Twist of fate Tuesday 8 December 2020 Update Zee World

Twist of fate Tuesday 8 December 2020 Update
Twist of fate Tuesday 8 December 2020 Update

Twist of fate Tuesday 8th December 2020 Update: On Twist of fate Tuesday 8 December 2020 Update, The Episode starts with Abhi and Pragya getting romantic. A romantic song plays. Abhi recalls Pragya’s recent talk, and thinks she is not my fuggu, why do I forget every time. Pragya thinks don’t know if I will be with you tomorrow, but I will be relieved that the truth will be out finally infront of you. Tanu comes to Pragya’s room and calls her. Pragya says let me sleep please and thinks Abhi is here. Tanu sees her holding Abhi’s favourite pillow and takes it out. Pragya scolds her for ruining her sleep. Tanu says I came to ask you about the concert. Pragya says do you want to say that you want to perform with him.

Tanu says Abhi has refused to perform in the concert. Pragya says it is old news and says you can’t control him. She says she has convinced Abhi and he agreed to perform. Tanu asks her about blackmailer. Pragya says I will call him there and asks her to handle. Tanu thinks I should inform Nikhil about it. She sees Abhi sleeping outside and wakes him up. Abhi wakes up and says he slept outside the room as Pragya was sleeping in the room. He says he had practised for the concert and is excited. Tanu gets angry on him and asks if there is something brewing between them.

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Abhi says I am doing this for you and shares his plan with her. Tanu gets happy knowing Abhi is going to announce their marriage on stage. She says I love you. Abhi says I have to reach before time. Tanu thinks she has to meet Nikhil. Abhi comes to the room, looks for Pragya, thinks he can’t take stress today, have to be happy and perform well. He looks in his wardrobe and thinks it is all old stuff, blames Pragya for not taking him for shopping. He thinks to wear his lucky white T-shirt. He throws clothes on Pragya’s side of changing room. Pragya thinks she should leave silently else Abhi will get angry. She thinks her phone is there. Abhi is happy and thinks blast will happen at the concert. Pragya sees him happy and says I won’t let you make any announcement, and you will only sing songs. She thinks to talk to Dadi and comes out. Abhi sees her and asks why she is seeing a man? Pragya asks who is the man? Abhi says I and asks if she is making his MMS blackmail him. Pragya says no and says his fan might be mad after him, but not her. They argue.

The episode continued On Twist of fate Tuesday 8 December 2020 Update as Tanu meets Nikhil and tells him that she won’t think that Pragya is playing the game with her. She says she told Pragya that blackmailer is blackmailing her and have her morphed pics. Pragya agreed to help her as it will be a loss for her. Nikhil says okay and makes a plan. He asks Tanu to be careful and says I will search you if there is something important. Tanu thinks I want to be with Abhi, as I was waiting for this day. She says Pragya will also remember this day. Purab tells that Akash is doing all the arrangements. Pragya worries and thinks that if Tanu and her boyfriend get scared of the cameras and security and if refuse to come. Purab asks her to convince Tanu that she is helping her, and says we will modify the plan accordingly. Tanu comes to Aaliya and sees her sleeping.

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She wakes her up and gives her concert details. Aaliya says I will ruin his concert with these details. She says I will ruin his everything. Tanu asks her not to ruin his concert this time. Aaliya says she has been waiting for this day since long. Tanu tries to convince her. Aaliya says it doesn’t matter to her. Tanu tells that Abhi is going to propose her for marriage and will tell his fans that Pragya is against our marriage. She says this is the right time for my marriage. She asks her to let Abhi announce their marriage and asks her to wait.

Nikhil comes to abhi’s house. Purab tells him that they are going to Abhi’s concert. Dadi prays to God to help Pragya win. She asks Abhi to do aarti. Abhi tells her that he doesn’t believe in God. Dadi asks him to do aarti for his baby’s sake. Pragya looks on.

This is the end of Twist of fate Tuesday 8 December 2020 Update on zee world.

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