Twist of Fate Saturday 2nd October 2021 Zee World

Twist of Fate Saturday 2nd October 2021 Zee World

Twist of Fate Saturday 2nd October 2021 Zee World: On Twist of Fate Saturday 2 October 2021, Abhi telling Dadi that he has warned Tanu not to steal, but she didn’t agree. Dadi asks him to bring Tanu back as they are still Mehras and asks him to take Sumit’s help. He promises her. Aaliya thinks to go with Bhai so that he doesn’t come to know about Pragya. Tanu is in the lock-up and thinks of Pragya. She thinks she got married to Abhi for his money, but he lost everything. She thinks Pragya was not looking behen JI and good. She thinks about how her destiny changed. Abhi comes there and says you got the new room.

Tanu says she didn’t steal and says she did this, as I have snatched her everything. Abhi asks who? Aaliya signs Tanu not to tell about Pragya. Tanu says that rich woman. Abhi says you have stolen her thing. Aaliya asks him to talk to Inspector. Abhi says Inspector will not leave her. He goes to talk to Inspector. Tanu asks Aaliya how did Pragya return? She says her car fell in the river and says why she didn’t contact Abhi. Aaliya says maybe as we made her talk to Pradeep in Bhai’s voice. She says Pragya might not have any feelings for him now. Tanu says no, she might have known that we have become poor, as Pallavi made the public announcement in the media and even filed the case on you. Aaliya asks her not to take Pallavi’s name.

Ranbir and Vikram have a light moment. Vikram laughs. Ranbir gets Prachi’s call. Pallavi looks at them. Vikram asks him to make her talk to Prachi on a video call. He then apologizes to Prachi and asks for forgiveness. Prachi asks why are you saying this? Vikram apologizes for their bad behavior. He says you are seeing my condition, I am saved this time, but if I get a heart attack again then I won’t be saved. Vikram asks her to let Ranbir stay here. Prachi says Ranbir is your son first then my husband. Vikram thanks her and asks her to come back home. Ranbir ends the call. Vikram asks Ranbir and Prachi to return home. The nurse comes there and says his heartbeat is increasing. Ranbir promises that he will return soon. Vikram says don’t make me wait like last time. Pallavi looks on.

Inspector asks Abhi to stand straight. Abhi asks him to leave her and promises that she will not steal again. Inspector refuses. Abhi says if she is up to something then I get to know. Inspector asks then why didn’t you stop her. Abhi says he wanted her to get arrested, but now his Dadi wants him to bring her back due to his family’s reputation. Inspector says he can’t let her go, as the lady whose purse she has stolen is good. Abhi comes to the constable. Constable signs him something. Ranbir tells Pallavi that Dida is resting in her room. Pallavi says you came to this house now, I know everyone’s routine. She taunts him. Ranbir says I will go. Pallavi asks him not to take his dad’s words seriously and says he doesn’t like Prachi like me. She says I hate your wife and love you very much. Ranbir says when there is no condition in your love then why for your hatred. Pallavi says that’s why I hate her, she taught you this. Ranbir says Prachi loves and respects you all a lot. Pallavi says I have just called you, if this is possible then you can come and stay here.

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Constable comes out. Abhi asks if he takes bribes. Constable says no. He says there is a way to get Tanu out. He tells about the drunken drive case and tells that the wife of the driver cried infront of the person filing the FIR, so he got sympathetic and took back the case. Abhi says the mistake might be of the person filing the FIR. Constable says I am asking you to go and plead infront of the lady who filed FIR, to get Tanu out. Abhi agrees. Dadi calls Abhi and tells them that Tanu is the bahu of the house and she doesn’t want her to stay in the lock-up at night. Abhi agrees and asks Constable to give the address of the purse lady.

Twist of Fate Saturday 2nd October 2021 Zee World: Tai Ji says if Tanu stays in jail then people will think that even we are thieves. Dadi asks when did she steal? Mitali tells that she was aware of it. She regrets supporting Tanu over Pragya. Dadi scolds Mitali and tells that Pragya was auspicious for us and she used to handle home well. Tai Ji tells that Mitali chose Tanu as she thought that she loves Abhi and asks Dadi why is she supporting Tanu? Dadi tells that she is supporting Tanu as the house respect is connected with her.

Tanu asks Aaliya how did she hide Pragya from Abhi. Aaliya says I am smart and hiding things from him. Tanu asks how did she manage Dadi? Aaliya says she has lied to Dadi that Abhi’s heart is weak and if she tells him about Pragya then he can’t bear it. Tanu says she has to come out and stop Dadi. Aaliya says Pragya might hate Bhai as we have cheated her using Pradeep. Tanu says that betrayal was big.

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