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Wedding Planners Sunday 19th December 2021: The Episode begins with KT holding Preeti and saying fine, kiss is a private second, there is nobody here, presently I will kiss you, you won’t stop me, I m your better half, you will carry out a spouse’s responsibility. Preeti cries and pushes him. She says you truly thing connection gets solid when two bodies meet, for what reason are you turning into the individual you’re not, converse with me, tell me, can you regard yourself, respond to me, then, at that point, I won’t stop you. She requests that he do anything, he needs spouse’s privileges. She requests that he come. KT goes towards her. She gets strained. He conceals her with the saree pallu. Ik tara… .plays… He says sorry. He falls on the bed. She really focuses on him and takes care of him. She thinks your decency is a lot, however Nandini’s contempt made you such, I guarantee I will get old KT back. She cries.

Its morning, KT awakens. Preeti gets apple and ginger juice. He recalls everything. He is sorry to her. She gathers sacks. He says don’t leave kindly, don’t go, pardon me. She says Arjun and you will Mount Abu to invest energy and know one another. He says you have thought well. She requests that he persuade Arjun, take him out for lunch, you let him know that you need to experience the time with him, Arjun will comprehend. He says thanks to her.

He says sorry, I won’t ever rehash my slip-up, I understand I fouled up, kindly excuse me. Neelima comes and requests that Preeti accompany her, they will have tea. Preeti goes with her. Neelima requests that she sit.

Wedding Planners Sunday 19th December 2021: She says something is going on each day that KT is embarrassed, the world knows it since you and KT have a couple’s connection, for what reason did you wed KT, you are not fitting in his life and our family, why are you here, when KT and Nandini were together, we had only satisfaction in this house, you returned fourteen days, I have seen a similar KT breaking, joy isn’t there in his face, he did a great deal for you, isn’t your obligation to bring him bliss, I need to see him glad, simply reestablish the joy in his life. She goes. Preeti thinks.

Wedding Planners Sunday 19th December 2021: Neil comes to meet Priyanka. She says I can’t show you now, I m not happy with Neelima’s reasoning, I don’t need anybody to affront Kusum and Preeti. He says don’t treat her words in a serious way. She says we have own regard, we can’t endure anybody offending it, better we end it here. Neil requests that she tune in. KT requests that Arjun come, they will visit another bistro. Arjun says good thought. He gets Nandini’s call. He asks are you fine, I will come. He says I need to go, mother took the vehicle you gifted me, a mishap occurred, she got into a battle with the biker. Preeti says we will go there. KT and Preeti leave. Nandini pays the men and request that they start the show. The man gets into mischief with her. She says I will pay for the misfortune, I will give cash, leave my hand. KT and Preeti come and look on. KT beats the man. The men get him. The man asks who is she, for what reason do you give it a second thought. KT says she means the world to me. Nandini grins.

KT slams the men. They flee. Nandini quiets him down. KT sees Preeti and goes. Nandini says you have seen my place in his life, I will be back in his life.

Nandini says I need to make Preeti out of KT’s life, then, at that point, I can draw close to KT. She sees Preeti and acts to cry. She inquires as to whether he cherishes Nandini. KT says I have simply cherished Nandini. Preeti says KT loves you, you ought to get a possibility. Nandini asks will you leave from his life. Preeti says OK.


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