Young Dreams Monday 8 March 2021 Update

Young Dreams Monday 8 March 2021 Update
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Young Dreams Monday 8 March 2021 Update on zee world: On Young Dreams Monday 8 March 2021 Update, Shayl comes inside and sees Gunjan standing at the door. She hides the paper in her hand beneath the clothes and heads inside. She says a man was asking about the way. Gunjan thinks that man was surely Vicky; he wanted to find out Pihu’s house. She must tell Shayl about her.

She tries to tell her but Shayl scolds her that she had already told her a man was asking about the way. Gunjan’s chacha ji comes asking shayl who she was talking to. Gunjan says she was just checking was the door locked. The doorbell rings. Chacha ji opens the door. Shayl thinks to be it not Vicky, but it was Murli.

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Everyone comes out shocked why he had come so late. Murli says sorry to disturb you people so late, he says his scooter got out of order but he said he should… Gunjan suggests ‘spend the night here.’ She thinks it is a golden opportunity, someone must ask him to stay. Bauji says sure, you should stay here like your own house.

Gunjan says she will adjust the bed, she asks Rachna that she will sleep with her, Pihu and Murli can take her and Mayank’s bedroom while she requests Mayank to stay in the hall. Shayl says that the regulator of the fan in the hall is out of order, so Mayank and Murli should stay in Mayank’s room while Gunjan, Rachna, and Pihu should share one room. She asks Murli was it ok. He says yes, he doesn’t want to trouble anyone. Everybody was suspicious; while Pihu was happy.

Seema tells her husband that shayl goes out of the way, why Mayank and Gunjan sacrifice for saving Pihu’s wedding. He says Pihu is also their beloved daughter, and Gunjan and Mayank were willing to give their rooms themselves.
Shayl listens to this from the window. Her husband comes from the front and asks why she did this. Shayl says that she doesn’t want that everything goes wrong in the hurry of one night only. Pihu asked for time and she wants to give her her time. Her husband tells her that Pihu will have to go back home anyway.
KT was in the workshop, looking at the setup in which Rachna used to work. He imagines Rachna working there. He opens her drawers and finds God’s Murti in it.

He remembers her reminding him about every detail of his work. He throws the markers and says what you think of yourself, I can’t work here without you, you wait and watch I will work with you.
He sees Rachna coming inside. She says she is just his assistant, success is in one’s own hands. He tells her to keep her dialogues with her. He comes to the desk in frustration that there is no pen or paper. She gives him one and tells him it was decided that she had to go one day. He tells her how he got used to her and depended upon her for all his work and you left me before I could say that I love you. He closes his eyes. He was still holding the markers, his eyes closed. He opens them, sees Rachna was never there.

Gunjan was worried in the room; Rachna notices this and asks her the reason. She teases her that she got so upset in just one night away from Mayank. Gunjan smiles and goes out telling her she’ll be back in a while. Pihu gets a text message. It was from Vicky who said ‘meet me outside now’ Gunjan comes to Shayl’s room but it was locked. She thinks she will be angry if she knocks, she will have to talk to her in the morning. Rachna calls Pihu to come as the bed was ready. Pihu says she is going to change the water in the jug. She runs outside the house. Gunjan sees the window door open, she peeks outside and wonders ‘Pihu’.

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Pihu was telling Vicky she told him she can’t meet him this late, you are creating a lot of trouble for her. He says you are making my life more difficult as I cannot live without you. Vicky comes close to her. Gunjan says this is disgusting, he came to meet her but saw Shayl aunty and turned back. She wonders why Pihu was not resisting her. Pihu tells Vicky that she will be in great trouble if anyone sees her here and tells him to leave. She comes inside, while Vicky goes on his bike. Gunjan closes the window and thinks she must get Pihu’s classes closed.

Shayl is praying in front of Tulsi plant. Pihu comes to her, she asks why did you wake up so early. She complains she couldn’t sleep for the whole night, whose idea was this to keep him here. Shayl remembers Gunjan saying this. Pihu says and Gunjan wanted me to stay with him in a single room, it would have been better to kill me. Shayl scolds her for talking nonsense and tells her everyone wants her betterment. She asks why they all want to push her to the place where she doesn’t want to go to? She leaves, Shayl says that with the disturbance in Pihu’s mind she thinks everything will get well and asks for Gunjan’s success. She comes to the temple, and prays for forgiveness for telling lies, she just wants to the happiness of her daughter and cannot tell anyone about Vicky.

She asks for forgiveness again. Gunjan comes from behind, and prays that Shayl is her mother, she always wants the good of them all but she wants Pihu’s future with her husband than that Vicky. She must tell Shayl the truth, and she asks for the strength.

Young Dreams Monday 8 March 2021 Update: Shayl turns around and was shocked to see Gunjan, she leaves but Gunjan says that she wants to talk to her. She says that though Pihu needed space and Shayl provided her with that space this is enough, they should end the acting classes now. Shayl asks what the problem with that is. Gunjan says that the environment there is not good. Shayl scolds her that when Pihu is comfortable there and Murli also knows about it now what’s the problem then. She asks why she told him to stop yesterday night when Pihu wants to stay here alone for some time. She says Gunjan thinks a lot about the matters that don’t concern her, she should leave this habit. She goes away while Gunjan was speech-less.

At the breakfast table, Gunjan announces she has got hot parathas but Shayl ignores her and calls Sangeeta for bringing more parathas. Everyone notices. Gunjan tells shayl she has got them here but she again ignores them and goes in the kitchen. Gunjan jerks comes to Mayank, and serves him pickles. He asks her to sit and have breakfast and asks her what was going on between her and Shayl. Pihu comes and folds a paratha for herself and begins to leave.

Shayl says why she was in a hurry when Pihu says she is already late for class and leaves. Gunjan gets up, but sees Shayl and sits down again. Murli thanks everyone for the breakfast and leave. He comes behind Pihu and calls her back, he asks her to go with him as he will drop her. She says he does not know where her acting school is, he says he knows about it, it lies in his way and insists her to come along with him.

Vicky was seeing them from behind the bush. Pihu says that if he gets late, his mother will create a scene so she should better go herself and leaves.
Pihu comes to the corner of the street and says she does not understand what to do and what not to. Vicky comes on his bike and asks her to sit on the bike. She begs him to leave her alone as she is already very confused. He asks is that confusion called husband. Murli comes outside; a passerby stops him to ask for an address. He apologizes. Meanwhile, Vicky says he is not afraid of anyone and will make her sit on his bike today. She sees a rickshaw, stops it and Murli sees her hurriedly sitting on it.

Gunjan getting ready in her room thinks, I just hope Pihu is not serious with that Vicky; she will have to take care of him, as Shayl is also not ready to listen. She was leaving when Mayank comes in and asks what’s the matter, she says she was just getting late for college and begins to leave. He tells her she has missed wearing one of her earrings. She asks him to put it on, as he does he tells her to give Pihu some space now.
Vicky sees Pihu in the acting school, he says sorry to her for being a bit weird at her house. He says he didn’t feel good to see her husband. He asks her did he stay there the last night. Pihu says she doesn’t want to talk to anyone now and sits on a bench. Vicky comes to sit beside her and holds her hand. She reminds him she is already married and is very confused right now, but he asks her if she is thinking to back to that boring husband of hers? She tells him not to pressurize her anymore.

The director comes in and announces Z TV’s new show Cine Star Hunt. Pihu gets excited about it. Anyone between 18 to 40 years of age can register for it and give an audition for it in Delhi on 26th April. He says that the next and more important announcement is that Pihu and Vicky are playing the roles of Heer and Ranjha respectively in their next play.
Shayl was in the kitchen, somebody keeps a hand on her shoulder. It was Dadi, she asks a mother of daughters like Rachna and Gunjan is afraid of my touch. Shayl says she was just shocked. Shayl tells her to go sit inside but she says she just came to give Rachna her cheque and her house keys. Shayl asks was she going anywhere? She was going to Kanpur for her a wedding and asks her to take care of Kabir as he remains so busy in his work. She says now Rachna is also not there. Rachna sees the cheque and recalls the moments spent there. Shayl tells Dadi not to worry.

Pihu was repeating the dialogues ‘getting you is life, losing you is death, I will ask you from God or steal you, he doesn’t have a pearl-like you’ Vicky says ‘this love is not easy, just understand that there is a fire river and you have to swim on it.’ He says they have to practice together, but Pihu asks her for some space. He holds her hand. She resists asking what misbehaviour this is. He gets rude saying he doesn’t care if she is married or not, he does and will continue loving her.

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