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Wedding Planners Monday 20th December 2021: The Episode begins with Nandini saying I will be with KT very soon. Preeti gets pitiful. KT takes a gander at her. They return home. Arjun asks Nandini are you fine. Nandini says OK, express gratitude toward God your father came on schedule and saved me. Arjun says thanks to KT. He says mother consistently dealt with things alone, I need you and mother to get together. Neelima says direct relations are the nearest. KT goes out and gets pitiful. Preeti comes to him and does the guide. She really focuses on him. Hamari adhuri kahani… .plays… . She asks who is Nandini to you. He says sufficient guide now. She asks him once more. He says you are my significant other, I don’t have to talk anything more, I couldn’t care less. She says I do think often about your sentiments, I need to know it, can we maturely work out, don’t flee.

He says when individual necessities to lie, it implies truth shouldn’t come out. She says however you disdain lies, where will you discover a lasting sense of harmony by lying, do you love Nandini. He asks what are you saying. She requests that he swear on her and say it, does he love Nandini even today. He says I don’t have the foggiest idea about reality myself, I have cherished her the most, perhaps I can’t adore any other individual, this is my reality. She gets stunned. He goes. She cries. Thodi jagah dede mujhe… .plays… She considers KT. Neil calls Priyanka. She separates. He inquires as to for what reason do I feel anxious when she isn’t conversing with me.

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Wedding Planners Monday 20th December 2021: Preeti says I have lost Kusum, KT loves Nandini, not me. Kusum says this can’t occur, he can’t cherish that Naagin, she is definitely not a decent human. Preeti says KT feels leaned towards her, he adores her, I separated them. Kusum says don’t forfeit your connection, Nandini didn’t return for adoration or spouse, however for something different. KT goes to Nandini. He says its a lot of your theatrics now, I m tired, my significant other is upset, its better you take off from my home, I got you here on Arjun’s words, simply go. He hauls her out. Everybody looks on. Preeti says I will talk later. She closes call and goes to stop KT. She says Arjun will see and feel awful. KT says I will deal with him, I was quiet a direct result of Arjun. Nandini thinks its the right possibility. She descends the steps. She blacks out.

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Wedding Planners Monday 20th December 2021: Arjun comes and stresses for her. She gets treated. Arjun calls the police home. Nandini says Preeti needed to kill me, she has pushed me down, see I m so hurt, capture her. Arjun says OK, Preeti is desirous that KT will get back to us. Preeti thinks Nandini is lying, I need to keep silent, else she will fault KT. KT says its an untruth. Nandini says capture her. Preeti gets captured. Shivraj requests that Neil call the magistrate. Auditor says we need to carry out our responsibility. KT stops him. He says leave my significant other, its not her misstep, Nandini tumbled down as a result of me. Neelima asks what. He says OK, I had pushed Nandini. Preeti says no, he sat idle, I did it. KT says I did it, capture me. Nandini thinks they are all set to prison to save one another. KT says I held Nandini’s hand, capture me. Nandini figures I did a misstep by calling police. Nandini stops them.

Nandini says I need to make Preeti away from KT’s life. She does a show when she sees Preeti. Preeti says I will go from KT’s life.


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