Twist of Fate Tuesday 13th April 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Tuesday 13th April 2021 Update Zee World
Twist of Fate Tuesday 13th April 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Tuesday 13th April 2021 Update Zee World: On Twist of Fate Tuesday 13 April 2021, Abhi asking Ranbir and Aryan about Nishant and asks if they called him. They say no. Nishant signs Shaina and Dimpy. Rhea asks what happened? Shaina says we did a blunder and kept drugs in Shahana’s bag instead of Prachi’s bag. Rhea gets upset and says I know what to do. She signs Nishant. Shaina collides with Shahana and makes her purse things fall down from i. They bend down to take the things.

Nishant takes the drug packet. They keep in Prachi’s bag. Rhea smiles. Inspector asks Prachi to come forward and show her bag. Abhi tries to stop him. Inspector says I can check all your family members. The lady constable finds drugs in Prachi’s bag. The inspector shows the drug packet to everyone. Prachi is shocked. He says this is drugs and you are arrested to keep it. Prachi says it is not mine. Pragya is on the way and feels Rhea is in trouble. She thinks her own daughter is in trouble. Prachi says this is not mine and asks Abhi to save her. She hides behind him and says this pouch is not mine.

Abhi says she is innocent and I can guarantee. Dadi, Pallavi, and Vikram give a guarantee and tell that she is innocent. Rhea thinks what is your problem, let her arrest. Meera says the same. Rhea says Prachi can’t do this. Inspector says she will be arrested. Abhi says I won’t let you take her and says if you touch her then I won’t be silent. Inspector says you are not understanding and says only innocent-looking girls do such things. Abhi warns him not to say that.

Inspector says I can arrest you. Abhi asks him to arrest him and says I will show who am I? He refuses to get Prachi arrested. Vikram says let the Police do their duty, we will follow the law. Inspector takes Prachi with him. Abhi feels helpless and is about to cry. Rhea smiles. He runs out and asks Inspector to leave her alone. Inspector says you are taking the law into your hand and asks who is she? Abhi says she is my wife and says I regard her as my daughter. Inspector says if you want to bail her out then come to the Police station. Abhi promises Prachi that he is there for her and asks her not to cry.

Rhea tells her friends that Abhi was worried for Prachi. Shaina and Dimpy say that your dad is emotional. Dimpy says if she confesses then she can be bailed out and will be called a drug peddler. Rhea thinks she will not confess until she knows. Pragya calls Rhea and asks what is the matter that she messaged her that she is in trouble. She says she is coming there and was worried since she got the message. Rhea says sorry for troubling her. Pragya’s battery gets low and the call gets disconnected. She asks the driver to take her to Mehra mansion. Shahana calls Pragya and tells Abhi that maasi’s call is busy. They are also on the way to the Police station. Ranbir tells Aryan that Prachi asked him if he took drugs when they have an argument. He then shows the truth to her and says Chief likes her a lot and trusts her. Vikram asks Ranbir to come with him.

Sarita behen waits for Abhi and thinks he is late. Disha watches the news in her house, while Sarita behen watches the news of Prachi’s arrest in a drug case. Disha says Pragya can’t do this. Sarita behen calls Pragya and finds she is not at home. She tries to talk to her, but her phone is unreachable. She gets worried for Prachi. Disha also calls her and thinks to pick up the phone. Shahana cries for Prachi. Abhi asks her not to cry and says I am with her. They reach the Police station. Reporters ask him many questions. The driver stops the car at the police station. Abhi senses her presence. Driver says there is some panga of the rich man. Allah wariyan plays….Pragya gets down from the car and tries to look there.

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Pragya sitting back in the car. The driver asks do you know someone. Pragya looks on. The reporter asks Abhi what is his relationship with the girl? Abhi looks on. Purab feels bad, to tell the truth to Aaliya and says you were right that I shouldn’t have made your happiness end. Aaliya is semi-unconscious on the bed. Purab sees sleeping pills and asks did you have them? He asks why did you eat it? He lifts her and takes her in his car. Pragya steps down from the cab. Purab doesn’t see her. Pragya goes inside the house. Abhi comes inside the Police station and asks Inspector to leave Prachi.


Inspector asks Constable to arrest him calling him Nawab Zaada and asks what he will do. Abhi says what did I do? Inspector talks to him badly and says this girl will get rotten in jail all her life. Abhi gets angry at him and raised his hand at him. Inspector asks Constable to keep him in lock up. Abhi says I will kick you. Prachi asks him not to arrest him. Shahana says he is a good man and asks why did you arrest him. Inspector asks who are you? Shahana says I am her sister. Inspector asks her to stand quietly else he will arrest her too. Abhi asks him to talk nicely with her.


Purab is taking Aaliya to the hospital and says why did you do this. Aaliya says you don’t love me. Purab says I love you and asks her to hear. Just then he hits a car and stops his car. People on the road ask Purab to stop the car. Purab sees Disha in the car which he hit. Disha gets unconscious. Pragya comes home. The waiter tells her that bade saheb’s daughter is arrested by the police. Pragya says she is a little girl and asks if nobody stopped Police. The waiter says drugs were found with her. Pragya says this can’t happen. Meera comes there.

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Pragya asks Meera why didn’t stop when the Police arrested Rhea. She says why didn’t you stop Police and says if Police said then also you would have told her that Rhea is a girl and is in college and gets worried about her. Meera tries to say. Pragya tells that you had said that you are like her mother and should have been with her. Pragya turns and sees Rhea standing. Rhea feels bad. Meera says that’s what I want to say and says Police arrested Prachi, as Mr. Mehra was arguing with Inspector so waiters thought that she is his daughter. Prachi goes shockingly.

Twist of Fate Tuesday 13th April 2021 Update Zee World: Prachi asks Inspector why did you arrest him? Abhi says you don’t know what I can do? Inspector says I enquired about you. you got this girl freed by making video of inspector and asks him to make his video as well. He says last time she was innocent, but this time she is caught as the drug peddler. Abhi says someone has kept it. Inspector tells that drugs were found in her bag. He says his son died due to drugs addiction and says until he is on this post, he won’t let drug peddlers saved.

Pragya tries to take a taxi. The taxi driver tells that he won’t get customers there. Pragya pleads infront of him and tells that her daughter is arrested and she is is everything. The driver asks her to sit. Purab takes Aaliya and Disha to hospital and ask them to open their eyes. Dr. Kiran comes there. Purab asks if they will be fine. Dr. Kiran asks him not to worry and Aaliya will be fine. Purab asks what about the lady? The doctor says she will also get fine. Purab thinks nobody knows Disha, but she is my….and walks in shock.

Vikram and Ranbir come to the Police station. Abhi calls Vikram. Vikram asks how did you come here? Abhi says Inspector became tiger here. Prachi says he got arrested because of me and cries. Abhi asks her not to cry. Ranbir says how dare he to arrest Chief. Vikram says we came here to get them freed. Abhi asks him to keep his emotions in control. Vikram says who is saying this and asks if you took her out. He says I will talk to Inspector.

Purab writes form for Disha and writes husband as the relationship to the patient. The receptionist looks on surprisingly. Song plays kuch toh hai….The receptionist comes to him and asks him to correct the form. Purab says whatever I wrote is correct. The receptionist thinks he is in shock. Shahana calls Pragya and asks her to come there fast. She tells Inspector to arrest Prachi and sir and asks her to come to the green park police station. Pragya says I am coming there. At Mehra mansion, electricity is off, Rhea calls bahadur and sees some reflection while her friends are behind her. She says we are getting afraid unnecessarily. Shaina and Dimpy tell that they shall go home. They leave. Nishant is seen hiding there.

Pragya comes inside. Shahana hugs her and cries. She says I didn’t call you, says sorry. She says I thought Rhea’s Papa will get her freed, but Inspector arrested him also and threatened to arrest me too. She says Prachi is innocent. Pragya asks her not to cry and says I will get Prachi and her sir released. Allah wariyan plays. Pragya is walking inside. Abhi looks on.



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