Twist of Fate Sunday 20th June 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Sunday 20th June 2021 Update Zee World
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Twist of Fate Sunday 20th June 2021 Update Zee World: On Twist of Fate Sunday 20 June 2021, Prachi crying in the room. Shahana asks her to stop crying. Prachi asks what did I do with Ranbir? Shahana asks her not to take his name. Prachi says if he would have told then I wouldn’t have come between them. Shahana repents for favoring Ranbir. Prachi cries and asks if I am taking advantage of Ranbir, can I think of this? She cries and hugs Shahana. Shahana asks her not to say this and asks her to wipe her tears and stop crying. Prachi says I will not cry and will wash my face. Shahana thinks of Rhea’s accusations on Prachi and gets angry.

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Abhi asks Pragya if she is happy? Pragya asks how many times, shall I tell you that I am happy. Abhi says I want to hear lie again and again from your mouth. She asks shall I get the tattoo applied on my face. Abhi says you had said that you will dance today. Pragya says music please and starts dancing. She is about to fall when Abhi comes and holds her. Dadi gets happy seeing them together. Aaliya, Rhea, Pallavi, beeji and others come there….Abhi and Pragya dance on the song Aakhiri Baar. Meera gets sad and upset seeing their dance.

Dadi smiles. The robbers look on. Goga also watches them dancing….Meera gets upset. Aakhiri baar plays…..Pragya looks at him. Everyone claps. Abhi asks can you be happy? Pragya asks will you be happy. Pragya says your wish. Abhi goes to Meera.

Ranbir gains consciousness. Shahana asks are you still drowsy? Aryan says not now. Shahana asks Aryan if he has any voice and asks why he didn’t speak when Rhea was accusing Prachi. Ranbir asks what has happened? Shahana starts praising Prachi and tells that Rhea has raised blame on Prachi’s character, saying she has taken your advantage. She says Rhea said then that you left Prachi for her. Aaliya asks Tai Ji to give the engagement ring to Abhi.

The doctor comes there. Pallavi says Doctor came for my check-up and asks him to wait for some time. Abhi takes the ring in his hand. Pragya cries and turns her face. Abhi calls Pragya’s name….Pragya still stands. Abhi is about to make Meera wear the ring when Pragya comes and gives her a hand. Everyone is shocked. Abhi makes Pragya wear a ring happily. They hug each other. It turns out to be Pragya’s imagination. Pragya closes her eyes in pain.

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Abhi is about to make Meera wear the ring when the ring slips and comes rolling to Pragya’s feet. Abhi calls her name. Pragya doesn’t turn to him. Abhi comes to her and takes the ring. He asks what happened? He asks if you couldn’t see this engagement, then stop it. Pragya says I will not stop. Abhi says I am fed up with your attitude and reminds me what he had said about his second marriage. He says just show your right and stop the engagement, says my happiness lies in your happiness. Pragya hugs him and cries. He says I wanted to hear this and makes her wear the ring again. Again it was the imagination of Pragya. Abhi asks Pragya to give him the ring. Pragya picks the ring.

Twist of Fate Sunday 20th June 2021 Update Zee World: Aryan tells Ranbir that Rhea misunderstood Prachi when she was trying to make him rest on the bed. Ranbir gets sad and upset. Shahana accuses Ranbir of breaking Prachi’s heart and says I shouldn’t have helped you. She asks why did you give her place to Prachi in your heart when you don’t give her any right. She says I am very angry on the day when she met you, says her life’s biggest mistake is you and you are the worst man…She asks didn’t you feel ashamed and pushes him on the bed. Aryan asks didn’t you know that he is in tension.

Shahana says very soon, he will get engaged, then married, and have a honeymoon. Ranbir asks where is Prachi? And he goes. Aryan asks Shahana to listen to him and tells him that Ranbir left Prachi due to his mom. He tells that if Prachi’s mom didn’t approve of Ranbir then she would have done the same. Shahana tells that she has done what she thought right. Goga signs the robber to give juice to Meera. Abhi walks towards her. Ring slips from her hand. Abhi bends down to pick the ring. Pragya forwards her hand. Abhi smiles…Allah wariyan plays…

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