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Twist of Fate Saturday 8th January 2021
Twist of Fate Saturday 8th January 2021

Twist of Fate Saturday 8th January 2022 Zee World: On Twist of Fate Saturday 8 January 2022, The Episode starts with Rhea asking Prachi where is Pragya? Prachi says she is not at home. Rhea says good for you and warns her to stay away from Ranbir, else she doesn’t know what she can do. Shahana comes there and asks Rhea to ask Ranbir to stay away from Prachi. Rhea says the matter is between two sisters and asks why are you interfering. Shahana says sister and says we are sisters by heart, but you will not understand being heartless.

Rhea asks her to say this for Prachi and she has not kept her promise. Shahana argues. Prachi asks them to be quiet and apologizes to Rhea. She tells that she had no idea that Ranbir wanted to marry her, but the marriage hasn’t happened. Does Rhea say if had happened then? Shahana tells that Prachi was unaware of Ranbir’s plan. She says if Prachi wanted then he will come running to her and then. Rhea warns her to try doing this and then see what she will do.

Sarita behen prays to God about Abhi and Pragya. Mitali comes to Aaliya and tells that Gayatri went to Abhi’s room with a stick, but it is much time now. Tanu tells that she has gone there, but Abhi got violent seeing her. She says he is not the same person anymore. She says he is just scared of you as you beat him. Aaliya asks Mitali to go and check Gayatri. Dadi asks Aaliya why did she beat him? Aaliya says he didn’t remember me, just knew my name. He doesn’t know any relation. Dadi threatens Aaliya that she will take Abhi with her if she continues to beat him. Tanu says if Dadi takes him from here. Aaliya says that will not happen and tells that Bhai is not the same person anymore.

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Abhi is scared and asks Pragya if she will not beat him. Pragya promises him. He asks Pinky’s promise. She recalls promising Kiara and promises Abhi recalling their moments. Abhi comes out of the bathroom. Pragya asks him to take the stick. Abhi takes it and asks if she is not afraid. Pragya says no and asks him not to fear it, as it has become his friend now. Abhi plays with the stick. Pragya asks about his injury. Abhi says he was throwing things and got injured while playing. He throws the things and shows her.

He says then guitar fell on my foot, but that Aaliya didn’t take me to the doctor and Mitali didn’t give me food. He says she doesn’t give me food and sometimes gives me a food very late. Pragya says now you don’t have to be hungry, I have come here, I will give you food. Abhi covers his head with her Pallu. Pragya says I will apply haldi to your injury and promises that he will not feel the pain. Pragya applies haldi to his foot. He bites her hand in pain. Pragya cries and applies the lep to his injured foot. Abhi says I didn’t beat you, then why are you crying. He asks her not to tell Aaliya and says she will beat him much. He says I will lock myself in the cupboard. He runs to the cupboard. Pragya comes out and cries.

Twist of Fate Saturday 8th January 2022: Mitali comes there and asks her to tell what happened inside? Pragya says he is stubborn like kids, but she will not stop taking care of her and will not leave the house. She says she was thinking to make him wear nice clothes and bringing him out. Mitali says then he might sit with us to have food at the dining table, but can get violent at any time. Pragya says he will feel good when he wears nice clothes. Mitali says whenever we make him wear good clothes, he tears them. Mitali asks her to thank her for her advice not to bring him there. She recalls having some work and goes from there. Pragya comes inside again.

Abhi takes the stick and gets calm seeing her. Pragya asks what are you hiding behind the pillow. Abhi smiles. Pragya asks did you do painting and asks him to show. Abhi shows the painting and says Sun..he asks if it is good. Pragya says very nice. Abhi says I like this sun and looks at it from the window. He says he wants to sit under the sun, but they beat me when I try to go out. Pragya asks shall I take you out. Abhi says no, you will beat me. Pragya says I will not beat you. Abhi asks her to take him. Pragya asks him to wear nice clothes to go out. Abhi refuses. Pragya asks him to try and says if he couldn’t get hit by the stick in those clothes. Pragya says ok. Mitali tries to peep inside the window. Abhi tells Pragya that he wants to see her face.

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