Twist of Fate Wednesday 14th July 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Wednesday 14th July 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Wednesday 14th July 2021 Update Zee World: On Twist of Fate Wednesday 14 July 2021, The Episode starts with the fake Inspector asking fake Constable Shankar if everything was fine on the way. Shankar says someone was following us.

The fake Inspector tells that this is a Police house and nothing will happen here. He takes them to the ladies and tells that they are the special guest about whom, he talked to them. The girl says today is her sangeet. Abhi says today they got married. The lady tells that she has set the room for them. The fake Inspector takes them to the room and says I am going to the PS, and asks them to ask his mother and wife if they want anything. Pragya asks did you come to know about who has attempted to kill us. The fake Inspector says no and tells that they are very influential people and even stopped Police from doing duty.

Abhi asks until when we have to stay here. Inspector says till tonight and goes out. Just then Abhi gets a call from Purab and picks his call. Purab asks where is Pragya di? Abhi says she is with me. Purab tells that Sarita behen and Dadi are with him and asks him to say that he is fine. Abhi says I am fine. Pragya says I am fine. Abhi says why you said that you are fine and asks her to tell you that they are fine.

Pragya says they will understand and asks what happened? Purab tells that Dadi got worried as kumkum thaali fell down and they are afraid about the inauspicious thing. Pragya gets tensed too. Purab asks why they are not coming home. Abhi tells that they were romancing, he means doing romantic talks. Dadi asks them to come home. Abhi says if I come home, then you both will sit with Pragya, and then I will not get the chance to romance with her. He says they are in the hotel as suggested by Pragya. Pragya gets upset hearing his lies. They end the call. The Fake Inspector snatched the phone from Abhi’s hand and breaks it. He then picks it up and says he has switched it off so that the location doesn’t get traced. Abhi says police think so much. The Fake Inspector asks them to go out to his sister’s sangeet if they want. He goes. Pragya gets upset with Abhi for talking about romance infront of Dadis.

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Servant comes to Dadi and Sarita behen and tells that Pandit Ji came. Dadi tells that they have called Pandit ji so that everything gets fine. Purab prays for their well-being. Pandit Ji asks if Pragya’s date of birth is right. Sarita behen says yes. Pandit Ji says Jaap needs to be done at home. Aaliya says he came for money, will take 40-50 thousand for the jaap, and asks them to give some money and send him. Sarita behen says it is nakshtras (problem). Aaliya insults Sarita behen and goes. Dadi apologizes to Pandit Ji. Pandit Ji tells that he can’t do this Jaap alone and tells that the next 12 hours are heavy, and even her life can go. The fake Inspector’s mother comes to Pragya and Abhi’s room and asks them not to worry as they stay in the Police officer’s house. She invites them to the sangeet and tells them that she will give them clothes. Pragya says we will surely come.

Twist of Fate Wednesday 14th July 2021 Update Zee World: The fake Police Inspector goes. Abhi says aunty was good, she asked us to let the room open. He kisses Pragya on her forehead and says he is lucky to get such a hotwife. Pragya says even she is lucky to have him. He is about to kiss her when she hits her hand on the cupboard and their romance gets interrupted. Abhi gets upset and says a kiss is incomplete, we will kiss and make it complete. The lady comes there and asks Abhi to come with her, and let Pragya change. Abhi says she is my wife, we will change infront of each other. She asks if he will not feel shy and takes him out. Song plays…..

Commissioner calls Inspector and says you haven’t followed by orders. Inspector says sorry sir, my duty didn’t stop me, and tells that he knows that he might have some helplessness and that’s why he asked him to go home. He says I have caught the shooter Snake. Commissioner says I am proud of you and asks him to bring him to the PS. He asks him not to stop the jeep on the way. Snake /Shooter laughs and asks Inspector to talk to his wife and children. The Fake inspector’s wife comes to Pragya and asks her to wear it. The Snake Shooter asks the inspector to leave him here else meet the death. Inspector asks will you kill me.

Shooter 1 spills the nails on the way and waits for the jeep to come. The Jeep stops as the tires get punctured. Snake Shooter smiles. The Constable tells that the jeep is punctured. Inspector finds the nails there and says it was punctured intentionally. They see Shooter 1 and shoots at him. Shooter 1 also fires at them. The Inspector catches Shooter 1 and beats him. Shooter 1 grabs Inspector’s neck. Constable asks him to leave Inspector and finds the gun empty. He takes another gun. The snake comes down and aims at Inspector, but he is short of bullets. Constable smiles.

Just then the fake Inspector comes there and tells the fake Constable to catch the Shooters. The Real Inspector thinks of the fake one is the Inspector and tells that he wants to take the Shooters to the PS. The Fake Inspector shoots at Inspector and Constables and kills them. He then laughs…He says Killer Bhai and Snake Bhai are both safe now.

The Fake Inspector’s wife tells that her mother-in-law is making her husband meet the guests. She tells that Abhi told the guests that his wife is the one from whom nobody can take their eyes off. She tells her husband loves you so much. Pragya looks on happy.

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