and gets worried. KT was doing the gym at home, thinking why he let her go. Rachna thinks she must go and see where KT is. She comes to Shayl and tells her she is going to give the letters to KT. Pihu comes to the house and runs straight to the room hiding her shirt at the shoulders where it had torn. Shayl gets worried. Seema and Sangeeta were also there.

Young Dreams Tuesday 9 March 2021 Update: KT was still in the gym, Rachna pushes the door. It was open, she comes in and goes to KT’s room. He was aggressively exercising. He looks at her and asks how she came here? She says she came to give the post, he didn’t pick up her call, so she came to drop it here. He closes his eyes and gets faint. She lifts him on her shoulders to prevent him from falling.

Shayl comes into Pihu’s room. She closes the door as she sees her crying hard. She asks what happened worriedly. Pihu tells her that it was all going but it went wrong today. Shayl gets worried and asks what happened. She tells her there is a guy in her acting class, Vicky! Shayl asks what he did. She shows her the torn shirt. Shayl thinks she believed in Vicky and he is going out of the way. She says how dare he, and calls Vicky. She disconnects and thinks she should not call him in front of Pihu.

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She tells Pihu not to cry. Bauji calls Shayl from downstairs, Pihu asks her not to tell anything to him anything. She promises and goes downstairs. She places her phone at the dining table; Gunjan picks it up and checks the call list. She thinks why was Shayl saving Vicky’s number. She is hiding something from everyone.


KT was about to fall when Rachna gets hold of him. She gets worried he has a high fever and tries to wake him up. She gives him water and calls the doctor. In his unconsciousness, he holds her hand and asks why you left me, breaking my heart, I keep thinking about you all the time, seeing you everywhere; I love you. He half opens his eyes. Rachna thinks was this for her, she thinks was it for Sonal or her? She worries that he was getting hot. She frees her hand and leaves. KT says I love you Miss Garg but she wasn’t here. She gets medicine for him and makes him take it. She keeps wet cloth pieces on his forehead. He was saying why you did this to me Sonal.

Rachna thinks I was so dumb, I thought he was saying this all for her. She hoped he gets fine soon, and everything else gets better too.
Gunjan texts Vicky she wants to meet him soon. She thinks she is taking chance but let’s see what happens. Vicky reply’s I am in Pihu’s room, come and meet. Gunjan runs to Pihu’s room, she was shouting inside that I had told you not to come to me, why did you come then. Gunjan opens the door and shouts ‘Hey, you there?’ but there was Murli in her room. Murli explains he was asking Pihu to go to film today but she dint want to go.

He asks what he was calling him. She says she wanted to scold Rachna. Murli says it was their anniversary, of watching a film together. Rachna urges Pihu, Pihu thinks why spoil her evening due to that stupid boy and goes to get ready. Gunjan thinks why Vicky texted her so when he was not here.
Rachna thinks the fever is low. KT holds her hand, she tries to get rid of him but he was asleep.

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Shayl was thinking Vicky crossed his limits as she worked in the kitchen. Seema comes and says it is very good that Murli went in the morning and returned today so soon. She tells they were all with Shayl.

Rachna’s dupatta falls on KT’s face; he wakes up and finds her asleep on his hand. He wonders what she was doing here. He sits in the bed and releases her hand; there was a mark on her hand. He says sorry and wonders why she didn’t say anything or got her hand released. He thinks he doesn’t know what he said, but it is important for him to tell her he loves her.
Murli was telling Bauji that what about voting, they had to vote somebody. Pihu comes as she got ready. Shayl asks was she going somewhere. Murli says he was getting her for picture. Gunjan gets a text on Shyal’s cell phone that Vicky was outside. She runs to the door, and asks Shayl she will see to it but Shayl says it wasn’t a problem. As she opens the door, Vicky stood in front of her saying Namaste. He asks won’t she call him inside. She tells him to stay outside and asks why he was doing this all. Bauji asks who was there. She says no one is here. Vicky says that he is not an easy guy, that she will use him whenever he would want and leave him when not desired.

Gunjan comes to Bauji and asks how the tea was indulging them in talk. Murli takes leave and those stand up but Gunjan asks Pihu to make up her hair. Murli denies saying he liked her this way. They head towards the door, Shayl was still arguing with Vicky. Gunjan hits her foot with the stool and calls ‘Ouch!’ Murli and Pihu turn, and Vicky leaves from behind. She says she is okay and they greet Shayl to leave. Shayl was sweating because of worry. Gunjan smiles and Shayl.Vicky peeks Shayl from the window telling her that he will call her. he was worried.

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