Twist of fate Tuesday 4 August 2020 Update

Twist of fate Tuesday 4 August 2020 Update
Twist of fate Tuesday 4 August 2020 Update

This is the written episode of Twist of fate Tuesday 4 August 2020 Update On zee World.

On Twist of fate Tuesday 4th August 2020 Update, Bulbul asking Abhi to go and speak to Pragya. He hesistantly goes. Bulbul tells Purab Abhi and Pragya are behaving weird. Abhi goes near Pragya, calls her Pragya and runs from there. Purab says Bulbul she is right, Abhi called Pragya with her name instead of Fuggi and chasmish. Abhi nervously goes to his room and locks door. Purab goes and knocks door. He thinks Pragya must have come and gets more nervous. Purab calls him and asks to open door. Bulbul goes to Pragya and asks what is she hiding. Abhi on the other side tells Purab he is feeling very nervous seeing Pragya. Pragya tells Bulbul that she proposed Abhi. Bulbul gets happy and asks her to pinch. Pragya shies. Bulbul says love is in the air and asks what happened next.

Purab tells Abhi that he knew Pragya would propose some day. Abhi asks what is he telling. Purab says he means he knew Pragya would propose Abhi. Pragya says Abhi did not reply. Bulbul asks her to ask Abhi directly if he loves her. Pragya says her heart started racing seeing him, she will not ask and leaves. Bulbul says P ragya is dramebaz and will not ask, so she will have to write their love story’s climax. Abhi says he will not go in front of Pragya until his confusion clears. Purab asks him to wait until his confusion clears, but go in front of Pragya. Abhi says he is right and says he solves his problem always. Purab hopes Abhi realizes his love for Pragya.

Twist of fate Tuesday 4 August 2020 Update : Tanu asks Aaliya about Abhi. Daasi hears her and asks why is she asking about Abhi. Tanu says producers are searching Abhi. Daasi says he must be busy with Pragya and they must be romancing, so she should stop coming here and search another house. Tanu tells Aaliya Daasi irks her a lot and says she is tensed as Pragya came back in Abhi’s life. Aaliya says her life is also not good as she planned kidnapping Bulbul, but she is still with Purab. Mitali comes and says if corporator is caught, they will also be caught. Aaliya says she will get her caught instead with proof like she trapped Purvi. Mitali thinks these Sundari and Mundari are jealous of her.

Corporator shouts with bullet wound pain and tells his goons they are useless and Abhi and Pragya escaped easily from their clutch.

Daadis are busy talking. Pragya comes there. Daasi says she knows she was with Abhi. Biji asks her to give her a grandson or granddaughter soon. Daasi says she will ask Abhi to hurry up. Daadi says after party, she will take Abhi’s class. Pragya gets nervous and asks where is Purvi. Sarla says she has gone on a college trip.

Lady guest tells Pragya everyone knows how she saved her husband Abhi and starts taking selfies with her. Abhi gets irked thinking she is garnering attention in his party.

Twist of fate Tuesday 4 August 2020 Update : Bulbul drags Pragya in a room. Pragya asks her not to repeat her bakwas. Bulbul asks her to start then. Pragya says it was their marriage anniversary and she thought kidnappers will kill her and she won’t see Abhi again, but he came in front of her and then they elope and reached Dhaba, Abhi’s fans insisted him to play holi with them, even she played holi with Abhi and reminisces the incident


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