Twist Of Fate Tuesday 19th May 2020 Update


Twist Of Fate Tuesday 19th May 2020 Update

The episode starts with Abhi holding Pragya from falling and then ruthlessly dropping her on the ground. Daadi scolds Abhi for dropping Pragya. He says she is very heavy that I could not hold her. Daadi says Pragya is so slim and asks him to pick her and take her to their room. Abhi resists, but agrees after daadi’s insistence. He takes her to the room, drops on the sofa ruthlessly and says he wanted to check if she is really injured.

Twist Of Fate Tuesday 19 May 2020 Update

Pragya asks if he had to drop her, why did he pick her up. He says just like I will leave you soon and says he feels happy when he sees her in pain. She says you are heartless to laugh on an injured person and does not care for anybody. He says he cares for only his family, picks up an ointment and instead of giving it to her throws it on the bed and asks her to pick herself.

Pragya picks with great difficulty, writhing in pain. He says it is ointment for burns and laughs. He then shows her pain ointment, but does not give it and asks her to stay on bed until Aaliya’s engagement is over, says if he touches her, she will do black magic on him again. She asks why he always talks about black magic.

Abhi goes out of his room and sees Daadi standing. She asks about Pragya. He says she is fine as he gave her heavy dose of pain killer. She goes in to check herself. He meets Aaliya and says Pragya has done black magic on daadi that she is always worried about her. Aaliya says she has planned something in her engagment that everyone will know how greedy Pragya and is and Daadi will throw her out today itself. Abhi says hope if it happens today, he can go out peacefully.

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Bulbul reminisces Purab requesting to hug her one last time and they both hugging. Sarla asks her why is she not yet ready for Pragya’s sister-in-law’s engagement and says if she does not get ready, she will take her in the same clothes.

Abhi takes his engagement party clothes out and happily looks at his crush material designer shirt. He gets designer Andy’s call who asks if he like the shirt. Abhi says he liked it and it will create a new fashion trend. Andy asks him not to iron it, else it will lose its look. Pragya sees the shirt crumbled and irons it. Abhi sees his shirt ironed and fumes in anger. He angrily asks Pragya who ironed who says she did it.

Twist Of Fate Tuesday 19th May 2020 Update

Pragya wrinkles it back by twisting tghe shirt again. Abhi first scolds her for spoiling the shirt, but gets happy seeing its crushed look again. He asks how does she know about this. She says any girl who wears dupatta knows it. Abhi gets angry on Andy for looting 23,000 from him for a simple shirt. Prgya says he can get it for 600 rs.

Mital asks Raj to get ready well for the engagement and complains she does not have a new jewelry set to wear. He asks her to wear it from her old sets. She says her friends will laugh at her if she wears it. Taiji comes there. Mital says she is looking very pretty in new dress and jewelry. Taiji asks her to stop buttering and tell what she needs. She says her jewelry is old and wants her new set. Taiji asks her not to dare look at her jewelry and to get it from her parents or her husband, says that set is for Akash’s wife and scolds Raj for being middle class. Raj gets sad hearing that.

Abhi gets ready and comes into his room. He sees Pragya getting ready and starts searching for Purab’s gift. She gives the gift saying she gift wrapped it. Abhi says she should not expect thank you from him. She asks her to look at his shirt. He asks her to not touch him and do black magic again. She says his collar is out of order and he is looking cartoon. He instead shows her saree pallu and goes out. She looks at her disordered pallu and thanks him, but he has already gone.

Twist Of Fate Tuesday 19th May 2020 Update

Suresh looks at Rachna and gets sad. Madhavi says she gets sad looking at her being alone, who will marry her after she gets a child, what will we tell to our relatives. Rachna says there is no need to go back home, I will stay alone. Madhavi says life is very long and one needs a partner to live. Rachna says time has changed and girls can live independently. She says Suresh that she wants to complete her course and get a job. Madhavi asks what will she say people about her pregnancy. She says she will tell the truth and stop other girls from doing the same mistake. She asks Suresh if he will help her. Suresh says he will help her. She gets happy and hugs him.

Abhi starts murmuring that Pragya looks like a cartoon. Daadi sees him and says he is looking like a cartoon and asks him to check in mirror. He corrects his collar. Daadi asks if he was badmouthing about Pragya.

He says no and his wife is best in the world. Daadi says his 2 cousins are coming and will meet Pragya, she does not want any mistake by him, else she will go back to Ludhiana with them. Abhi says he will manage it. Daadi says he wants to see love in his eyes for Pragya. Abhi thinks if he has to do drama like this, he will become actor from rock star.

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