Twist Of Fate Sunday 24 May 2020 Update


Twist Of Fate Sunday 24 May 2020 Update on zee world.

Abhi acts of being drunken in front of Pragya. Pragya decides to ignore him, but he catches her. He reminds her that she’s his wife and it’s wife’s duty to listen everything that a husband says. He asks her to go somewhere with him, but she says no. He screams, mummyji. Pragya stops him and goes along.

Twist Of Fate Sunday 24th May 2020 Update

He adds chili powder on sweets and asks her to eat. She says no, but he again threatens her with mummyji name. He tells her she likes to give him orders, right? Now she will know whose order works here. She eats it and wants water.

He doesn’t let her go and gives her apple juice. She thinks it’s alcohol and says she can’t drink. Abhi still doesn’t let her ago. She takes Daadi’s name and then runs away. He says strange, I was giving apple juice, but she didn’t drink. He drinks it and says fresh.

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Pragya joins Daadi and says he won’t do anything silly in front of her. Abhi sees her and understands her intentions. Pragya hides behind Daadi. Abhi gets everyone’s attention and praises Pragya. He says she doesn’t give up and she has challenged him for dance. This time she won’t fall. He wishes her the best and hopes she beats him this time.

Pragya stares at him. He asks everyone to applaud for her. Sarla asks Bulbul why Pragya challenged him when she can’t dance. Tanu gets irritated with another dance of Abhi and Pragya. Aliya asks her to chill, Abhi must have some plan. Daadi and other ladies encourage Pragya to beat Abhi. Daadi tells her not to leave his hand no matter what. Pragya says that way he’ll also fall down. Daadi says, live together, fall together, and get up together.

Pragya joins Abhi. He says in his mind, after eating chili, her tongue didn’t work, after dance, her legs won’t work. He takes her hand and takes her on the stage.

They dance on Pyaar Ki Ek Kahaani Suno… Both dance on fast beats. Abhi almost makes her fall, but she doesn’t leave his hands and continues dancing. He keeps asking her to leave his hand, but she doesn’t. Both continue dancing, get close, and Tanu gets jealous. Abhi turns her around and this time both of them fall on the ground. Daadi laughs. Abhi and Pragya have eyelock. Allah Waariyaan plays… Everyone claps for them.

Twist Of Fate Sunday 24 May 2020 Update

Mamaji is complaining about food to Sarla. Sarla tells him to handle it himself. Daadi comes and tells him he’ll be doing catering for them now. He feels awkward to work in their daughter’s sasural, but Daadi convinces him saying time has changed now.

Pragya comes to her family. Her cousin praises her dance skills. Sarla asks why he takes her for dance every now and then when she can’t dance. Pragya says it’s just so he can teach her. She sees Abhi drinking in anger and gets worried. Daadi calls Sarla, all go there. Abhi comes to Pragya and asks she’s having fun, right? She beat him, she made him fall in front of everyone, she insulted him. Now watch what he does with her family. He takes Tanu with him to Sarla and tells her that he doesn’t love Pragya.

Everyone is shocked. Abhi continues, love is too far, he can’t even see her face. He gets angry when he sees her face. He loves Tanu only. He’s tired of her, she has made his life hell. She looks innocent, but she’s very smart. Sarla tells him if this is a joke, then this is very bad. He married her. Abhi says, married? He brings Pragya there and says no one would marry her. He continues insulting Pragya, and says she has betrayed so many people. Sarka and Daadi ask Pragya to say something. Why is she quiet? Abhi interrupts and says what she will say? I will tell you the truth.

She is the one who trapped Purab for money, but then left him when she got Abhi’s rishta. She doesn’t love anyone, she only loves money. Person like her doesn’t deserve to be in this house. Tanu is getting happy. Daadi tells Pragya to say something. She knows this is not true, but she wants to hear it from her. Pragya just stands there in shock. Sarla asks why is she taking all this insult? Abhi says insult? I am not insulting her. Ask her why all her rishtas got rejected.

Why she didn’t get married in a simple house. More than me, she has betrayed you. You should throw her out from your house too. He asks Pragya to say something or she has nothing to say? Sarla faints. Bulbul asks Pragya to say something. Pragya looks at Sarla with guilt.

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