Twist of Fate Saturday 27th March 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Saturday 27th March 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Saturday 27th March 2021 Update Zee World: On Twist of Fate Saturday 27 March 2021 Update, Pragya coming to the cliff and talking to the rescue team. Ram Ram Plays….Abhi doesn’t see her and goes to meet Prachi. Vikram comes to the hillside and tells Pallavi that he heard that Prachi pushed Rhea from the cliff. Pallavi is shocked. Abhi asks Prachi where is her mother. Prachi says she is on the hill. Abhi says you are lying and asks from where did you get so much anger and asks if he thought her wrong. He asks her how she felt bad about his daughter, knowing Rhea is his daughter. He says how can you hurt her, I have always supported you and says Rhea did wrong with me, but you have crossed all limits and tried to kill her.

He says when I saw you, I wished my daughter is like you, but I am happy that Rhea is better than you. He says you have not done a mistake, but a crime. He says this is actually your mother’s mistake. Prachi asks him not to take her mother’s name. The principal comes near the cliff and asks about Mr. Mehra. Pragya asks if he came? The rescue team tells that he talked to them. Pragya insists to go down and check. The rescue team guy says that if she is not found that that means that some wild animal might have killed her and taken away. Pragya asks them to keep quiet and hopes Rhea is fine.

Prachi asks Abhi not to tell anything to her mom. Abhi says you have pushed my daughter, your mum didn’t give you good values then whose mistake is this. He says if anything happens to my daughter then whatever I do will be wrong for you and your mum. Prachi says my mum didn’t do any mistakes. She has sent me here to fulfill my dreams and my future. She had asked me not to go, but she sent me. She says my mother has bear so much in her life. She says she can’t think of giving her any pain. She says my mother gave me good values and told me not to fight with Rhea and forgive her thinking of her as her sister. She says Rhea doesn’t like me and fought with me.

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She had said that I am snatching you from her, and then said that my mother shall have another daughter. She says until when I will bear and tells that she got angry and slapped her. She says it was Rhea who pushed her. She says I regard you as my father and can hide from my mom, but not from you. She says Dimpy is lying and making the wrong story. She swears on her mum and asks him to trust her calling him Papa. She says you had told me that I can call you Papa so I am calling you Papa. Abhi wipes her tears and says he will find out and asks her to relax.

Twist of Fate Saturday 27th March 2021 Update Zee World: Meera cries badly worrying about Rhea. Mitali gets worried and asks her not to tell Dadi, else she will get a heart attack. Meera says she will go camping and runs out. The rescue team guy tells that they can’t find Rhea. The Principal asks if he is sure? Sarita behen calls Pragya and asks if Prachi is fine. Pragya says Rhea is missing and they are saying Prachi pushed her. Sarita behen says you are worried for Rhea and not for Prachi. She says I will come there and handle everyone. Principal calls Police and asks them to come here. He asks lecturer to call the bus and send all students back to their houses except Prachi as she will be interrogated.

Abhi asks where is Dimpy and Shaina. Shahana signs him to their tent. A friend tells Shahana that Prachi pushed Rhea. Shahana gets angry and pushes her. Abhi comes to Dimpy and Shaina’s tent and asks if it is Rhea’s tent. They say yes. Abhi asks Dimpy when did she go to the hillside to click the pic. Dimpy says 10:30.

Abhi says it is late. Shaina says she went before 10: 30. Dimpy says I went earlier. Abhi asks how can you click the pictures when two girls are fighting and says you would have gone there and stopped their fight. Dimpy says I was far. Abhi asks her to show pics and asks if she was hiding and clicking the pics. Dimpy says she needs to make a call and takes her phone back. Abhi says I need to call and takes her call. He checks the call list sees Rhea’s calls. He asks where is Rhea? Dimpy and Shaina are caught and tell him everything. Abhi walks out of the tent. Pragya comes to Prachi.

Prachi asks what happened? Pragya says Rhea is not found. Prachi says that means she didn’t fall. Pragya says they said that animals are there. Prachi says Mr. Mehra will make everything fine. Pragya asks why he talked to you even after knowing that his daughter is possessive about him. Prachi says Mr. Mehra scolded me at first, but when I told him the truth, he wiped my tears. She says Mr. Mehra is really good. Shahana says Mr. Mehra is so good and Rhea is so bad.

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Abhi comes to the place where Rhea is hiding. She sees Abhi on her mobile and says, Dad..I can’t believe it. She says doesn’t know-how, may be due to Dadi’s prayers, she fell down and got saved. She says she is waiting for someone to come and hugs him. Abhi asks her to stay away and says I scolded the Principal, teachers, and everyone. He says the Principal called the rescue team and police to search you. He says I was cursing myself for not talking to you and raised questions on Prachi’s upbringing and scolded her. Rhea cries. Abhi asks her not to say anything and says I don’t want to say a word, I will be always upset with you. Rhea says I will apologize to Prachi, talk to me. Vikram meets Abhi. Abhi says I found her. He comes to the Principal and says I found Rhea hesitantly.

Do they ask if she is fine? Abhi says she didn’t fall, it was her plan to take revenge from Prachi, she wanted you to kick Prachi out of college. He says Rhea asked Dimpy to click their pic and tell you that Prachi pushed her. The teacher says we don’t hope this from Rhea. Abhi says the mistake is mine, I couldn’t give her good values and can’t teach her to respect people. He says he has scolded Prachi and raised questions on Prachi’s upbringing, and says the mistake is just mine. He requests the Principal not to suspend her from college and don’t tell anything to Police anything. He holds his hand and says sorry.

Pragya finds Rhea and asks if she is fine. Rhea says she didn’t fall and it was her plan to frame Prachi. She says I asked my friend to inform the Principal that Prachi pushed her. She says since Prachi came in their lives, he slapped me and I will not forget Prachi for this. Pragya slaps Rhea. Rhea looks at her.

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