Twist of Fate Sunday 21st March 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Sunday 21st March 2021 Update

Twist of Fate Sunday 21st March 2021 Update: On Twist of Fate Sunday 21 March 2021 Update, The Episode starts with Rhea and her classmates reaching the camp. The Principal asks them to strictly follow the rules. Rhea enjoys nature and tells her friends that this is the best trip and the best part is Shahana and Prachi are not here. She gets happy. Everyone likes the camp area. Rhea selects the tent for her. Another girl says we have come here first. Rhea says she has seen it first. The guy tells that she is so attractive. His friend tells that Prachi can only handle Rhea. Ranbir is driving the jeep and is coming there with Prachi and others. Rhea asks her friends to come and explore the place.

Abhi talks to Dadi on call and tells about Rhea is enjoying with her friends and asks her not to worry. Vikram comes there and asks him to come. Abhi tells Dadi that his blood-thirsty guy came. Vikram asks him to drink beetroot juice.

Abhi says your joke and taste are bad. Vikram says I am very happy as my children went to a picnic and all house is all mine. Abhi says you are a bad father. Vikram says when kids are at home, I have to remind my wife that I am her husband and not a paying guest. Abhi says I am going to meet Prachi’s mum. Vikram asks him to attend the last meeting and requests him. Abhi says ok. I will go alone. Secretary asks alone and says she will come later.

Abhi asks why she said that? Vikram says Secretary must be thinking that something is going on between you and Prachi’s mum. Abhi asks what nonsense? Vikram says Prachi’s mum is so humble and good, and she might be God’s first model in this world. He says she is the best creation of God.

Abhi asks shall I call Pallavi? Vikram asks him to tell her that he is praising his sister. He says when she scolded him, he felt as if she is his elder sister. He asks him to stay away from his sister. Abhi says I have my lady and tells that Pragya is graceful, caring, and daring. She is one of the kind, she is the Kohinoor of India, which is still in India. Vikram says I have seen Prachi’s mum and she is the best creation of God. He asks him to stay away from Prachi’s mum. Abhi asks are you challenging me? He says she will click her pic with me and will keep it as DP.

The principal tells the students that they will stay here for 3 days as a family and will follow the rules. He asks them to wake up early in the morning and go trekking with the trainer and asks them not to go alone. He says there are animals nearby and asks them to go with the group. Just then Ranbir, Aryan, Prachi, and Shahana come there in a jeep. The Principal asks why did you come late? Ranbir says he got late. The Principal asks did you bring your dad’s jeep to show off. Ranbir says I am not spoilt etc. he says when I was on the way, I saw Prachi and Shahana helping a lady who met with an accident and that’s why he stopped and helped them.

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He says I took the lady to the hospital and thought that you will appreciate me and claps, but you are scolding me. The Principal asks Prachi if this is true. Aryan says she is still in shock and saying no, the lady can’t die. Shahana stops Prachi when she says no. She tells that Prachi is still in shock. The Principal asks everyone to give a round of applause to Ranbir. Everyone claps.

Meera calls Pragya and tells them that Mr. Mehra wants to meet you at your house. Pragya says I want to thank him and asks her to send him home. She sees a man roaming outside the house covering himself with a blanket and tells Meera about Sarita behen asking her to be careful of the thief as she is alone.

Ranbir flirts with Shahana. Prachi argues with him and asks him to stay away from her sister. She says she doesn’t need his help to lift her stuff and asks what he thinks of himself. Ranbir says he thinks of himself as a superhero, Romeo, etc. Prachi says she sees him with low sight. Ranbir asks what is her problem? Prachi says she has an objection with lie. Ranbir tells a dialogue. Prachi says I had to lie because of you. Ranbir says we are here because of me. Prachi asks him to let her go, else she will burn the mosquito repellent. Aryan laughs. Ranbir asks did she call me a mosquito and says if you call them again then I will break my relation with you. Aryan smiles and thinks he never saw Ranbir talking to any girl like this.

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Rhea comes there and asks her friends to act normal and acts as heard the rules. They come and stand there. Principal asks them not to go near the slide and says anyone can slide there. Rhea says we can take our enemy there and make them slip. Principal asks when did you come? Rhea says we are standing here since long. Principal asks them to explain the rules to Ranbir, Prachi, Shahana and Aryan as they came late. Rhea gets upset hearing Prachi came. She sees Prachi and looks angrily. Prachi thinks of Pragya’s words. Rhea thinks of Meera’s words asking her to patch up. Ranbir asks Aryan to look at Rhea and says she is the only reason for his arrival here. He says he will propose her playing the guitar and she couldn’t refuse his proposal. Aryan smiles.

Abhi comes to Pragya’s house. She senses something. Abhi walks towards her house and sees the door open. Allah wariyan plays…He asks if someone is at home. Pragya don’t recognize his voice as it is rough. Pragya comes near the door, but don’t see him. Abhi tries to peep inside the house.

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