Twist of Fate Thursday 15th July 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Thursday 15th July 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Thursday 15th July 2021 Update Zee World: On Twist of Fate Thursday 15th July 2021, Abhi searching for Pragya and coming towards her. Ashok’s wife Varsha looks at him, as she has hidden Pragya there. Abhi asks did you see Pragya? Varsha says she has seen her there and asks him to go. Abhi goes. Varsha takes Pragya from there. Pandit ji assures Dadi and Sarita behen that if the havan goes well for 8 hours then nothing will happen to Abhi and Pragya. He says if any hurdles come in the way then both of them are in danger. Abhi thinks Pragya can’t stay away from him for long among the strangers.

Twist of Fate Thursday 15th July 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Thursday 15th July 2021 Update Zee World

Abhi searches for Pragya and calls her. Varsha takes her to the storeroom. Abhi is about to see Pragya as he comes inside, but Ashok’s mother comes there and asks Abhi to come, says your wife is calling you. Abhi says she is there, I thought….He turns to go. Ashok’s mother goes inside and asks Varsha to come out.

Varsha comes out and asks did they find your wife. She locks the door and goes. Abhi comes there and finds Pragya missing. He gets even more worried. Ashok’s mother calls her son and asks him to come fast, as our prey is going inside the house. Ashok asks her not to worry, says they are coming. Abhi comes to the storeroom/outhouse while searching for Pragya. Pragya gains consciousness and replied to him, that she is inside.

Abhi stops hearing her and tells them that they are not safe. Pragya says I wanted to tell you this, but Inspector Ashok’s wife made me unconscious and locked me in the room. She tells that Ashok and the goons who wanted to kill them belong to the same family. He asks her to move and tells them that he will break the door. Just then Ashok’s mother hits a rod on his head and his wife also hits Abhi. They tell that whoever comes here, can’t go. He says I don’t raise my hand on women and says I will talk to your son. Both the ladies continue to beat them. Pragya asks Abhi not to get beaten by the women. Abhi comes inside the room and tells Pragya that he has tied the women with their dupatta, without raising his hand on them. Pragya gets impressed and hugs him for his nonviolent act.

Abhi realizes everything and tells Pragya this family is of killers and tries to call Purab, but the sim is not there. He tells that Ashok has taken the sim card when my phone fall. He says Ashok’s sister might not be involved and wanted to tell us about her killer family. Abhi says how we will go out now. Pragya says we shall go by the window. He says if you had known then why you didn’t come out. She says how she would have left without him. They jump down from the window. Ashok’s mother and wife free themselves and come to the room. They find them going through the window. Ashok, Killer, and Snake come home with the other goon.

Twist of Fate Thursday 15th July 2021 Update Zee World: Killer gets his leg fractured. The other brother says he will call someone. Varsha informs Ashok that they have eloped from the window and ran towards their car. Snake asks Varsha and his mother about them. Ashok and the other goon check killer’s fractured leg. Abhi and Pragya sit in the car. Pragya says you lost the key again, you shall hang the key in your neck. Ashok, the killer, and others come to the car. The killer is about to kill Abhi and Pragya, but Ashok keeps his gun down and asks Abhi to remember where did he drop his key? Abhi realizes that that key fell down when they came. He says you have fulfilled your promise and asks why you would have saved us if you wanted to kill us. Ashok says he will kill them and says we are three, but you are two and trapped in the car.

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Abhi says who said that we are trapped and tells us that we are free. He drives away. Killer scolds Ashok. Ashok and others hear the gunshot sound. Abhi tells Pragya that the key which was with Ashok, was of his car and this is uncle’s car and its key was with me. Pragya says can’t believe that we came out safely. Abhi tells that when she is with him, nothing can happen to him. Ashok runs back and finds Varsha dead. His mother tells that Snake got angry and wanted to shot her, but Varsha took a bullet on herself. Ashok says he will not leave them as Varsha lost life due to them.

Abhi and Pragya are in the car still. She asks where are we going? Abhi says don’t know. Pragya says she can go anywhere with him. Just then they see the goons/shooters coming in Jeep. Pragya gets shocked.

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