Young Dreams Sunday 14 February 2021 Update

Young Dreams Sunday 14 February 2021 Update
Young Dreams Sunday 14 February 2021 Update

Young Dreams Sunday 14th February 2021 Update: On Young Dreams Sunday 14 February 2021 Update, Bindia tells Aadi to be careful, that only Seema gets this. The doorbell rings, Shayl receives the parcel. Bindia peeks from behind the wall, Rachna calls Shayl. Bindia comes and says she will receive the parcel. Golu comes and snatches the parcel from her hand and runs. Gunjan comes and takes the parcel, which said Garg House. She was about to open it, when gets Mayank’s call. Bindia says she will give the parcel, Gunjan thanks her and leaves with Golu. Bidia watches Seema and tells her about it.

Seema says she must open it, Bindia says it is for their house. Seema opens the parcel, the letter in it was from Aadi and read that he is returning what she left of herself at his house because then that was her house as well. There were night dresses in it, Seema recalls whatever Aadi had said to them. Bindia smiles, as Seema collects all the things in the parcel and leaves the hall.

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Mayank knocks at the door of Gunjan’s window. Prabhu and Dayal come there, they tease him and asks what he is doing here. He has to wait till they get married. Mayank makes up that he came here by mistake. Dayal sends him to his room.
Bida reads the letter, in Seema’s room. She reads ‘Gunjan, I am keeping your memories to me, but I can’t keep your clothes, as they will make me worried ’. Seema tears the letter and says this is all a lie. Prabhu comes there, Seema hides the parcel. He asks who sent the parcel; she says her music sent it for her. She asks Prabhu to finish his work first, Prabhu watches the end of the nightdress and asks Seema is this what she got. Seema says this is hers; he must have no concern about it. Bindia leaves the room.



Young Dreams Sunday 14 February 2021 Update: Gunjan comes to the room’s door, but Rachna stops her and says till wedding she can’t meet Mayank. Mayank knocks on the door and tells Rachna to open it as it is urgent. Shayl has sent him here. Gunjan bucks Rachna up, she opens the door but Shayl comes to Mayank. She asks what he is doing outside the girl’s room. Rachna doesn’t open the door, Shayl sends him away. Mayank watches through the window and tells Rachna she is his enemy.
Next morning, they put henna on Gunjan’s hand. Golu says he wants to put on henna too. Rachna says they will put it on his wedding too. Rachna calls Bindia nearer.

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Rachna attends Mayank’s call, and says the line is busy right now. Gunjan is annoyed, Rachna says this will ruin her henna. Bindia gets an idea and says to Rachna she has an idea to make it possible. She takes Gunjan’s phone and says they can’t talk to each other. This will enhance Mayank’s romance. Gunjan says she can’t keep her phone, as her friends and papa also call him. Bindia says she will give her phone, in such a situation.
Bindia calls Aadi and tells him about an idea.

Young Dreams Sunday 14 February 2021 Update: Seema thinks that her Gunjan can’t do any such thing. She closes the door of her room, and watches Bindia standing outside. Bindia says she wanted to see if she was alright. Seema says she is fine, and calls Bindia inside. She asks her to keep the parcel thing as a secret. Bindia promises her. She wishes every girl gets a mother in law like her, and praises Gunjan’s luck. She asks to hug Seema, and places Gunjan’s mobile on the bed. Seema sits on the mobile, then thinks this is Gunjan’s phone. It rings there and then. IT was Aadi, he says she must listen to him once, doesn’t she love him and isn’t his love true. He wants her to stay happy, he will live with her memories of the most romantic nights they had spent together. Seema disconnects the call.



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