Twist of Fate Wednesday 14th April 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Wednesday 14th April 2021 Update Zee WorldTwist of Fate Wednesday 14th April 2021 Update Zee World
Twist of Fate Wednesday 14th April 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Wednesday 14th April 2021 Update Zee World: On Twist of Fate Wednesday 14 April 2021, WorlRanbir and Abhi seeing Vikram convincing Inspector. Ranbir says I am like my mum. Inspector asks Constable to free Mr. Mehra. Abhi says I will not go until I free Prachi. Prachi asks him to go. Vikram tells him that he is needed to talk to the lawyer. Abhi says if we are going now. Vikram says yes. Abhi asks Prachi not to cry and says I will come soon to get you freed. Pragya and Shahana are coming there.

Inspector asks Abhi to sign and leave. While Pragya is filling in some info, Abhi leaves from there. Pragya comes to Prachi. Prachi says I didn’t do anything. Pragya asks where is Mr. Mehra? Prachi says he went to meet Lawyer with Ranbir’s Papa. Vikram says how dare that Inspector arrests me. Abhi asks him to stop the car and goes inside the police station. Pragya doesn’t see him. Vikram asks him to keep his anger in control until Prachi is freed.

Nishant is stealing CCTV footage. Watchman comes there and says you have stolen the CCTV footage and says he is honest with the work. He then calls his nephew and says it is our plan. He says where is the Pendrive and asks him to go.

Purab cries thinking about Disha. Kuch Toh hai plays…..He imagines Disha coming to him and says sorry. Disha wipes his tears and kisses on his forehead. Ward boy comes and asks him to move from the way. Purab gets up and looks at Disha from the window of the door.

Pragya says I am Prachi’s mum. Inspector asks what shall I do? Pragya says you arrested her for drug charges. Inspector says your daughter is arrested on the charges of having drugs. Pragya asks do you have warrant to arrest her. She says how can you arrest her in night. Inspector says I wouldn’t have arrested if her father had not done the drama. Shahana says he is talking about Mr. Mehra. Pragya says he is not her father and asks if he knows what the drugs is? He says I know it kills the person and later his family. Pragya looks on.

Purab prays to God to save Disha and says first he lost Bulbul and don’t want to lose Disha. He asks God to save her. The nurse comes and says Maa’s gained consciousness and want to meet you. She says Aaliya Ma’am wants to meet you. She says you are crying and says I never saw a husband crying for his wife.

Twist of Fate Wednesday 14th April 2021 Update Zee World: Pragya says you are taking this case personally. Pragya says my daughter is away from the limelight of the world. She tells her that Prachi is innocent. Inspector says she went to party to sell the drugs. Pragya says if she wanted then she would have sold it in her college. Inspector says how she got admission to a big college. Pragya says she got the scholarship and is a good student. She asks Inspector where are the drugs. He says he sent it for the test. Pragya says it’s not yet tested. She asks did you check the CCTV footage. Inspector says it was not needed. Pragya says it is needed and asks him to get it. He says he can’t go today and will go in the morning. Pragya says she will bring it. Inspector says if you go then it will not be accepted and says he will go in the morning to get CCTV footage.

Purab comes to meet Aaliya and asks how is she? The Nurse says she is fine. Aaliya tries to get up. The nurse says he was crying thinking something will happen to you. Aaliya asks him not to go. He says I will bring chair. She says I was talking about myself, don’t leave me alone. She says sorry for trying to commit suicide. She says she was scared with the fear of losing him and says if you leave me then I will die. Purab asks her not to cry. Aaliya says I will not cry if you don’t leave me.

Lawyer watches news about Abhi getting angry on the media and might be involved too. Abhi calls Lawyer. Lawyer says he was in the meeting and not at home. Abhi, Vikram, and Ranbir come there. The lawyer makes excuses and says he was going out now. Abhi says you have fought our cases till now. Lawyer says I can’t fight this case and was not picking the call as I know you will feel bad if I refuse. Abhi asks why you don’t want to fight. Lawyer says the case is very strong and it is open and shut case, if he takes the case then his name will be ruined.


He asks Abhi to stay away from the case. Abhi says you are saying this without fighting the case. Lawyer says he has experienced and says this girl will drown you altogether. He says this girl is very clever and says I had fought a case recently and says I will tell you about that. Abhi says that girl is good and I am enough to get her freed.

Purab apologizing to Aaliya and telling that she is so strong and he made her try to commit suicide unintentionally. Aaliya says she got weak without his love and asks him not to leave her. She asks him not to go away from her. He asks her to rest. Aaliya holds his hand and asks him not to go. Rhea thinks once Prachi goes away from her life, she will take care of Prachi’s mum and she will love her more than Prachi. She thinks Prachi’s mum must be angry with her and thinks to call and asks Abhi. She then thinks he will get doubtful and don’t call him. She thinks Dad will never support her in drugs case and says it is the game’s end. Shahana asks Prachi to apologize to God. Pragya says God is testing her. Prachi says she is tired of tests. Pragya assures her that she won’t let her be here. Prachi says but why Mehra sir was arrested when he came to her rescue. Pragya asks her not to worry. Lady constable asks her to leave. Pragya says she will not leave her daughter alone. Inspector asks them to go out and wait. Pragya asks Prachi not to worry and goes.

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Purab thinks Aaliya also knew that he never loved her and says don’t know where her one-sided love is taking her. He thinks she is sleeping and says I can never love you. Aaliya opens her eyes and asks him not to leave her, be at her side.

Vikram tells Abhi and Ranbir that they will meet another lawyer in the morning. Abhi tells that he will go to the Police station and asks Ranbir to take Vikram home. Vikram asks him not to go there. Ranbir says the chief is right. Vikram gives him a promise that he shall not fight with Inspector. Abhi says I will just talk to him. Vikram asks him to call him after reaching there. Abhi drops them on the road and leaves. Vikram asks Ranbir if he is his son or of Abhi. Ranbir says I am your son, but he is chief. He says mummy will scold us as we got late. Vikram says I am a businessman and not a waiter.

Purab thinks Disha’s life is eclipsed because of me. He thanks God to save her and making her meet me. He says one side is Aaliya who loves me even though I don’t love her and another side is Disha whom I love a lot, but I can’t express my feelings to her and she can’t see it. He thinks how to live now? The nurse comes and says your wife Aaliya panicked.

Pragya asks Shahana to go home. Shahana refuses to go. Pragya says Sarita behen is alone at home and asks her to go. Shahana refuses and says you are also alone here. Pragya says if you stay here then I will be worried for you. Shahana agrees and says she will come early in the morning. She asks her to call her when needed.

Aaliya panics and asks Purab where were you? purab asks Doctor if she needs something. The doctor says she needs you. she takes purab with her and tells him that Aaliya needs to be taken care of and her insecurities shall end. He says if she feels insecure then she might be depressed and then suicide. She advises him to take care of her and give her time. She says Aaliya loves you a lot.

Prachi gets worried and asks Lady, constable, to keep the drunkard away from her daughter. Lady constable asks her not to worry and asks if she will drink tea. Pragya refuses and cries. She says you are not with me, if you would have been with me then you would have saved our father. Abhi comes to the Police station and hears her crying, but doesn’t see her face. Sara jag chut ke…He goes inside the Police station, but his heart brings him outside near Pragya. He is about to keep his hand on her hand and stops. He thinks someone from her family must be here and she is crying. He takes his handkerchief, keeps it there, and goes inside. Pragya lifts her face and sees the handkerchief.



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