Twist of Fate Thursday 13th May 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Thursday 13th May 2021 Update Zee World
Twist of Fate Thursday 13th May 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Thursday 13th May 2021 Update Zee World: On Twist of Fate Thursday 13 May 2021, The Episode starts with Aaliya thinking the driver reached the hospital taking a card but…Rhea’s phone rings and she looks at herself after the accident. Aaliya thinks if Pragya came to know that Rhea is her other daughter. She thinks Bhai didn’t go so there is no chance. She thinks why Rhea is not picking the call. Rhea leaves the accident spot and stops her car at some distance. She calls Aaliya and says she didn’t call as she was with Prachi’s family. She asks if she is fine? Rhea says I am on the way and met with an accident. Aaliya says I am coming there to pick you. Rhea says I am fine.

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Aaliya asks if everything was fine and asks how the accident happened? Rhea tells that she was driving rashly and was thinking about those two. Aaliya asks who? Rhea thinks and tells that she was thinking about Prachi and her mother. She says I have hurt Prachi’s mom and she was crying a lot. Aaliya thinks one sister killed another sister and asks if Prachi died. Rhea says no and tells that Prachi’s mom came to know whatever I have been doing with Prachi. Aaliya asks how? Rhea says I told her everything in frustration and told them that I tried to kill Prachi. Aaliya asks what? Rhea says she got angry and slapped me? Aaliya says how dare Pragya slapped you? Rhea says you took my mom’s name.

Pragya asks Ranbir about Prachi. Ranbir tells that the senior doctor will check her. Pragya thinks of Rhea’s words that Prachi wants to snatch her dad as she didn’t get her father’s love. Pragya recalls Abhi and her separation, with one daughter each with them. Ranbir asks if the truck driver told you anything. Prachi looks at Sarita behen and thinks of Rhea’s words. Ranbir says you didn’t tell after speaking to the truck driver. Sarita behen says he said that…Pragya stops her and says he didn’t tell anything, he didn’t know. Sarita behen is surprised. The doctor comes there. Pragya asks about Prachi. The doctor tells that she is very critical, she needs to get consciousness to respond to treatment. Pragya says how can you say this being a senior doctor. Doctor asks her to pray to God and tells them that when medical science fails then only God can help.

Ranbir thinks aunty might be knowing, but she is hiding from me. Rhea asks why did you take my mom’s name instead of Prachi’s mom. Aaliya says both were mad and she (Pragya) was in my mind and that’s how her name came out. Rhea says I thought Prachi’s mom is my….She asks her not to say anything to her and says I like aunty. Aaliya says Prachi’s mom will tell everyone that you got Prachi’s accident done and will tell Ranbir, your dad, and everyone. She says she won’t let anything happen to her and asks if she has any fingerprints evidence in her house. Rhea asks what are you saying and tells that if she wants proofs then she will check in her mobile. Aaliya asks her to go to her house and erases the proofs. Rhea says she had drunk kada in the coffee cup and will erase the proofs. Aaliya says it is a big mess, how to handle Ranbir and Bhai. Rhea thinks she can’t bear aunty’s hatred.


Twist of Fate Thursday 13th May 2021 Update Zee World: Pragya comes to the temple and says you have snatched my elder daughter and another daughter too, but I didn’t say anything. She says I will not let you snatch my Prachi. She says what wrong did she do that always bad thing happening with Prachi. She asks God to answer her else she will lose trust in her. She says you have to leave your stubbornness and return my Prachi back to me else a mother has to answer to the world why she betrayed another mother. She says if I lose then two mothers will lose. Sarita behen comes there. Pragya says she will ring the temple bell until she gets back Prachi.

Prachi is still critical in the hospital while doctors are checking her. Sarita behen also rings the temple bell. Prachi opens her eyes.

The nurse tells Doctor that she is gaining consciousness. Pragya and Sarita’s behen continue to ring the temple bell. Doctors come out. Ranbir asks how is she? The doctor tells that she is better and gained consciousness. The nurse comes out and tells that Prachi is calling her mom. Shahana goes to call her. Ranbir asks can I meet her until her mom comes. The doctor says ok. Aryan gets Aaliya’s calls constantly and picks it. Ranbir comes to the ICU and looks at Prachi. Prachi smiles…Subhan Allah. Ranbir asks can I hold your hand. She nods no.

He says Please….Prachi smiles and he holds her hands. He says I know that you wanted to meet your mummy, but I came, I hope you don’t mind. Prachi nods no. Ranbir sits on the chair and tells that since I met you, you used to hear chik chik, but I can’t see you here in this condition and couldn’t stop myself from crying. He tells that Doctor said something and they were very worried. He says he is afraid and doesn’t want to lose her. They look at each other…..Aisa Hua plays



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