Twist of fate Sunday 14 June 2020 Update

Twist of fate Sunday 14 June 2020 Update
Twist of fate Sunday 14 June 2020 Update

Twist of fate Sunday 14 June 2020 Update: Aaliya asking Beeji if she is hiding something from her or scared of her. She says if Pragya is at home then call her. Beeji says she will call Pragya and calls her. Pragya says yes. Aaliya hears her. Beeji says I said that she is at home. Sarla stops her and says I want to change the guest hospitality. She scolds her for trying to ruin Pragya’s life. Aaliya threatens them and says if they interfere in her or Abhi’s life then she will not spare them and will ruin them.

She says don’t dare to meet Abhi and threatens to ruin them. She thinks to find out in the office. She comes out and sees Purab. Purab asks what you are doing here? She says I came to meet you as I know you will be here. She says they are living life as she haven’t done anything. She gets closer to Purab and holds his hand, asks him to come on a date with her. Purab asks her to leave his hand. Aaliya says you have left my hand, and says I didn’t hold your hand to leave you.

Purab asks her to be careful and asks have you gone mad? He says you are near Abhi as I am far from you. He says you might have no respect, but I have respect. He asks her to think about Abhi’s reputation. Neighbors gossip about Aaliya. Aaliya thinks Purab is her stubbornness. Sarla thinks Aaliya might know or have doubt that Abhi came here. Beeji says she must not know else she would shout and insult us. She says we shall not tell Pragya that she came here.

Purab comes there and asks what did Aaliya do? Beeji says I taught a good lesson to her. She asks him to call Doctor. Purab asks why? Sarla says Pragya injured her leg. Purab says I would have brought doctor in night only. Sarla says Pragya is inside and asks him not to tell Pragya that Aaliya came. Purab says okay and says goes to talk to Pragya. Aaliya is driving the car and thinks once she settles Abhi, she will settle Purab too. She gets Tanu’s call.

Twist of fate Sunday 14 June 2020 Update

Tanu asks did you find out about that pic, and says I couldn’t sleep all night. Aaliya says that was an old pic, and says Pragya was at home. Tanu asks did you go there? Aaliya says yes, and says Sarla didn’t let her meet Pragya. She says they might have understood that they will not interfere in our life and vice versa. Tanu asks why didn’t Abhi come there. Aaliya says Abhi was about to come there, but just then he had headache and his friend brought him home. Tanu says I didn’t know that Abhi’s head was paining. Aaliya says I will make plan to make you meet Abhi. She thinks she has to make plan to safe Abhi.

Aaliya thinks I shall not leave Abhi alone until he is safe. Abhi gets angry at Saira and asks what did you bring. Saira says it is a coffee. Abhi asks her to get his coffee and asks her to get it made by receptionist or anyone. He says until I get my coffee, I can’t work on the song. Aaliya comes. Abhi asks why did you get me work here. Aaliya says I will send your coffee. Abhi goes. Aaliya asks why did you get bad coffee for her. Saira says she got this coffee from a best coffee house. Aaliya tastes it and thinks it is good.

Saira says yesterday receptionist made coffee for her, and he really liked it and asks for that coffee. Aaliya is shocked and asks about receptionist name. Saira says Pragya. Aaliya is shocked, and thinks she might be some other Pragya, and thinks to find out.

Doctor checks Pragya and says she is fine and asks her to walk. Pragya gets happy and excited, says she will go to office tomorrow. Sarla says no. Doctor asks her not to walk much. Pragya says it is desk job. Purab says I will drop Doctor out. Beeji goes to drop Doctor. Purab asks Pragya to rest for some more days. Pragya says she will get bored if she takes much rest. He says we will go and have coffee.

Twist of fate Sunday 14 June 2020 Update

Pragya says okay and says she will come now, and asks him to take out his car. They come to the restaurant. Pragya says weather is good naa. Purab asks why you are appreciating weather and atmosphere. He says there is something definitely for sure. Pragya gives some reasoning. Purab says I feel that you are happy about something and asks her to be happy always….

Pragya being happy writes something on a paper. Bheegi Bheegi Sadkon pe plays……..Just then paper flies away. Pragya runs to get the paper. Purab comes back and thinks where is Pragya di. He asks waiter if he saw her. Waiter says she went out just now. Purab thanks him. Paper flies and reaches Abhi. It gets stuck on to his shirt. Pragya tries to take the paper. Abhi turns. Pragya is surprised and stunned seeing her.

Twist of fate Sunday 14 June 2020 Update

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