Young Dreams Friday 5 March 2021 Update

Young Dreams Friday 5 March 2021 Update
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Young Dreams Friday 5th March 2021 Update on zee world: On Young Dreams Friday 5 March 2021 Update, Pihu glances at Murli’s handsome styles. Gunjan reminds Mayank about their next plan; she whispers something in chacha ji’s ears. He asks Mayank to get coffee for them. Gunjan says she will also go with them. As she gets up, she gets her foot twisted. Mayank asks chacha ji to excuse him for Gunjan got hurt. Murli offers he will get the coffee. He was about to leave when Seema urges Pihu to go with him as he was going alone. Pihu reluctantly goes forward with him. Sangeeta exclaims ‘so this was the plan!’. They all cheer. Gunjan gets Rachna’s call; she listens to her and takes Mayank to go with her.

The waiter tells Pihu and Murli that coffee was forbidden inside. He bring them both a cup, they starts drinking. Murli asks her if sugar was alright, she asks if hers had the right amount of milk. He appreciates that she looked good in her dress. She appreciated his attempt to wear jacket. He says he just tried to look her type while going out with her. He asks her to come back home. She gets annoyed asking that he has changed, not his mother. What will she get coming back, again that boring life? She says he cannot change anything and leaves.

They host announces the collection of second contestant that was Vicky. Pihu comes back and sits. Murli follows her and takes his seat. Shayl gets it that something was wrong between them. Dadi says that he should now leave, so that they can see her ‘nanha’s’ collection. Sonal comes telling them that their wait was useless. She apologizes dadi for not being able to do anything right now. Dadi tells her to talk clearly. She says that Rachna had sold KT’s collection in hands of Vikram and now KT had nothing to show-case. Dadi leaves to see KT. Bauji says it was not possible, Sonal insists. Pihu starts to fight for her sister that she cannot do it even in 10 lifetimes. Sonal shouts at them all saying that Rachna had come here after Holi to take revenge from KT. Seema and Sangeeta hits Sonal. Seema says they all know Sonal was the one behind all this. She was about to be hit by Seema when Shayl stops her and Sonal leaves. They all go looking for Rachna.

Young Dreams Friday 5 March 2021 Update: Dadi comes to KT. He says sorry to her. she says her grand-son’s face head was never bent. She says he will always remain a winner, you should face the disaster. He says he has already lost; he apologizes for letting her down in her city. She says he should be self-consious. He takes her hands saying thankyou.
The host announces Kabir’s name. He tells dadi he will have to go on stage. Vikram says he must be hiding in a corner. Rachna’s family was also worried. Kabir appears on stage, every one applause him. He says ‘Good evening ladies and gentle men, thanks for this much respect, but today I am not eligible for this respect…’ The mike stops working, the lights goes off. Rachna appears on the stage. KT thinks what she now wants. From the back of her appear a whole lot of performers; she nods at KT reassuring. The lights of stage go completely off and the performance begins. Ladies in traditionally Banarasi outfits and men on wheel-chairs dance beautifully. The performance gets standing ovation by judges. Everyone appreciated KT is always known to do something different and today he proved it. He sees Rachna crying, having tears in his own eyes.

Everyone applauded for the performance. Rachna comes to KT and hand him a paper to read and leaves hurriedly. He sees the paper and holds the mike. Sonal and Dadi watched in shock. KT begins to says ‘You we and our pitch- who we are friends with and who are important to us, but for me true friends and winners of this earth are these special friends of us. They are the ones who truly wants to win in spite of lacking an ear, hand or leg; because they have got beautiful hearts to love the mother earth. I dedicate my collection to these people. ’ The judges notes his points and appraises him. Shayl was crying in joy, while Dadi watched curiously. KT watched Rachna at the back-stage praying continuously and conducting the walk by special people. Sonal and Vikram were worried. whiile Gunjan was also teary as the crowd applauded the ramp walk.Gunjan was also crying in joy, as the crowd applauded the efforts. KT thinks how did Rachna did this all.

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Rachna thought about how she had arranges all this and called Mayank and Gunjan who helped her backstage. A deaf and dumb girl wants to say something; the interpreter speaks while she act introducing herself and thanking them for calling them to the show. The judges and the crowd were continuously appreciating them. KT thinks the girl who can go to this extent to save his reputation, can never sell his designs. He says he took Rachna wrong. His performance got a standing ovation from the crowd.

Everybody appreciates him personally as well. The special people thanks Kabir for providing them with an opportunity to come on stage. They dedicate a performance to him. It was on the Qawaali ‘khwaja mere khwaja’, performed using wheel chairs. After the performance Kabir was called on stage. He had to wipe his tears before going there. He received another standing ovation from the judges. He bent down hand in hand with special people. Dadi tells shayl to see how their children worked the problem out. Shayl says she didn’t know her Rachna was so courageous and KT out shone her work. Gunjan congratulated Rachna who says it was their combined effort. The host announces they could never think about such an interpretation as Kabir did. He appreciates him for always coming with novel ideas. He announces to go for the results now.

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Sonal came running to KT as he got surrounded by the press. Sonal spoke for him while he was thinking about Rachna – how she had trained each and every performer. Sonal announces their engagement telling press they were going to get married maximum by next month. KT closed his eyes. Rachna was dancing on the stage with other girls. She waves KT, he comes on stage to her and says I love you Miss Garg! She says ‘I love you too KT!’ Everyone on stage claps as she places her head on her chest. . He opens his eyes and locate Rachna seeing him. He thinks why he didn’t realize before that he loved her. He thinks what he was doing, getting engaged to someone and loving someone else.
The host announces they have got the results.

Everyone shouts KT’s name. The host announces The winner is Mr. KT. He goes to stage. Rachna and his team celebrate the victory. Dadi greets him on his way and hugs him. As he goes, Dadi sees Sonal and goes to her asking was she not happy. She says she is very happy. Dadi says you don’t seem so; or you are also convinced by Rachna’s intelligence. Mayank appreciated his sister’s intelligence and creativity in front of Gunjan. The performers thank her while she thanks them for being there in time. KT receives the award, he looks at Rachna.

Here comes the end of Young Dreams Friday 5 March 2021 Updateon zee world.

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