Twist of Fate Tuesday 1st June 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Tuesday 1st June 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Tuesday 1st June 2021 Update Zee World: On Twist of Fate Tuesday 1 June 2021, The Episode starts with Ranbir thinking of Prachi and thinks he didn’t reach home, but missing her. He thinks to call her. He calls her. Prachi tells that her mother called her and was disturbed, maybe she was crying too? Ranbir asks did you call her again. Prachi says if I had known where is she, then I would have gone there and brought her back.

Ranbir says your Maa was very strong and thinks if I see her, then I will bring her. He thinks Rhea must have told something to Prachi’s mom. Abhi confronts Alia and says why did she hate Pragya so much? Mitali stops Abhi and tells that Aaliya was telling that she loves Rhea and loves Prachi too, but don’t like Pragya. She says Aaliya was telling that how can Pragya come here after so much happened? Abhi falls in Mitali’s words and asks Aaliya to be with Rhea in the Police station as she is alone there. He goes.

Mitali tells that she has seen Abhi coming there, and hearing her last words, and boosts about herself. Aaliya scolds her for wasting her time with a big lecture. Mitali asks her to stop Pragya from reaching the Police station as she has seen Pragya and Rhea’s love. Aaliya asks her not to advise her as she will use her mind. Mitali thinks she will become smart like Aaliya. Pragya comes to the Police station and asks about the Inspector. She tells the lady constable that her daughter is arrested and brought here. Aaliya sits in the car and thinks if Abhi came to know that she got the complaint filed then? Inspector comes to Pragya. Abhi thinks Rhea is arrested, due to Pragya and thinks of Aaliya’s words. He then thinks of Dadi’s words and thinks she had said right, Pragya loves Rhea very much and can’t do this.

Pragya comes inside to talk to Rhea. Rhea asks where were you, I was waiting for you. Pragya says I know that I came late, but now there will be no more delay. She tells that she has brought Prachi here and the latter told Inspector that you have never tried to kill her. Prachi says Maa said that her daughter can never do this against her sister. Rhea is freed and hugs Pragya. Pragya says now you are free. She asks Prachi to hug Rhea. Prachi gets emotional and hugs Rhea happily. Rhea hugs her too. Prachi asks if she is my twin sister. Pragya says yes. Rhea says I showed so much attitude on you. Pragya says attitude suits you. Prachi and Rhea hug Pragya. Aaliya comes there and asks Rhea to move away. Rhea says they are important for me. Aaliya asks more than me? Rhea says yes, who can be more important than the mother.

Twist of Fate Tuesday 1st June 2021 Update Zee World: Aaliya says your mother had left you. Rhea says she had left me, but now she returned and asks her not to come in between them. Aaliya asks if she has this much respect for her. Rhea says you have lost respect and love long back and I will talk like this if you say anything against my mother and sister. Pragya asks Aaliya not to manipulate her daughter against her and says Rhea’s hand is in my hands now and I will never let you do this. Aaliya says you can’t break my dream. Rhea pushes Aaliya. It turns out to be Aaliya’s imagination. She thinks of Mitali’s words that Pragya might reach there, but Aaliya has to go there else Pragya will clear all the misunderstanding. Pragya thanks the Inspector for clearing her misunderstanding. He says her daughter is not here. Aaliya sees Pragya in auto asking the driver to drive fast. Aaliya thinks you can’t meet Rhea, as, after the accident, you will go to the hospital. She hits Pragya’s auto and she meets with an accident. People gather there and they say she is bleeding. Aaliya says get well soon Pragya. Prachi is worried for Pragya. Sarita behen tells that she called Ranbir and asked if Pragya is there. Prachi says she must not be there. Sarita behen says Pragya might be there and her tears might be of happiness. Pragya gains consciousness and says I have to go to PS.

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Aaliya comes to the PS to provoke Rhea against Pragya. Rhea thinks Pragya came and calls Mom. She turns and looks at Aaliya. Aaliya says your mother came. Rhea says my mother can’t see me here and asks where is she? She asks if my mom is talking to the Inspector and asks her to handle the Inspector as he is strict and might tell something to Maa. Aaliya says you are thinking about her even now and tells you that she doesn’t love you. Rhea says my mom wants to give me all the love on Diwali day, which I didn’t get in 20 years, she loves me a lot. Aaliya says she doesn’t love you and she didn’t come here. She says I had lied to you so that I could hear the truth from your mouth. She says your mom has broken your hope. She says I will tell you where is she.

She says she might be drinking tea with Prachi and laughing to take revenge on you. She says she gave you love and trapped you so that she plays her cards just as she got the chance so that she can tell everyone that you hired Sanju to kill Prachi. She says my Bhai was running behind the Police, but Pragya, did she come behind you and says Pragya just loves Prachi and not you. She says Pragya didn’t want this to happen and asks her not to be a fool. She says you are nothing for her. Rhea says I hate everybody, I hate Ranbir, Prachi, and that lady. She says she was neither my mother and nor she will become my mother. She cries and gets shattered.

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Pragya comes to the Police station and tells that she has not filed the complaint against her daughter. Inspector says you had filed a case against her. Pragya says why will I file a case against my daughter. He says that Inspector who filed the complaint has gone home. Constable comes there and says the case was filed by Pragya. Pragya asks did you see my face. He says you were wearing a mask. Pragya says she didn’t file the complaint. Inspector says if you can bring your daughter then we will leave Rhea. Pragya says I will bring my daughter and asks if she can meet Rhea. She says she must be scared. Constable says you can’t meet her now, someone is already meeting her. Pragya asks if her Papa came?

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