Twist of fate Tuesday 2 June 2020 Update


Twist of fate Tuesday 2 June 2020 Update: The episode starts with Abhi taking Pragya towards balcony and asks her to jump off. She says she won’t. Aaliya and Tanu come and asks him what will he do with Pragya now. He says he will drop her to her room. Taiju comes there. Pragya reminisces her scolding Sarla and calls her fatty and greedy.

Twist of fate Tuesday 2nd June 2020 Update

Taiji asks why is she misbehaving. Pragya says she deserves it and says she has sent son behind Abhi and is extracting money from him. Taiji asks Abhi to take her to her room first. Abhi takes Pragya to her room and drops her on bed. He thinks he can handle anything, but not this chashmish. Pragya falls asleep.

Abhi thinks he should not wake up sleeping tigress. Pragya wakes up and asks him to show the swinger. He asks her to enjoy this swinger first. She says she needs juice and is thirsty. Abhi says he will get water for her and goes out.

Mitali takes out money and thinks money does not grow at all. Taiji comes there and asks what is she doing here and if she is stealing her items. Mitali says she is not. Taiji asks if she is planning to bring her items and shift here. Mitali says no and says she is looking old. Taiji says Pragya scolded her and insulted. Mitali starts laughing and then says she will take revenge from Pragya. Taiji asks her not to do anything and thinks if she meets Pragya, she will tell everything to her. Mitali thinks since Pragya is inebriated now, it is best time to know how did Aaliya’s ring come in Tanu’s bag.

Twist of fate Tuesday 2 June 2020 Update

Mitali reaches Pragya’s room and searches for her. Pragya wears ghost mask and hides herself behind Mitali. Mital turns back and gets afraid seeing ghost face, runs from there. Pragya smirks seeing that. She sees herself in mirror and gets afraid seing ghost face. Abhi comes back and searches her. She says there is a ghost here and she is hiding. Abhi sees her face and gets afraid, but then realizes it is her. He shows her face in mirror and asks where is ghost. Pragya smiles seeing it is herself.

Abhi says she is not less than a ghost and asks her to drink water and sleep. Pragya asks him to help as her hands are smeared with mehandi. Abhi helps her, but she throws water on his face. He angrily asks why did she throw water on her. She says he deserved it. They both start a verbal argument. Abhi’s puppets Tanu and Aaliya get tensed that Abhi has not come out and think of going and checking. Aaliya reminisces Pragya revealing her secrets and says she is tired and asks Tanu to go herself and check. Tanu reminisces Pragya calling her chudail/ghost and says what will daadi think if she will seee her in PRagya’s room.

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Abhi scolds Pragya for calling him monkey and says people wait to see his face, says her face is worst than monkey. She starts crying and asks why did he call her monkey. He says he called her adrak/ginger. She says she feels cutting his hair. She then takes his guitar and starts singing loudly. Abhi gets irritated. She says he makes a monkey face while exercising. She takes his dumbell.

Twist of fate Tuesday 2 June 2020 Update

Pragya falls on the ground. Abhi hels her up. Pragya says she is tired of everyday drama and asks him to finish it once by calling his mom. He says her mom is ill and he cannot. PRagya says inists. Abhi says until Aaliya and Purab are married, he will not tell her truth to anyone. Pragya says he is doing a mistake and to torture her, he is ruining Aaliya’s life. Abhi says Aaliya will be fine and Daadi will be sad hearing her truth and he will tell it to the whole world. Pragya says he does not know the real truth. He asks what truth. She says she forgot it. Pragya asks what if Purab denies marrying Aaliya after all this.

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