Twist of Fate Wednesday 12th May 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Wednesday 12th May 2021 Update Zee World
Twist of Fate Wednesday 12th May 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Wednesday 12th May 2021 Update Zee World: On Twist of Fate Wednesday 12 May 2021, Pragya coming to Rhea and seeing her talking to a friend and telling them that they will have a party. She says I love my daughter a lot. Rhea ends the call and says I know you are worried for her. She says we all are worried for her and praying, she will be fine. She says if God forbids, if she doesn’t get well then I will be with you, love you a lot, and will be always there for you. She says you will never miss Prachi, you will think that your daughter is with you. She is about to hug her.

Pragya stops her and says you can make your place in someone’s life, but can’t take anyone’s place. Rhea says I am like your daughter. Pragya says what do you think that I will not come to know, and I am so stupid that you will do bad with Prachi and I will not know. She says when you accused Prachi of your murder during a college picnic, I slapped you and left. She says if I had handed you to the police then wouldn’t have seen this day. Rhea says you are thinking wrong. She says Prachi, Sarita behen, and Shahana used to tell me about me, but I didn’t believe them. She says I believed you. She says you did by accident, but I didn’t get you arrested. She says you accused Prachi of stealing your necklace, then also I didn’t lose my calm. She says I came to explain to you from here and didn’t know that you can get my daughter killed. You gave money to get her accident. Rhea says you are thinking wrong.

Pragya says whatever you thought is wrong. She says you used to tell that your dad doesn’t understand you, but it is you who don’t understand him. She says I have given you a bracelet to protect your life, gave you the place of my lost daughter and tells that you love me so much and hate my daughter. She says I have understood that you are a selfish and betrayed girl. Rhea says yes, I am selfish, fraud, cunning, etc. She says I am such because of your daughter. She says she is my life’s biggest problem. She says Prachi snatched my life, friends, family, and Dad. She says you know that I love my dad so much and he tells me that Prachi is his favorite. She says my friends talk about her.

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she says Prachi has become everyone’s favorite. Sarita behen comes there and says you got her accident done for this. Rhea says yes, I got it done as I was tired of all this. She says my family loves me and pampered me a lot, but now the same family is praising and hugging Prachi infront of me. She says I had warned Prachi to stay away from me and my family, but she didn’t back off and took my place in my family. She says Prachi has become everyone’s favorite. She says what I have felt when dad wishes to have Prachi as his daughter and tells that this feeling is assassination for her. She says Dad asked me to love Prachi as my sister, which I cant.


She says that’s why I did all that, with which Prachi’s name gets ruined. She says first she accused her of necklace theft, but Dad rescued her. She says then I got her drunk and linked her name with Sanju, but Dad saved her. She says she trapped her in a drug case also, but she was saved as she was having a strong and supportive mother. She says who was with me, I was alone. She says then I made her MMS, but she came to college as if nothing happened and she was not bothered. She says I made such a plan that Prachi is not saved today, but even today she got saved. Pragya hears everything and slaps Rhea. Rhea is shocked.

Twist of Fate Wednesday 12th May 2021 Update Zee World: Ranbir tells Aryan that he can’t see Prachi’s condition. Shahana comes to him and asks if the truck driver confessed. Ranbir says no, whatever he confessed was infront of Prachi’s mum. The nurse tells that she is going to inform the case, the senior doctor. Ranbir asks where is Prachi’s mother. Pragya holds Rhea’s face and tells them that she has no right to put the hatred poison in someone else’s life. She says your dad likes her as Prachi is good from her heart. Every parent wants their children to be like her. She says you can’t blame Prachi and asks her to go and talk to her dad and Ranbir.

She says she is right and that’s why they support her. She says how can you try to kill someone for their goodness. She says I thought it is not your mistake and I can fill your sadness with my love. Sarita behen says she has never seen such a bad girl in her life and asks if her blood or values are bad. Rhea asks her not to say this. Sarita behen says she will say this and tells her that she will slap her. Rhea says I will not let you stand infront of me if you say anything against my dad and family. Sarita behen says you don’t have manners and that’s why your dad loves Prachi and not you. She says you are not equivalent to Prachi’s nail and is jealous. She tells that her father would have sent her to the orphanage after her birth. Pragya tries to stop her. Sarita behen says if your mother has been here then she would have died with shame. Rhea says my mother is alive.

Sarita behen if she would have been here then she would have loved Prachi and not you. Pragya asks Rhea to go from there. Rhea says I will go as you are saying, but I will say that I never got my mother’s love and Prachi didn’t get her father’s love, that’s why she snatched my father’s love. She asks do you want me to get deprived of my father’s love. Sarita behen tells that you will never get the love of your parents. Pragya stops her and asks her not to curse her. She thinks doesn’t know what is in Rhea that her heart melts for her. She hugs Sarita behen and cries.

Rhea is driving the car and her inner self asks her why is she crying? Prachi is in hospital and is critical. She can die anytime. Rhea says I am not crying, I can’t cry as Prachi has snatched dad and Ranbir. Her inner self asks if these tears are for Prachi’s mother. Rhea says Prachi tried to snatch Ranbir from me and when she dies, she will have nothing to snatch from me. She says Prachi needs to die and speeds up her car. She is about to hit a guy, but he manages to be saved. Rhea says when I was talking to Prachi’s mum, why did Sarita behen interfere between us? She battles with her emotions and meets with an accident.



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