Wednesday Update On Young Love 22 January 2020

Young Love Teasers April 2020
Young Love Teasers April 2020

This is Wednesday Update On Young Love 22 January 2020.

Wednesday Update On Young Love 22nd January 2020 

Niranjan and Gehna taking shelter in a hut after they get drenched in rain water.Bawra sa mann plays………..Niranjan gives handkerchief to Gehna to wipe her hairs. Gehna laughs. Niranjan says it is wet. He asks her to sit near the fire. She sits near the fire, but still feels cold. She asks Niranjan to sit as well. Both of them stare at each other.

Daddu and others talk about their outing to farm house. Daddu asks where is Anoop. Anoop says he went to bring gifts for everyone. Subhadra asks about the reason. Anoop says his foreign client have approved an order. He gives gift to Daddu. Daddu thanks him. He indirectly taunts Alok. Subhadra says she hopes Alok too bring the gifts for her very soon. Alok realizes Anoop is taunting him and leaves. Anoop gives the gifts of Alok and Ira to Daddu. Daddu tells him that Alok is very happy with his success. Anoop says I don’t think so. Subhadra checks her saree and smiles.

Dadisaa asks Niranjan, did you see our farm and land. Niranjan says yes and praises Dadisaa. Jagya asks did you have anything? Niranjan and Gehna recall about their romantic outing and have an eyelock.

Everyone is happy to see them. Dadisaa smiles. Niranjan finds his shirt button missing. Gehna sews the button. Niranjan holds her hand and takes her to bed. They consummate their marriage.

Anoop shows the tshirt in the newspapers and tells Alok about it. Alok says it is different color tshirt. Amol brings the boxing gloves from the store room.

Daddu says it is Alok and Anoop’s gloves. He reminiscences their school days. Amol asks who was the winner. Alok says Anoop. They reminiscence their happy childhood days. Shiv whispers something in Anandi’s ears.

He goes to Amol and takes the boxing gloves. Amol says he wants to play. Anoop and Alok help them. They start boxing. Anoop says foul. Alok asks what are you doing. Shiv says we can’t concentrate on game if you commenting on it.

Anandi asks Shiv to let Alok and Anoop play. Shiv says it is a good idea. Alok and Anoop refuse to play. Daddu motivates them to play. Alok and Anoop play the boxing game. Suddenly Anoop hits Alok while playing and gets concerned for him. Alok says it’s ok. Subhadra applaud for them. Anoop realizes his differences with Alok and goes to his room. Everyone looks tensed.

This is the end of Wednesday Update On Young Love 22 January 2020.

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