Twist of Fate Thursday 2nd September 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Thursday 2nd September 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Thursday 2nd September 2021 Update Zee World: On Twist of Fate Thursday 2 September 2021, Prachi thinking she won’t lose this chance to make everything fine. Rhea thinks Prachi is doing the same thing which she has done before and tells her that she will make her lose. She says she is behind her in looks, college, etc, and tells that this time she won’t lose. Abhi thinks Gautam has done this and thinks why I was not alert? He tries to break the door. Gaurav thinks the body guard’s body is tired and says he will not try now. He asks Harish if he opened the upstairs room. Harish says yes. Gaurav gives him money and asks him to let Abhi stay here tonight.

Pallavi comes to Dida and sees her praying. Dida asks do you want to say anything? Pallavi says I wanted to say sorry to you, I shouldn’t have shouted. Dida asks for what and says you didn’t do any mistake. She says I was seeing your concern for your husband and family and tells me that it is ok. Pallavi says I was scared. Dida says I can understand, why your hand touched Prachi and you talked nicely with her. She says I know if I talk more about her, then you will go. She says if you think that she is a responsible girl then shall give her a fair chance, and asks her not to think that she is taking her side. She says Prachi and Rhea shall be the same for you. She asks will you give her a chance from your heart. Pallavi says she has not done injustice with anyone till today.

Gaurav thinks the third eye will be of use and keeps the hidden camera there. He says Pragya you are finished. Abhi is worried in the storeroom. Gaurav sees Pragya sitting in her cabin, keeping her hand on her head. He thinks seems like the drug is affecting her. He asks if she is fine? She says ya. She stumbles when she gets up. Gaurav thinks the arrow is hit. Pragya asks him to call her secretary. He asks her to rest in the top floor room. She says ok and takes her purse to go. Gaurav looks at her. Abhi thinks once he comes out then will show him (Gautam).

Pragya comes to the room. Gaurav comes behind her. She sits. He says sorry, I suggested you rest and making you do the work. He asks her to sign on the farmhouse papers and says if she signs it now, then I will get it processed. Pragya says I will sign it. He thinks she will not know that the papers are changed. He gets his father’s call and tells him that he drugged Pragya and will take her signs. His father asks if she will file a case against us later. Gaurav says he will make her MMS. Abhi doubts Gautam’s intentions and shouts asking to open the door. Gaurav asks Pragya if she needs water. Pragya says no, I don’t want to. She says I thought you want it for yourself.

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He drinks and says sorry, tells that sign is important. Pragya asks him to sign and says she will sign later. He signs on the papers and gives them back to her. He gets a call. Pragya asks him to attend the call and says she will sign. He gets his dad’s call and he asks what he said about MMS. Gaurav says didn’t you know, the small MMS will ruin her respect. He looks at her and says she has signed the papers. Pragya looks at him and thinks you just touch me, I will protect myself. It shows she was pretending to be drowsy. Abhi understands that Gaurav wanted to get Pragya’s business and office. He thinks both brothers can stoop to any low. Gaurav tells that he will come home late and says once MMS is made, she can’t tell anyone, how we made the MMS. She keeps the papers in her purse and changes them with some other papers. Pragya says she will end the game.

Twist of Fate Thursday 2nd September 2021 Update Zee World: Mr. Thapar says you are not my elder son, but my bad son. Gaurav comes to Pragya and says I hope you have signed the papers. She gets up and keeps the knife on his neck. Abhi manages to open the door and says Gaurav, you are gone. Gaurav asks what are you doing Pragya ji. Pragya says what do you think that you will spike my coffee and will make me do anything. She recalls seeing him spiking the drink. She says you wanted me to get unconscious, just like your brother. She says I couldn’t find out about his intention, but I need to pretend that I have a drink that coffee and is drowsy. She says then I read the papers and came to know that I am naming my property on your name.

\She says I heard whatever you talked to your father, that you want to make my MMS. She says I am alone enough to handle you. He says I was making your MMS and now will make you mine. He asks what do you think that I will get afraid of this knife. He snatches the knife from her hand. Abhi comes there and gets angry seeing Gaurav misbehaving with Pragya. Pragya gets up. Abhi asks what is problem of both brothers? She says I warned you to stay away from Pragya, now I will not leave you. He beats him. Pragya asks Abhi to stop. Gaurav faints. Pragya asks what was the need to beat him so much. Abhi is shocked.

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