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Wedding Planners Thursday 16th December 2021: injured. He says let me see, stand by. She says its stinging. He says you got an injury, I will the shower, stand by. He really focuses on Preeti. She says its fine, we will rehearse. He says extraordinary soul, our dance will be great that Nandini will ignite with desire. She asks are we doing this dance to show her. He says OK, what else, no, I mean, we have great tuning and she will be desirous. She asks when will this opposition end. He says I m doing this to get Arjun, then, at that point, he will disappear from his mum, Nandini can see that Arjun is content with us, then, at that point, she will disappear. Preeti says fine.

Nandini moves in her room. She says I won’t leave you, your theatrics will end, you love me, you will have me in your arms in ball dance. KT and Preeti dance. She thinks KT is losing himself in this battle with Nandini. Priyanka chooses her dress. She says I got distraught since Neil welcomed me in the party, its simply a Christmas celebration. She misses her sisters. Juhi gets back home and looks steamed. Priyanka asks did you choose what to wear in the party. Juhi says we as a whole will not go. Priyanka inquires as to why, Neil and KT welcomed us, Preeti would be there. Juhi says we will not go. Kusum looks on.

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KT and Arjun play carrom. Preeti requests that Arjun see the garments. She says I got same garments for you both, did you like it. KT says its awesome, we will keep same haircut, we will look cool. Arjun says I won’t wear this. Nandini says he will wear what I get for him. Arjun expresses profound gratitude, I love it mother. KT requests him to wear his decision from garments. Arjun says sorry, I like mum’s decision. KT thinks I need to strive to get Arjun. Preeti says its fine, wear anything you like, KT won’t feel terrible, right. KT says OK. Arjun expresses profound gratitude, I got an outfit for mum, I will show you. He shows the outfit and says mother will look best. Sneha asks which outfit is Preeti wearing. Preeti says no. KT says I got an outfit for her, its her fav shading. Nandini says truly, show it. KT says see it in the party. He requests that Preeti come and see the outfit fitting. They go.

Wedding Planners Thursday 16th December 2021 Kusum sees Juhi crying and asks what occurred, tell it, for what reason did you deny from going to the party. Juhi says they caused me to understand that my mum isn’t mine now. She cries. Preeti inquires as to for what reason did you lie, I don’t wear outfits. KT requests that she quiet down. He says I remembered anything, you are agreeable in sarees, you look great likewise, simply wear an outfit on my colloquialism, I m your significant other, give me this right. Preeti says I know why you need me to wear it, on the grounds that Nandini is wearing an outfit, what’s this kiddish rivalry. He says no, I need my significant other to look the best, I will improve outfit than Nandini’s outfit. She says I won’t wear it. She goes. He says I have requested it.

Preeti comes to the room. She sees the outfit kept on the bed. KT prepares and comes. He asks how would I look. Preeti says you prepared, you look OK. He giggles. He says you can commend me, similar to I praise you. He praises her magnificence. He makes her wear a bangle and says I m commending you, on the off chance that you think I m saying it for Nandini, then, at that point, no, its from my heart. Ik tara… .plays…

Wedding Planners Thursday 16th December 2021: She says you look great. He says you will pick up praising with time, I will hang tight for you. She says sorry, I can’t wear this outfit. He says I told it before everybody, its your decision to keep my assertion or not. He leaves. She says you are consuming yourself while consuming Nandini with desire, I won’t allow you to do this, sorry, I m not Nandini, its better on the off chance that you know it soon, I won’t wear it. Kusum and her family come to meet KT. Kusum gets a decent gladly received. KT says Preeti would prepare and come. Preeti takes a saree from the cabinet and goes to change. Nandini takes the outfit and wears it. She says I will show Preeti her place.

Nandini locks Preeti. She hits the dance floor with KT in the party. Preeti looks on.


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