Twist Of Fate Wednesday 20th May 2020 Update


Twist Of Fate Wednesday 20th May 2020 Update

The episode starts with Daadi happily meeting her cousin sisters. They start joking with each other. Her sisters say daadi that she is looking young day by day and says when she gets her great grandchildren, she will become 35 years old from 65 and ask her to call their bahu.

Twist Of Fate Wednesday 20 May 2020 Update

Daadi ask them to meet the bride first. Sisters joke that Aaliya used to have runny nose in her childhood. They then see Abhi and Pragya coming down and say they look a perfect happy couple. Abhi holds Pragya tightly, she asks why is he showing so much affection. He says he is doing it for daadi’s sake.

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They both then touch daadis feet and their head strike. Abhi scolds Pragya at first and then changes his tone and says he cannot see her in pain. Daadi says strikes their head thrice and says if they do that, they will be together forever. Abhi jokes if that is the case, he feels he should strike Pragya’s head repeatedly and break her head.

Taiji sees Purab and asks about his relatives. He says they are busy and cannot come. She tells him about Akash becoming Abhi’s manager and asks him to Akash and congratulate him. He is shocked to hear that and walks fast to meet Abhi, but clashes with Bulbul. She asks him if he cannot watch and walk, he says he did not see her and thanks her for coming. She says she came for Pragya.

Aaliya sees them together and asks Purab to go in and meet daadi’s cousins. Once he goes, she asks Bulbul if she was trying a change on her fiance. Bulbul asks her to mind her tongue and they both start a verbal spat. Aaliya goes in saying it is her engagement and she does not want to spoil her mood.

Twist Of Fate Wednesday 20th May 2020 Update

Daadi greets in Sarla’s family and takes them to meet her cousins. They meet each other. Abhi says Pragya’s daadi is her favourite and she is rockstar daadi. Cousin daadi gifts him bangle. He asks how can he wear that. She asks him to make his wife wear it and forces him to do so. Abhi twists Pragya’s hands and says it is not going in. Daadi asks him to do it with love. Tanu sees that and gets annoyed. Cousin daadi jokes Abhi to keep his hand on Pragya’s shoulder as she is his wife.

Daaadi asks her cousin to stop pulling Abhi’s leg and takes her to meet other guests. Abhi says they have to act like a perfect couple and hugs her. Tanu angrily asks Pragya whatg was happening there. She ways whatever she saw and goes from there. Tannu gets annoyed hearing that.

Bulbul meets Pragya. Pragya asks why did she come in Purab’s engagement. She says she came on Sarla’s insistence. Pragya says she won’t be able to see it. Bulbul says she can see her happy at least and they both exchange their clutch bag.

Twist Of Fate Wednesday 20th May 2020 Update

Pragya’s cousin brother start staring at girls. Purbi and Bulbul scold her to stop staring girls. He sees Tanu and asks them to introduce him to her. They say they will inform Sarla and Pragya. He says he will inform them instead that they are teasing him.

Daadi asks Abhi to call Pragya. Abhi thinks hope he could keep Pragya out of engagement, but calls her on daadi’s insistence.

Engagement ceremony starts and panditji asks who will perform rituals from bride’s side. Daadi says Abhi and Pragya. Pragya starts the rituals. Abhi says he is happy seeing a girlfriend getting her boyfriend engaged to some one else. Bulbul thinks hope they start loving each other just liek they are together now.

Panditji asks who will perform rituals from Purab’s side. Purab says his uncle/aunty will come tomorrow. Daadi requests Sarla to perform rituals on Purab’s behalf. Sarla happily agrees and asks Bulbul to help her. Bulbul hesistantly helps her while Purab and Pragya sadly watch that. Sarla prays Aaliya to be with Purab happily forever.

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