Twist of Fate Saturday 20th March 2021 Update Zee World

Twist of Fate Saturday 20th March 2021 Update
Twist of Fate Saturday 20th March 2021 Update

Twist of Fate Saturday 20th March 2021 Update on zee world: On Twist of Fate Saturday 20 March 2021 Update, Abhi was in a meeting but lost in deep thoughts about Prachi’s work. He wasn’t attentive to the client and leaves for something extremely important.
Abhi makes a call to someone to meet at home.
Pahlavi brings tea for Mitali and Dadi. Mitali goes to get some sweeter. Mira brings a saree for Pahlavi and asks which friend of hers is getting married. Mitali comes there. Later, Mitali and Pahlavi discuss that Mira can live as the true mother of respect. Mira loves Abhi while Abhi respects her and both of these are important to make a marriage successful. Mira overhears this.

Abhi sat in the CCTV control room. He asks for the videos of the kitchen after the fire. He finds a clip in which Riya was mixing something in the food.
Prachi and Shahana return home. Pragya was waiting and asks about the day. The girls say college was good. Shahana thinks Prachi had forbidden her to tell Pragya about the hospital. Pragya follows Shahana inside and asks about the matter. Shahana tries to avoid it, then says they met Mr. Mehra. He spoke to them and the matters went so intense that she called him Papa. She was crying and Mr. Mehra caressed Prachi. Pragya says Prachi must miss her father; though she thought she gave all the love to Prachi. Prachi comes inside and says Pragya has been a great and loving mother.

Pragya promises she will take Prachi to her father. The differences are between Prachi’s parents, but she shouldn’t suffer. She can live without Prachi, but can’t see her crying. Prachi hugs her mother and says she doesn’t want to live with her father, she only wishes to live with Pragya. Shahana goes to check what’s in the food. The girl cheers watching kheer. Pragya gives a bite in their mouths.

Abhi comes to the hall and calls Riya downstairs. Everyone was worried about why Abhi was so furious. Riya was busy hearing loud music. Aaliya stops Mira from going to get Riya and goes by herself. She opens the door and pulls the headphones off Riya’s ear. Aaliya asks Riya why Abhi is shouting at the top of his voice, what has Riya done. She only saw Abhi so angry only 20 years ago with her mom, and it had the worst consequences.
Downstairs, Abhi questions Riya where she learned to blame others for someone else’s act. She blamed Prachi and ruined her image in front of everyone. He takes Riya to the center of the hall. Aaliya was defensive of Aaliya and says she can’t see anyone blame Riya. Abhi replies Aaliya would also be angry if she knows what Riya did.

He asks Riya why she got Prachi suspended from college. Aaliya comes in the middle of a father-daughter duo. She says she knew about it. Abhi asks Aaliya if she is on Riya’s side because she didn’t stop her. Aaliya is a bad influence and he doesn’t want her to be around his daughter, thus Aaliya must stay away from Riya for a week. Aaliya argues then Daasi and Bua must also stay away from Riya, they made her cry.

Abhi says the elders always think well for their children. Mira defends Riya as she is a child and was being immature. Abhi asks Riya if she got Prachi suspended because she spoilt the party. Riya says Prachi had ruined their food as well. Abhi claims Riya is lying, she ruined the food herself only to defeat Prachi. Riya denies having done so and claims it was Prachi who tried to kill them all. She shouts “Prachi is a blo*dy damn murderer”. Abhi slaps Riya

Rhea taking Meera’s opinion about which dress to wear. Meera says you can wear anything. She asks her not to fight with Prachi and Shahana and do patch up with them. Rhea says patch up? Meera asks her to patch up for Dad’s sake. Rhea asks if he will forgive me. Meera says yes. Rhea agrees to patch up with them. Meera says, good girl.

Pragya packs Prachi and Shahana’s bags and is worried for them. She keeps the mosquito repellent in the bags. Shahana says whenever we are going somewhere, Maasi panics. Pragya says I panic being a mother. Shahana goes to get water. Pragya asks Prachi to forget the happenings, enjoy the trip and make happy memories. Prachi promises her. Pragya asks her not to fight with Rhea and says she is not bad. Prachi says Rhea only starts the fight. Pragya asks her to promise not to start the fight. Prachi promises her. Shahana brings a water bottle and says let’s go else we have to sit on the back seat. Prachi says it is fun.

Rhea comes to Abhi and says I am going on the college trip. Abhi is on call. He tells Rhea that he doesn’t want to talk to her. Rhea thinks this is happening because of Prachi and thinks I am facing Dad’s anger and Prachi will face my anger. She comes to the hall. Meera reminds her of her promise. Rhea tells that she will not fight with Prachi, will be in her good books, and will convince her until she agrees. Meera hugs her. Rhea leaves. Meera thinks it is difficult for Rhea to patch up with them, but she has to do for her dad.

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Beeji asks Ranbir to call her. Ranbir says I will not go if you don’t want. Pallavi tells Aryan that Beeji and Ranbir are inseparable. Beeji says she doesn’t want him to go. Ranbir says I will not go. Pallavi promises Beeji that she will take her if she misses Ranbir. Ranbir and Aryan leave.

Twist of Fate Saturday 20th March 2021 Update: Shahana and Prachi are in the taxi. Taxi stops. He tells that he forgot to get CNG (compressed natural gas). Shahana asks him to drive using petrol. He says he doesn’t have petrol in car. They get down from the car. The driver asks them to give money. Prachi is about to give. Shahana stops her and tells the driver that they will not pay him money. Prachi gives him money and says we will take another taxi. Rhea’s driver stops the car seeing Prachi and Shahana on road.

\Rhea and Prachi look at each other. Abhi thinks about Prachi’s mum and asks Meera. Meera says she had met the family and asks him to meet. Vikram comes there. Abhi says I can’t come to the office today. Vikram asks him to attend the meeting today. Abhi asks what will he do with excess money. Vikram says whatever we do for your kids is less. Abhi says ok and tells Meera that he will meet Prachi’s mum. He says I will call her. Vikram asks him to come to meet first and then go and meet her. They leave.

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Shahana thinks Rhea wants to give a lift to them. Rhea says I am not giving you a lift and asks the Driver why did he stop the car and says you got a scholarship to study in my college and not to sit in my car. She asks the driver to drive the car. Shahana asks Prachi why she was silent? Prachi says she has promised mum that she will not say anything to Rhea. Rhea and her friends come to the bus. Rhea gets the seat using her charm. The teacher tells that Shahana and Prachi haven’t come.

They think to go. Rhea gets happy. Ranbir and Aryan try to stop the bus, but it goes. Aryan blames Ranbir for talking nonstop with Dadi. Ranbir says even I wanted to go when I came to know that Rhea is coming. I want to propose her. He says he will bring the car and asks him to wait.

Prachi and Shahana come to the place. Prachi says nobody came, we are not late. Aryan says the bus already left.

Vikram and Abhi have a meeting with the client. The client leaves. An employee comes and gives coffee and hot water to Vikram and Abhi. She says Doctor said that you might have shouted at an employee and that’s why you have a rough voice. Vikram asks Abhi to make him hear his voice once and says I was laughing in the meeting and ran to the bathroom. Abhi acts to get angry at him. Vikram says let’s go out in a jeep. Abhi says it is cheap.

Twist of Fate Saturday 20th March 2021 Update: Shahana tells Prachi that she wants to go to the picnic. Aryan says it is a nature trip. He says we can go all together. He asks them to see Ranbir coming in a jeep. Shahana thanks Aryan. Ranbir asks Aryan to sit. Shahana tells him that Aryan told him that they can go with them. She sits in the jeep. Prachi says we will not go with him as he drives rashly. Aryan asks did you sit with him before. Prachi says she heard enough. Ranbir says we don’t have much time for you and asks Shahana to decide fast. Shahana asks Prachi to sit. Prachi sits for Shahana. Prachi is about to sit, but Ranbir is driving the jeep. She asks him why is he doing this? Ranbir asks her to say sorry and thanks you. Shahana tells Ranbir that he is sweet and anger doesn’t suit his face. Prachi says sorry and thanks you to Ranbir as she can’t leave Shahana alone.

Sarita Behen comes home. Pragya opens the door. Sarita Behen asks her to first ask who is at the door and then open the door. She tells that there is a theft in the neighborhood and asks her to lock the doors and sleep at night. Pragya says I am smart to deal with the goons. Sarita Behen says she is going to a marriage in Noida and will come late.

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