Twist of fate Sunday 16th January 2022 Zee world


Twist of fate Sunday 16th January 2022 Zee world: on Twist of fate Sunday 16  January 2022 Zee world.




Episode starts with Ranbir drops Prachi at home and asks if she wants to tell him something. Prachi says yeah I forgot to congratulate you for your engagement, congratulations. Ranbir leaves saying thank you. Tanu gets scared thinking Abhi past behaviour with her and than she thinks everything will get better. Aliya brings clothes to Tanu and asks her to get ready. Tanu asks if Judge is agreed. Aliya says I lied to him so he agreed and make it look like a normal wedding and make sure Noone founds Abhi condition. Tanu says they will found. Aliya says they won’t and everything is done and she reminsces how She make Abhi agree to this marriage by giving him chocolates and toys. Aliya says Gayathri helped us by telling how to handle Bhai and I handled him in that way and he agreed to marry you. Tanu says Behenji girls give us problems along with lesson too and she goes to get ready. Mitali guides servants and than she asks where is Gayathri. Servants says Gayathri went to home. Mitali calls Gayathri and asks her to return home soon because their is important work at home. Pragya agrees and thinks what’s that important work.



Dadi asks Aliya to stop the marriage saying Pragya and Abhi are married. Aliya says respect my decision because Pragya left him on stretcher and I’m the one who is reason for Abhi’s improvement and he will get fine in next month. Dadi says Abhi is getting improved because of Gayathri. Aliya says I’m the one who hired her and don’t create any scene Infront of Judge otherwise you have to face my wrath. Dadi leaves in tears.



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Pallavi and Vikram reaches to Abhi place. Aliya welcomes them. Vikram says I feel it’s wrong. Pallavi asks him to stop. Rhea asks how Dad will come. Aliya says Mitali goes to get him. Mitali brings him to Mandap and makes him sit at Mandap for Varpuja. Gayathri enters to home gets shocked seeing the arrangements and asks what’s happening here. Aliya says it’s Tanu and Abhi’s marriage. Gayathri says this marriage can’t happen. Aliya says you can leave from here if you won’t like this marriage, anyways who called you here. Gayathri says Mitali Bhabhi called me here. Aliya asks Pandit to start the pooja. Gayathri asks him to stop. Aliya asks if she is planning to marry her brother. Vikram says Gayathri is stopping this marriage because Abhi’s health condition is not good. Aliya says I know what’s good for Abhi and she asks Gayathri to check the kitchen work. Abhi asks Gayathri to make his planes.

Aliya welcomes judge Narula to marriage. Rhea goes to Ranbir and asks why he is seeing her in that way. Ranbir says you have to interfere in this marriage, anyways leave it and he goes to kitchen and says you have to stop this marriage Pragya aunty. Pragya gets shocked. Ranbir says don’t get shocked, I didn’t reveal it to anyone and I love chief and he loves you so I will support you for your love. Pragya removes her veil and asks how he found about her. Ranbir tells her how he saw her face.


Pragya asks is it your decision that you want to marry Rhea? Hope it’s not forced decision and don’t take any decisions without thinking because these can hurt 3lives. Ranbir says I love Rhea and don’t want to lose her. Pragya says she won’t question him anything. Ranbir says we have to stop this marriage. Pragya says I can’t because they may question me what’s my problem and if they found my identity than they make me get arrested and I can’t cure Abhi. Ranbir says my Dida always says God always give us solution in problems and we have to see it. Pragya says she can’t found any solution. Ranbir says I have a solution and we have to ruin Mandap and things needed for marriage during our fake fight.

Server enters to kitchen and asks Gayathri to serve guest saying Vasanthi health is not good. Mitali makes Tanu sit beside Abhi.



Pandit asks them to exchange varamala. Tanu and Abhi exchanges Garlands. Aasks Judge to check power of attorney papers. Judge says I’m not understanding why he is giving you all powers. Aliya says he wants to enjoy his new married life without any business tensions. Gayathri intentionally pours water in Ranbir and both fights with eachother. Pallavi asks Gayathri to apologize to Ranbir. Gayathri throws Kalash saying she won’t than Ranbir too ruins everything at Mandap along with Gayathri. Pandit says this marriage won’t get happen.


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